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November 30, 2018

Oculus Rift Review: Virtual Reality Handset That will Lead You in 3D World

In this advanced world where the technology is booming and setting new benchmarks day by day. Similarly, Oculus Rift has really emerged as a unique gadget that will give you the opportunity to explore the 3-dimensional world. Oculus Rift is virtual reality handset manufacture by the “Oculus”, which is an innovative and research division of Facebook. It is a great device to explore the depths of the innovative world as it allows the users to stick to the task of operation without even being distracted from anything else. Oculus Rift Australia includes some of the most amazing features such as “AI View” which makes this VR box one of the most amazing VR gadgets.

Oculus Rift Release Date in Australia

Oculus Rift release date Australia was back at the beginning of the year 2017, however, this device was released in 2016 in America. This amazing gadget was launched during an event in which the manufacturers of this device unveils what it was capable of. Soon after the release of this device it gained a quick fame as it’s a unique gadget that provides the most amazing features and image quality.

Oculus Rift Price in Australia

Oculus Rift price Australia is in between a range of 400-500 AUD, however, the price of this device is entirely backed by the kind of functions it provides to the users. It is also to be noted that the price of this VR handset is much less than the price of VR handsets of other brands such as Samsung and Apple. Seems like Oculus as really worked on the price of this device, as the sole purpose of this Oculus in to increase the sales of Rift, which would have been possible if this device had a lower price as compared to other similar gadgets.

Oculus Rift Specifications

Oculus Rift specifications include a quality display which supports the “AI” concept. It also includes;

  • OLED Panel
  • 5.6 inches of screen
  • 3D perspective
  • Stereo sound
  • Screen Door Effect
  • Motion Detectors
  • Sensitive angle detectors
  • Gaming controllers

The display of this gadget is supported by its OLED display panel that has some of the most amazing viewing angels. The display panel of this device provides great pixels and an amazing resolution which makes the overall experience on this device a smooth one. Moreover, the display panel of this device is also going in terms of providing some of the most realistic graphics. The realistic graphic is the focal point of this device as most of the other devices are not good when it comes to providing realistic graphics.

Design and Handling

It covers nearly the whole of the head-mounted showcase, and additionally a triangle on the back of the headband. The texture looks misty, however, is straightforward to infrared light, which gives Oculus a chance to conceal its interior sensors. While the Crack seems smooth, with a couple of individual parts, it's packed brimming with equipment. Its equipment quality is keeping pace with the outline and outperforms even most of many other devices on the market. Each part feels light, yet sturdy, and appears to be firmly screwed together. The lashes are rougher than with contenders, however, they are likewise littler, and even the cushioning appears to be tougher. A few analyzers found that last point an issue, on the grounds that the Fracture feels rougher and more tightly than contending headsets. Be that as it may, the cushioning holds up superior, which moved toward becoming stained very quickly. The overall design of this device makes it very comfortable to use and operate which is also the main reason for the popularity of this device.


This gadget is excellent when it comes to the overall performance of this device, as it provides a high functioning system which takes care of the performance of this device. There are two side ties, and one over-head tie, which interface with a triangular help that holds the back of your head. Yet, the Break's lashes work more easily than most, which implies changes require little power, and tie strain is better tuned to make the Fracture easy to put on or take off. The individuals who differ about the Crack's solace felt it was excessively thin, or sat gracelessly. One analyzer commented the Break "feels more like a cap, while it felt more like a cap." Everybody concurs that the Fracture's face cushioning felt unforgiving, and most analyzers saw light spilling in from the base of the headset.


Oculus controllers, which let clients collaborate straightforwardly with VR amusements and encounters, offer a significantly more instinctive cooperation technique. They work related to a second sensor station, additionally gave the controllers. The controllers of this smart device are the best working as they are easy to operate and also provide motion detectors which makes the overall gaming experience an amazing. As compared to the controllers of X-box or Play Station, this device provides controllers that are very light in weight and can easily be moved and hold while standing or play any games.

Not all Games are available in Oculus Rift

When it comes to the availability of games in “Rift” then it has to be mentioned that not all games are available for this device. One reason for this might be that, it’s a new device while other devices such as X-Box and Play Station had been on for a very long time. Therefore, games are available in other devices and not the Rift. But if we talk about the gaming experience on this device, then without any doubt this device has an upper hand on most of the other gaming devices. The games that are played on the Oculus Rift have an improved technology of motion sensors. Which means that you would not have to worry about the console not being able to respond well while playing a game.


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