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December 13, 2018

LG Homebrew Machine Review

As we all know LG is most famous due to its electronic products and appliances. We all have seen LG products like TV, Mobiles and many other products. But LG has stunned their customers by revealing the product made by them it’s basically a beer making machine at home. LG Homebrew Machine in Australia will also be released soon.

LG has produced many of the products that makes life much easier. As its slogan say’s “Life is Good” they keep working on that and they have proven that they have made people’s life much easier.

We have seen so many innovative products which have been launched in a couple of years like amazing mobiles, laptops, and other electronic appliances and gadgets. Now let’s talk about the LG Homebrew Machine Review which shall make the life much easier for the beer lovers who don’t want to go outside to drink. LG has provided then a whole new innovation.

LG Homebrew Machine Specifications

  • LG Homebrew Machine offer capsules for five beer styles at its launch which are mentioned below
  • American IPA
  • American Pale Ale
  • English Stout
  • Belgian witbier
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Makes 5 liters of Beer in hardly 2 weeks

LG Homebrew Machine Features

You have so many machines for homemade use such as juice maker, coffee maker, tea maker, and many other electronic appliances but it seems LG gets bored by all the things that why they made a new machine with a new idea. And they named this idea as an LG Homebrew machine it is clearly telling the story. Yes, LG has made a machine that can make a beer for you isn’t that good for you? 

If you are a lazy person then this new innovation will be beneficial for you because you don’t have to go outside in the bars and order the beer. Many people don’t like to go in the bars waiting for their turn to order the beer and many of them didn’t feel comfortable at the bar so the miss their drinks due to these hectic reasons. So, this machine will be a good innovation for you. You can make you drink at home will not have to order the drinks didn’t wait for your turn don’t have to listen to the noise enjoy your own company at home with satisfactory.

It comes with five different capsules. A capsule is a thing in which beer is to be made and stored. It has American IPA, American Pale Ale, English Stout, Belgian witbier, and Czech Pilsner capsules.

How does this machine work?

This LG Homebrew machine has a capsule-based system which has a one-touch activation. You don’t have to do work hard to make a beer as it was done previously. You have to just insert single-use capsules, containing malt, yeast, hop oil and flavoring and that all. Now it’s time to see the magic of the machine. Rest all the things will be done by the machine on its own.

It will dome the whole procedure, including fermentation and carbonation by its own. The main thing is that it also has a self-cleaning function after the beer is decanted or consumed So, you have to be worried about the cleaning of the capsule.

LG also gives a facility to their customers by introducing a dedicated iOS and Android app that is linked to the Homebrew which gives you an update and the status of the machine.

The Benefits of This Machine

This machine has many benefits as we have discussed some of them before that if you are a shy person or lazy person who don’t wants to leave their home or hesitate from the crowd or other people that don’t have a time to drink beer, like the person who has a Job to do and to survive and those who don’t get a time from their hectic routines will surely admire this amazing innovation made by the LG for their beloved customers to enjoy more while staying at home. You can make a beer for yourself alone by making beer to enjoy your own company without any hesitations.

The drawback of This Machine

No doubt this is a new whole innovation in the machines that make different things for you to reduces the hard work. But everything has some of the drawbacks so let’s check what things that are counted as a drawback.

The machine requires almost 2 weeks’ minimum to make a beer for you. So the first thing is that you have to wait near two weeks to enjoy the beer which might be not suitable or loved by the beer lovers because when you have a mood to drink then you just go to the bar and order that but in this case you have to wait to taste the beer. But as all know older the beer greater the taste it makes. So don’t worry this will not let you down.

As it is providing such an amazing facility to you then it’s obvious it will be quite expensive that nor every person is able to buy but don’t worry hope for the best, if it has a low price then surely every person will love to buy these sort of machines.

Availability and Price

LG Homebrew Machine in Australia was released on the 16th of July 2019.

As LG introduces a new innovation so it will be costly. LG Homebrew Machine Price in Australia is approximate of 1500 AUD.

LG Homebrew Machine Release Date in Australia was 16th July 2019 which means it is now available for the Australian to buy this amazing beer making the machine at home.


This is a new innovation in the history of machines that will make beer for you on its own. As this is a new innovation so the price of this machine is to be expected is might be expensive. But you have to wait a while to know the release date and the price of this homebrew beer making machine.


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