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March 8, 2019

Leica Q2 Review - Latest Camera with 47 Megapixels of Lens

Leica is one of the finest digital camera manufacturer not only this it also develops other lenses and rifle lenses. Now after the successful release of Leica Q-P, Leica is going to launch its new model which is Leica Q2. Leica Q2 in Australia is now available for the native of Australia to capture the beauty of Australia.

Leica is basically a German-based company which manufactures digital cameras. Introduced in 2015, the Leica Q enjoys a good reputation. It must be said that this compact camera of the German brand offers full format and Leica know-how in a chassis dimensions. Equipped with a good viewfinder, wide and bright, and an optics Smilax 28 mm f / 1.7, the Q is the best ally for street photography. It does not demerit either at night with a sensitivity range up to 50,000 ISO. Before going to Leica Q2 Review let’s have a quick view of its specifications.

Leica Q2 Specifications:

  • Camera Lens: 35mm
  • Megapixels: 47 MP
  • Sensor type: Full-frame CMOS
  • Focus: Auto and Manual
  • Shutter Type: Mechanical, electronics, and hybrid
  • ISO: 50-50000
  • Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Format: DNG, DNG+JPEG, JPEG
  • Viewfinder: OLED
  • Screen: 3 inches, Touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Battery: 1860mAh
  • Camera Weight:718 grams


As the previous model of the Leica was one of the best digital camera ever produced by it which was Leica Q (Type 116). Well This Leica Q was thoughtful ergonomics, superb build quality, good image quality, and excellent autofocus responsiveness. In September, Leica announced the Leica Q-P which took again the principal characteristics with a more discreet design and the suppression of the red pellet in frontage. The latter returns to the Q2 which takes again the general ergonomics of the original Q. Appealingly, the newcomer is still distinguished by a two-position power switch and an even more refined interface with three buttons on the left of the rear screen. The trigger has been replaced by a model both more flexible and pleasant. We also note the new setting of the viewfinder that passes through an extractable button. Above all, the device is strengthened against external aggression with an IP52 certification against dust insertions and water drops. It offers the same protection as the hybrid 24x36 Leica SL. To our delight, Leica retains the Summilux 28 mm f / 1.7 aspherical lens, now paired with a 24.8-megapixel CMOS 24x36 sensor.

This gain in definition allows the German manufacturer to offer an additional 75 mm reframing bearing in addition to the reframing corresponding to the fields of a 35 mm and a 50 mm. The new processor that accompanies it can go up to 50 000 ISO, but especially to offer the Q2 a 4K video recording mode in 3840 x 2160 pixels 30 or 24 frames per seconds and in C4K at 24 frames per seconds. Full HD mode at 120 fps is also available. Unfortunately, the device is still without a headphone jack and a microphone. There is even a USB port! The Leica Q2 is accompanied by a new battery BP-SCL4 whose capacity has been increased to 1,860mAh and which should provide a range of 370 views. Its memory card reader is UHS-II compatible. Battery and memory card now has two separate slots located under the device.

Body and Performance 

The autofocus of the Leica Q2 would still be fast with a focus in 0.15 s according to Leica. The burst rises to 10 fps in full definition with mechanical shutter and 20 fps in an electronic shutter. In electronic shutter mode, the photographer may also decide to use very short exposure times up to 1/40 000 s.

The rear screen retains the characteristics of its ancestor with a touch interface, but no hinge to tilt it. It measures 3" inches of display. The electronic viewfinder also retains the definition of 3.68Mpts of the first Q, but is decorated with a new OLED panel with higher contrast and has a magnification greater than 0.76x. Finally, the Leica Q2 has a Bluetooth connection in addition to pre-existing Wi-Fi. It will communicate with the Leica Fotos app launched in September and should be updated soon. It will synchronize the device and smartphone, download Jpeg and Raw files, and release the device from standby during remote control. As almost any other companies also feature the same sort of Applications that synchronize all the pics with your device to save time to copy all the images into your system manually.

Price and Availability

As for where there are some of the most popular digital camera manufacturing brand Leica has its own Value. Leica Q2 in Australia is now easily available you can buy it from the mentioned stores below.

Leica was considered as one of the oldest company to produce lenses first they built for the Rifles that were used in World war. Later they work on the digital cameras and made their name in the camera market. Leica Q2 price in Australia will range from 6779$ to 7000$ AU. It has almost the same price as its previous model QP has.


Leica which is one of the best brands which manufactures digital cameras. After the great success of its previous model, Leica QP Leica comes with the new model with almost the same specs and feature and same price. It also has an option to synchronize all the pics that you have clicked directly to your device. This new Leica model is packed with the amazing 47 megapixels of the camera along with the battery of 1860mAh.


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