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March 29, 2022

Kettles Buying Guide 2022 – Types, Benefits, and Factors to Consider

Kettles are without a doubt one of the most useful Kitchen Appliances for practically every family or company. Whether you're looking for Kettles in Australia to make a cup of tea or to prepare some ready-to-eat meals, boiling water is far handier.

It's a lot less complicated than heating water on a gas burner. It does not necessitate your presence to ensure that the water boils but does not overflow. Gas stoves also heat up the kitchen, although it takes a long time. Electric kettles are simple to use: fill them to a safe level, flick the switch, and walk away. When it's finished, the kettle should sound an alert or the switch should be turned off. With costs starting as low as A$50 for electric kettles, it makes sense to purchase one. However, when it comes to purchasing Kettles Online in Australia, there are a number of factors to consider.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

  • Electric or Non-Electric Kettles

Most Australian households have an electric kettle, and you may have observed that most kettles are electric. That is not by chance: there are more electric kettles on the market, and they are in greater demand.

But it doesn't mean they're the only option. Metal kettles that can be heated on the stove, as opposed to Glass Kettles, are a more convenient alternative that goes well with country-style kitchens in particular. They take a little longer to boil and feature an integrated whistle to let you know when they're done.

  • Boiling Speed

The reason you Buy Electric Kettles is to obtain rapid results, and if you don't get that when you buy the greatest electric kettle, it's not worth the money. The wattage range for electric kettles is 1.7kW to 3kW, with a 3kW wattage being the optimum.

  • Grip

A full kettle of water is heavy, and if your kettle lacks a solid grip or handle, it will be difficult for you to carry the kettle and pour the water into different cups. Always inspect the kettle's handle before purchasing it, and if it's comfy, you're good to go.

  • Capacity

The capacity of an electric kettle is the most significant consideration when purchasing one. The optimal capacity for you is determined by your needs. A greater capacity is good if you want to drink warm water throughout the day, however, if you simply want to brew a cup or two of tea in the morning, something a little smaller should suffice. Electric kettles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.5L to 1.8L. A sizable proportion of the products range between 1.5 and 1.8L, so choose cautiously.

  • Noise levels

Let's face it: kettles can be very loud. This is especially true when attempting to boil a large kettle at full capacity. The most powerful Kettles, on average, generate the most noise, however, this isn't always the case. Manufacturers are well aware that noise can be a major inconvenience, so they have competed to develop quieter kettles and boast about new, less invasive functions.

On the surface, this appears to be wonderful news. However, keep in mind that manufacturer statements may not always correspond to reality. If at all feasible, seek independent testing to determine the genuine nature of any equipment.

  • Weight

Some of the Best Electric Kettles 2022 are likely to be rather hefty. If they are constructed of metal rather than plastic, they may be even heavier. This is something to think about, especially if you have trouble moving heavy equipment.

However, weight is only one part of lifting comfort. The grip on a kettle is commonly ignored, yet it is just as crucial. Even if the weight is the same, a kettle with a nice, comfortable grip may be simpler to lift than an alternative. Take this into consideration while inspecting any kettle before purchasing it.

  • Water Level Indicator

It is usually beneficial to have a clear blueprint of what you are attempting to accomplish. A visible water level indicator will keep you from overfilling or under filling the kettle and will help you avoid any problems. A well-thought-out kettle has a visible indication of the water level either within or outside of the kettle body.

The less expensive ones have only Min and Max inscribed on their bodies. Then there are some that are just there, not following any safety requirements and without a water level monitor. These are the ones that are selling well and are not too expensive.

  • Full Rotate Base

A cordless kettle was formerly thought to be a more sophisticated alternative to a corded kettle. It's almost been expected as normal these days. However, the way the kettle fits within the base has come to be seen as a sophisticated feature. You probably don't want to be messing about attempting to slide the kettle into the precise angle required to create a connection when you put it in the base. This is where a complete rotational base comes in handy, allowing you to effortlessly place the kettle down without anxiously trying to find the ideal position.

If you think that the cable is unappealing to look at or just gets in the way, you can opt for a kettle with a base that allows you to conceal the cord within it.

  • A Filtering System

Do you use filtered water to fill your kettle? We propose that you select the Best Kettles to Buy in Australia with a filtration mechanism. This is a big selling feature for certain manufacturers, but we've discovered that real degrees of efficacy may vary. Keep in mind that a filtration system will likely increase the weight of the kettle and that you will have to wait a little longer for your tea or coffee since the water must first filter through.

  • Multiple Temperatures

It is not always necessary to heat water to the same temperature. An excellent example of this is when you're heating water for tea but want a little lower water temperature for coffee. In actuality, you may be able to solve this problem by manually turning off your kettle just before it reaches boiling temperature in some circumstances. However, some kettles provide features that might be quite useful in this regard, like the ability to adjust the temperature each time you use the kettle. A handy add-on that is worth thinking about.

  • Cord or Cordless

A kettle with a connected cord that pushes straight into the jug or a kettle that rests on a "plate" with the same cord attached functions in the same manner. If you wish to be able to raise the kettle from its base and pour hot water into your cup, a cordless water kettle is a good option. Some of the Best Cordless Water Kettles include a rotating base that allows them to be used by either left-handed or right-handed folks.

  • Safety Features

You may go through the attractive selection of Best Kettles 2022 that turn off automatically after the boiling process is complete. Furthermore, the lids may be secured, thermal turned off, the sides of the kettle stay cold during the boiling process so that it can be carried or touched, and anti-skid bases are available.

  • Protection Against Dry Boiling

Most kettles include an automatic shut-off feature if there is insufficient water in them. This protects your kettle from dry boiling and scorching the insides of the electric kettle.

  • Budget-Friendly

You must have a budget in order to get the Best Electric Kettles. Look for an electric kettle that best meets your demands while remaining within your budget.

  • Lockable Lids

It's a huge plus if the electric kettle's lids can be secured. If you have problems pouring the drink from the electric kettle into a cup, this function is ideal. The locking lids prevent the beverage from spilling outside of the electric kettle.

What are the Benefits?

Electric kettles can heat water more quickly than conventional techniques, such as firewood or gas burners. They also use less energy and make it easier to handle the objects that are being boiled. With technological developments, many electric kettles can now manage temperature, which broadens their possibilities. The several advantages are listed below.

  • Easy to Use

Simply plugging a cord into a power outlet and pressing a button causes the kettle to boil and shut off on its own. There is no need to be concerned about the availability of fuel such as gas or wood.

  • Controlled Temperature of Liquids

Many electric kettles now include temperature settings and are labelled to meet certain needs. As a result, you may pick the appropriate setting for the contents you are boiling. For example, if you wish to boil tea, simply pick the tea setting (preset at 80 degrees Celsius) on your Tea Kettle and it will do the job.

  • They Save Your Money

Electric kettles use less energy since they are powered by electricity. When compared to the heat loss in gas and wood used by traditional stoves, heating with electricity is highly efficient.


How do I choose a good kettle?

Even when full, the kettle should feel balanced and light. You should have enough space between your fingers to prevent them from coming into contact with the potentially hot surface of the kettle's body. Look for a handle that is thick enough to provide a strong grasp but not so thick that it is difficult to hold.

What is the best wattage for a kettle?

All kettles consume 1500 watts on average; however, some use more or less. When deciding on wattage, bear in mind that the more watts a kettle needs, the louder it will be. Those that utilise less power will be slower to get to a boil.

How long does the kettle last?

According to the study, kettles have a limited lifespan, requiring them to be replaced after five years and four months. However, because a kettle is used four times every day, it will be turned on a whopping 7,728 times to produce a brew.

Are all electric kettles the same?

Most electric kettles are made of one of three materials: stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Stainless steel kettles are long-lasting, lightweight, and make the deposit building at the bottom less visible.


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