LG Nano Cell 8K LED TV (75SM99) Review

By LucyEva 3 months ago

At every CES LG comes with some unique gadgets, and they succeeded to develop the interest of the audience on CES which is going to be held this year.  LG has announced the number of new LCD models which were based on Nano Cell.

The LG 75SM99 model is the first 8 K LCD model of LG which is going to launch later. Several 4 K models also feature HDMI 2.1 to gives the full local dimming capabilities. LG Nano Cell 8K LED TV (75SM99) in Australia will be available soon later this year in June or July according to some rumors, so that the people of Australia can experience the clear result of LG’s first ever 8k LED TV.

Design and Features

LG has unveiled a comprehensive range of new LED models, but only a few of them were detailed in the initial release. LG will launch its high end LED TVs under the Nano Cell technology in 2019. These led TVs are based on a Nano cell enhancement layer of IPS LCD panels. This Led TV comes with FALD Pro technology which is brief for a full range of dynamic contrast zones. This model is also configured with the most efficient Alpha 9 video processor in the second generation. It also has a higher video bandwidth for HDMI 2.1.

The LG electronics company explained the term Nano Cell which means a wide range of colors and has the Nano Accuracy which emphasizes the wide viewing angles offered by IPS LCD panels instead of VA LCD panels which have been found in many of its competitor’s company. The rest of the LG OLED lineup has seen major improvements. Thanks to the new Alpha 9 (A9 Gen 2) processing hardware which was found in the OLED and premium Led models of LG. The processor handles processing for a cleaner image, smoother details, and larger real-life colors. Unexpanded video cleanup removes unwanted artifacts and provides a sharper image from any source of video content.

Availability and Price

The LG didn’t reveal any more details about its products, LG Nano Cell 8K LED TV (75SM99) price in Australia is not confirmed yet because they haven’t told the prices to create some more suspense about these amazing smart led TVs. This company even didn’t reveal the release date yet. But according to some rumors it is expected to be launched in the mid of this year.

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