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September 10, 2018

Lenovo Yoga 920 Review: Slim Design with a Powerful Battery

The upcoming version of Lenovo Yoga 920 2018 will be coming with better and improved functions based on the element of the latest technology. As it will be coming with an 8thgeneration Intel CPU which is also said to be the backbone of this amazing device by Lenovo.  The 8th generation Intel CPU of this laptop provides the ultimate speed at which this laptop will be operating and performing tasks within the blink of the eye. Lenovoyoga920Australia is expected to be released soon with some of the most amazing specifications which will be rare in most of the already existing laptops in the market.

Lenovo Yoga 920 Release Date in Australia

LenovoYoga920 release date Australia is said to be in the month of October, however, the release of this laptop might delay for a bit as no official claim had been made by Lenovo regarding the release of Yoga 920. The release of this laptop is also expected to give a tough competition to other laptops such as the HP Laptops, Dell Laptops, andMeta Box alpha.

Lenovo Yoga 920 Price in Australia

Lenovo Yoga 920 price Australia is said to be in between the range of 1400-1500 AUD, however, the price of this laptop may vary a bit depending upon the current market of Australia. It is also to notice that the price of this laptop is much reasonable as compared to most of the other laptops. Therefore the price of this laptop is somehow similar to the price of HPOMEN15, as it is also in the range of 1500 AUD.


LenovoYoga920 specifications include 13.9 inches of a screen display which is simply perfect for the regular day to day tasks. It also includes;

  • An aluminum body which gives it an elegant look
  • Bronze, silver, and copper color options for laptop body
  • 1080 – 1920 resolution based panel
  • Supports high-quality 4K resolution videos
  • Deep keyboard sensors with shallow key action
  • 8th generation core
  • 512GB of SSD Hard
  • One classic USB port
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • The feature of the digital smart-pen
  • 3.02 pounds of weight


Entirely little bezels, elegant body, and profound design make the Yoga 920 is a flawless machine. Tipping the scales at a shade over three pounds, (3.02, to be correct, a bit lighter than the 910) and estimating a smooth 12.72 x 8.8 x 0.55 inches, the Yoga 920 feels pleasingly thin and trim. Other than its smooth, unfussy lines, the 2-in-1 Yoga gloats (as did its antecedent) an eye-getting watchband-style pivot, which gives you a chance to twist the show the distance around for tablet utilize or tent the workstation for tabletop introductions.

The aluminum body design is wonderfully smooth and matte, while the screen scarcely moves in the event that you endeavor to twist it with a thumb. What's more, no, we don't prescribe attempting this yourself. Though the general outline is essentially the same as the 910, there are a couple of eminent enhancements. It's the steel interface pivot that emerges quickly, obviously. Glossy where the rest is purposely quelled, Lenovo needs to demonstrate it off. The pivot would presumably look better on the off chance that it was shading coordinated with whatever is left of the Yoga 920's body, however, it is striking and gives the pilot a chance to open at any point you like. One intriguing part of the Yoga 920 is that it's not entirely thin and light as you may accept. At 1.39kg and 14mm thick, this is more MacBook Genius 13 than HP Phantom 13 (which is 1.1kg and a little more than 10mm thick),yet it's still effectively light enough to bear throughout the day.


This amazing high performing laptop has an exemplary IPS LCD touchscreen, with the tablet-like lustrous complete you'll discover on pretty much all touch PCs. There's an astonishing measure of balance in components of the Yoga 920's outline. You see this in the screen as well. While there's a 4K goals choice, our audit show, and the one you'll discover sold all the more routinely, is the Full HD demonstrate. This has an exemplary IPS LCD touchscreen, with the tablet-like lustrous complete you'll discover on pretty much all touch laptops. The screen isn't unified with a far-reaching shading extent, which gives the capacity to make a few shades look relatively poisonous review oversaturated. In any case, shading seems profound and energetic.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Yoga 920 touchpad excessively shallow which makes it more efficient. Yoga 920 really makes for genuinely fulfilling composing. A key activity is very fast in this laptop which makes tasking giving even more easy and quick, making it the quickest task processing gadget.

Beneath the mouse sensor is a unique mark scanner, utilized with the Windows Hi highlight to let you log in to Windows 10 by utilizing one of your digits. It's not the quickest we've utilized, with regularly a second or so of deferral before you are let in. In any case, it does for the most part chip away at the principal endeavor.

Heavy Duty Performance

Yoga 920 has the Intel Center of the 8th generation, and it's totally not the same as one a year old seventh Gen Center i7. For one, it has four centers as opposed to two. These can accordingly stand to keep running at a much lower clock speed, however when more power is required a 4GHz Turbo mode appears to get you to snort not very far away from the sort of seventh Gen work area processor found in this highly innovative laptop.


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