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February 16, 2022

iPhone Flip – Release Date, Price, Features, Rumours & more

Apple is set to unveil a new iPhone series during its autumn event this year. According to rumours, this will be the iPhone 14 lineup. Fans may have hoped for the unveiling of a foldable iPhone, but that is unlikely to happen anytime soon. The Cupertino tech behemoth is still a long way from releasing something of this size. Despite the fact that its main rival, Samsung, has just shown two new foldable phones: one in Flip and one in Fold designs.

The iPhone Flip may not be in Apple's near future plans, but plans are subject to change. As we approach 2022, it's unclear whether we'll see a foldable iPhone this year, but all indicators point to Apple wanting to compete with Samsung and several others with its own folding gadget.

So, unfortunately, the iPhone Flip will not be available at any time soon. However, foldables continue to be a rising segment of the smartphone market. Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition shortly after introducing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. This edition allows you to mix and match colours on your foldable. Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo 2 is also available today. Clearly, the competition to create the best foldable phone is on.

Release Date

Apple has yet to confirm the official iPhone Flip release date for the rest of the world. Because Apple has a tendency of delivering iPhones at the same time each year, the wonderfully designed iPhone Flip is quite likely to debut in September 2022.

On the 14th of September 2021, the second Tuesday of the month, the iPhone 13 was released. Apple appears to prefer the first or second Tuesday of September, implying that the iPhone Flip might debut on either September 6th or September 13th, 2022. Apple events are often hosted at the company's Apple Park headquarters in California and generally begin at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

Aside from that, display analyst Ross Young, who has a track record of being spot on with such predictions, has predicted that Apple may release a foldable iPhone next year. Similarly, he stated that 2024 is probably the most likely year for such a gadget to be released.


For the time being, there is no official word on the iPhone Flip Price. The basic iPhone 13, on the other hand, costs AUD 1199 or more. As a result, anticipating a bit more from the iPhone Flip will not let you down. In Australia, the iPhone 13 launched with a small price increase over the iPhone 12. As a consequence, you should be prepared to make a significant dent in your wallet once again when the iPhone Flip hits stores.

As a reminder, the Galaxy Fold launched in Australia at AUD 2799. Only six months later, the Galaxy Z Flip debuted with a more vertically-proportioned 6.7" display encased in Ultra-Thin Glass for improved durability and a price tag of roughly AUD 899 less. The pricing disparity has been maintained with the most current Galaxy foldables, with the Z Fold 3 costing AUD 2599 at launch and the Z Flip 3 costing only AUD 1400.

If Apple chooses a smaller and less expensive foldable, the phone's pricing may not be far off from premium devices such as the AUD 1499 iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, if the foldable iPhone is designed to be a phone that can also function as a tablet, as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 does, the price may easily exceed that of Apple's more traditional iPhones.

Will the iPhone Flip Give Samsung a Tough?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is now the most popular clamshell foldable phone, thanks in part to its own merits and in part to a lack of substantial competition. However, if the anticipated iPhone Flip is released, Apple may dethrone Samsung.

While Samsung has a head start in the foldable phone contest, we expect great things from Apple's debut in the design. When the iPhone Flip is released, it will most likely be a polished mobile with top features that make it a competitive device - which may be enough to compete with other companies' offerings. We haven't heard much concrete information about the smartphone yet, but if Apple is going to unseat Samsung as the 'greatest clamshell foldable,' there are a few features we'd want to see in the iPhone Flip.

Trio-Camera Configuration

When smartphones feature several rear cameras, the varied lenses each uses give photographic variety — for example, the iPhone 13 Pro has an ultra-wide, primary, and telephoto combination for a range of zoom possibilities. We anticipate iPhone Flip Cameras similar to the 13 Pro. And if that's the case, it'll outperform the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which only has two camera lenses on its back. With its main and ultra-wide snappers, we found the Flip was fine for easygoing photography, but if you're spending a lot of money on a super expensive Flexer, you want more than 'fine.' Apple would ensure the iPhone Flip is more versatile for photography than Samsung's by including a strong array of rear cameras.

Unmatched Display Outside

Every clamshell folding phone we've seen has had a little outside display in addition to the inside display. The role of this varies from phone to phone, but in general, it is used to display alerts, music controls, the time, and the remaining battery life.

However, we have seen that the Galaxy Z Flip 3's exterior display is not really useful for many users. Furthermore, Samsung should give this additional capability to this outside display, whether by making it larger so that it can legally be used for sophisticated operations, or perhaps by providing a broader selection of apps and widgets that take advantage of it.

Countless Foldable Features

We've seen a few clamshell folding phones with specific modes or utilities that only operate when the device is half-closed. Clamshell phones are a fantastic illustration of this - you can open the device at the right angle, and while one side rests on a surface, the other is pointing up — this may be utilised as a convenient way to shoot photographs if you require a sturdy platform.

However, the variety of flex features in foldables we've seen is relatively restricted, and they mostly focus on usage for the front and rear cameras when folding at various phases. If Apple came up with other things we could do while the gadget was bending, it would provide important functions not available to Samsung phone customers, and it may give it the advantage.

MagSafe Feature

This is a feature that Apple could add to the iPhone Flip that Samsung would have no response to. MagSafe is Apple's magnetic feature for smartphones, allowing users to clip on accessories like wireless chargers, cases, wallets, and more, yet no manufacturer has produced analogues for their own devices other than Realme. Rumours claim that Apple is trying to expand MagSafe to new items, such as iPads, thus it appears that the company is growing its magnetic product ecosystem.

Furthermore, MagSafe for iPhone Flip may let you use all of the advantages that it gives to other electronics, if not more. As the iPhone Flip is expected to be lightweight, we may see stands that employ the feature, or cases that are fastened to the smartphone by magnets rather than clinging tightly to its shape - a solution that doesn't often work well enough for phones with moving components. Unless Samsung develops a MagSafe competitor – which we don't see happening anytime soon – this would be a nice added feature that may offer the iPhone Flip an advantage.

Gigantic Battery Life

We've seen that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Motorola Razr, both foldable smartphones, absolutely failed to stand out in terms of battery life. Users are now anticipating a visually appealing piece of technology with more than enough power to get them through even the busiest day.

To some extent, this is logical given the compact size of a clamshell's body, which leaves little room for a large battery. However, there are alternative methods for a smartphone to have a long battery life.

We've discovered that Apple has improved its software optimization in recent years, such that even if its phones have smaller batteries, they last quite a long period between charges. If it did the same with the iPhone Flip, we may see a phone that easily lasts a full day of use, making it superior in terms of battery life than Samsung's counterpart.

Wrapping Up

With the release of the sturdier, slicker, and waterproof Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, it's simple to conclude that foldable phones have reduced the major difficulties to now be recognised by everyday users. Samsung has put in the effort and will continue to explore the ideal design that customers desire. Apple is waiting quietly on the sidelines, hoping to inherit the good.

Without a doubt, Apple has a track record of ushering in substantial changes in the mobile industry with each release: the removal of the headphone jack, the elimination of bezels, and the acceptance of the notch were all trends started by iPhones. Although 5G devices are more widely available than ever, the iPhone 12 in 2020 is expected to be most people's first introduction to 5G. Finally, the future of foldable technology and the smartphone industry as a whole is dependent on how Apple tackles the fantasy of a foldable iPhone.


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