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January 9, 2019

JBL Everest 710GA Headphones Review Siri and Google Assistant Headphones

JBL is a well-known company for its electronic music products. JBL was founded by the James Bullough Lansing and its name is on its owner (JBL). The JBL was founded in 1946. JBL is basically an American company that manufactures loudspeakers. There are two independent divisions of the company JBL Consumer and JBL Professional. The JBL consumer produces the electronic products for the consumer market like homes while the JBL professional produces the large-scale electronic speakers that were used in cinemas and home theater or in DJ systems. JBL is also a subsidiary of the most famous company known as Samsung Electronics. JBL Everest Headphones in Australia has been released and it is globally available.

As we all know that there is a big competition in the sound market every famous company has producing some of the amazing sound equipment. We all know the most popular brands like Beats, Audionic and many more. All of them are producing amazing speakers. Even the mobile phone companies are producing amazing headset speakers like Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Head Phones and Samsung Gear Iconx Head Phones. Now let’s talk about the JBL Everest 710GA Headphones Review. And see what sort of changes it has been made by the company which makes it different from other headphones.

JBL Everest 710GA Headphones Features

Now let’s talk about the amazing features of these headphones. This is one of the most stylish and amazing headphones produced by the JBL company. The design is so cool that it attracts the person due to its shiny silver color and amazing sound quality. The battery backup of this headphone is superb which gives you the best battery backup of up to 25 hours in a single charge that’s pretty cool. And the charging time is just 2 hours. So, if you are planning to have a journey or going on a trip with a friend this will help you a lot due to its amazing battery backup. You can enjoy many songs and a good talk up time. The other features of this JBL headphone are that it is wireless.

As everything is now becoming wireless so why not a wireless headphone. The hands-free is one of the most commonly used gadgets to enjoy the music but this is the great replacement of the hands-free so you can enjoy the music wirelessly. You can connect this headset by using Bluetooth. You can use it as a wire or without a wire because of it an audio jack of 3.5mm which is used to connect directly to the mobile if your headset’s battery is low. It has a leather band which makes the user comfortable to wear it. This comes with the amazing sound quality and built-in microphone which reduces the distortion and other unwanted sounds and voice while talking. 

Design of This Headphone

the design of this headphone is specially made to provide the comfort to the user. It has a leather band which makes the user easy to wear. It has a remote control ear cups on both left and right ears. It is designed in such a way that it is foldable so you can pack it in a box that may reduce the space. It has an audio jack of 3.5mm for the aux cable and has very less weight of just 9.35oz.

The Battery of This Headphone

This headphone consists one of the most amazing batteries that gives the best battery backup time to provide the user more time to enjoy or to talk up to 25 hours which is one of the best backup time. It just takes 2 hours to get the battery fully charged it has a powerful Polymer Li-ion Battery of 850mAh. 

Siri and Google Assistant

This headphone comes along with the Siri and Google assistant support to give the user a better quality and easiness. When you start playing with the left ear cup then the things start getting interesting. It comes with a touch-sensitive panel that is when tapped or pressed to activate the Google Assistant from your connected phone. The only thing you want to do is just take your mobile out of your pocket and connect it with the Google or Siri assistant. Just with a single press, you can get quick information like the weather or notifications. While keeping your finger on the sensor will activate the Assistant. It has a built-in microphone and comes with the best quality sound.


  • Weight: 9.35oz
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Battery Type: Polymer Li-ion Battery of 850mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Battery Backup: Up to 25 Hours
  • Remote Control Ear Cups: Yes
  • Leather Headband: Yes
  • Detachable Cable: Yes
  • Built-in Microphone: Yes
  • Fold Design: Yes
  • Google Assistant: Yes
  • Touch Control: Yes
  • Siri Supported: Yes
  • Google Now Supported: Yes

Availability and Price

JBL Everest Headphones Price in Australia Ranges from 400$ to 425$ AUD. Yes, it quite economically headphone according to its features.  This is the best headphone you can get with the best battery backup time.

JBL Everest 710GA Headphones Release Date was the November of this year in Australia now you can buy it from any store. We have enlisted numbers of website stores from where you can easily compare and purchase of your own choice.


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