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March 6, 2018

Metal Gear Survive PS4 Game Review

Metal Gear Survive is an action-adventure survival game by Konami, introducing a new style of metal gear survive gameplay. This was the very initial metal gear release after the ' creator Hideo Kojima's departure Series, which was developed back in 2015.

The game came in between Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes & Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Metal Gear Survive release date was February 22, 2018, but release date in Australia is still to be announced and you can play the game on any platform you like including, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

Strategy and teamwork will be considered to be the key to your fate. Through the tension of stealth gameplay, base defense tactics, and the stiff reality of survival, you can experience metal gear like never before.

To understand and survive in this new environment, users participate in both single player and connected metal gear survive coop. In survival scavenged battle must be operated into functional items, gear, and weapons.

Key Highlights:

  • Developers: Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Series: Metal Gear
  • Type: Action-adventure, Survival
  • 6.5/10 IGN Score
  • 5.5/10 Polygon Score
  • 63/100 Metacritic Score
  • 5/10 TrustedReviews Score
  • Platforms: PS 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
  • Modes: Metal Gear Survive Multi-player & Single-player

Metal Gear Survive PS4 Wanderer

A creature that you will frequently experience while exploring the haze. Wanderers are not very efficient at identifying enemies that are closed to them, making it convenient to beat them one by one. However, they can become really tough to beat when you fight them as a group.

Metal Gear Survive PS4 Bomber

A creature that appears to have an abnormally inflated head, considered to be a short form of the Wanderer. They have a wonderful capability to discharge violently upon their death, and so you should make sure how you do the final blow.

Metal Gear Survive PS4 Tracker

A creature with unusual mutated legs provide them the ability to move around at a rapid pace and jump over barriers conveniently, and hence you can’t just rely on your defenses to stop them. Trackers can target their attack relentlessly towards the detected enemy, so extra safety tips must be taken while outside.

Metal Gear Survive PS4 Base Camp

Explore the world of Metal Gear: Survive and find materials to develop your base camp. Protect it against the attacks of the creatures and make facilities that let you produce food, supplies, weapons, and shells, etc.

Strong Points:

  • A lot of gear and base building to keep you busy all day long.
  • You can play the game in two modes: Single-player and metal gear survive coop mode. And most importantly these modes are associated with basecamp.
  • You get the awards in both modes while playing and progressing over time.
  • Horde modes and wave defense and are much better while cooperating playing.
  • Co-op teamwork and combining tactics in tandem in unbelievable ways are extremely wonderful to see in the game.
  • Defensive missions can be tense.
  • The price of the game is exciting as well, and you can even compare prices for games on the market to make your purchasing convenient.

Weak Points:

  • The story of the game is not very exciting.
  • The game includes too much busy work and repetitive missions.
  • One drawback is related to its confusing user interface.
  • On the other hand, combat is really frustrating for some users.
  • Early game can be slow and punishing between few food supplies and defensive measures.

Final Words:

Konami has delivered a highly weird yet amazingly compelling survival game. If you are into the extreme survival genre, there is really something here to feed. The metal gear survive gameplay is thrilling yet rewarding, fantastical yet grounded in the prosaic, and if you explore it with an open mind then you would get a nice game to avail, even at the cheap price.

The overall theme of the game is not very interesting though, with complex UI and repetitive missions, but all in all, it’s an outstanding action game with complete satisfaction from its multi-player and a great sense of progression in single-player.


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