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February 14, 2018

Microsoft Surface vs. Macbook Air – Head-on Comparison

The surface laptop boasts a cool design but the marketing strategy adopted by the company is a little bit confusing. The laptop is aimed at students but the price tag is very high. The laptop has the latest version of Windows 10 and many components that you will love and adore. The laptop’s design resembles the Google’s Chromebook Pixel and MacBook 2016. Both these laptops are famous all over the world. The MacBook Air was released back in 2016 and has a smaller screen than 13.5 inches of the Surface laptop.

Microsoft Surface 2

Surface vs. Macbook – Design

Both laptops fall in the premium category in the market and have a durable design. Premium raw materials are used in the manufacturing process of the laptops and due to this reason, the laptops have the high price. MacBook Air is available in Rose Gold, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. On the other hand, the Surface laptop is available in Burgundy, Blue Platinum Silver, and Graphite Gold.

Microsoft laptop has an all-aluminum chassis that makes it lightweight. The only flaw in the surface laptop is the lack of posts. You will only get a single USB-C port on the laptop that is not sufficient for many people. In the laptop, the keyboard deck is covered with Alcantara. It is the same material that is used to make car seats. The soft and durable material gives it a premium look.

Surface vs. Macbook- Display

The display is the main parameter where the Surface laptop outshines the rest of the lot. The Macbook has the 12 inch IPS screen in comparison with the 13.5 inch Surface laptop screen. Both screens provide same resolution but the Surface laptop has low pixel density. The Surface laptop screen also works with the Surface Pen. It is a stylus that can be used on different Surface tablets as well. The touchscreen feature will attract students and designers that want to draw shapes/figures on the screen.

Surface vs. Macbook – Specifications

The main difference between the two laptops is that the MacBook is powered by the last generation processors. Intel has used the last generation Core-I processors and low-powered Y series in the Macbook. The surface laptops opt for the U-series processor and provide plenty of performance to the users. You will get the Windows 10 S version on the surface laptop that only allows you to download applications from the Windows Store but you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 Pro which is free until 31 December 2017.

Microsoft Surface

Both laptops come with backlit keyboards so you can easily work on them in low light condition. The surface laptops come with different keyboard layouts as well.

Surface vs. Macbook- Verdict

It is very difficult to find a clear winner between the Surface and MacBook laptop but the Surface laptop brings more to the table in terms of performance and features. Macbook uses the older and low powered CPU and it affects the performance drastically. On the other hand, you will get a touchscreen and more ports on the surface laptop.


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