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February 26, 2019

Huawei Mate X – Everything We Know So Far

The Galaxy Fold announcement from Samsung is not yet a Week old and we already have a thinner, larger screen competitor with flatter folds. Say Hi to Huawei Mate X (a foldable smartphone). The Mate X comes with an 8-inch wraparound display on the MWC 2019, a folded thickness of just 11 mm, and a great specifications sheet with a 5G, a 4,500mAh battery and Huawei's own HiSilicon Kirin 980 Chipset.

The Mate X's single OLED screen serves three duties. When it's folded, you essentially have a smartphone with two screens and the second screen outback enables you to take selfies with the main camera or share the elements with a person on the other side on your primary display. Open the Mate X and there's a nearly (but not entirely) square tablet with minimal bezels on the three sides. Let's keep going to find out more!

Gorgeous Design

Huawei calls its most gorgeously looking folding hinge a Falcon Wing hinge and it enables Mate X to lay entirely flat - measuring only 5.4mm thin. According to Huawei, a hinge is backed by 100 components inside of it.

Making a comparison, it's quite thin as compared to an iPad when it's laid out in a tablet mode. Apple has only been able to reduce its shape to 5.9 mm.

The Mate X, which Huawei says is an ergonomic curvature, takes on prominent importance. The reason why this handle is available was a good one: firm, secure handling. Actually, for another good purpose, the grip exists, namely to store many of the main components. Also, a 2-in-1 power button/fingerprint scanner is there for the camera system.

According to Huawei, the Huawei Mate X will be available in Interstellar Blue, but only at the thin top and bottom, and at the back. It will also be worth protecting those displays, even if we are short on words on if the case is free.

Amazing 8-inches Screen

The Mate X folds into an 8 "Android tablet, where a 6.6" display is folded on the one hand and a 6.4"screen is folded on the other. The Huawei Mate X falls to the back. Its display size seems to be right for the future of foldable.

This OLED screen is larger than the 7.4-inch fold of Samsung's, with its 4.6-inch bezel heavy screen folded - one side only. Huawei knows that it has a winner in size that Samsung will only be able to deal with before Fold 2. There's no trimmer or angle cut-off for the camera when the Huawei Mate X is unfolded. The first Huawei foldable phone has a FullView display reduced by a bezel.

The way it folds is also somewhat different. The 8-inch display folds to divide into two broken - down displays facing the outside. Samsung's foldable phone folds inwards, with an additional small outside screen.

Exquisite Camera System

On the Mate X, we know very little about the camera, except that it's a system with three modules. According to sources that have tested the device said, we could not open and try the camera app on our own, but we did see some tricks and it looked as spooky and useful.

First off, no front camera is available, just a triple primary camera around the back. However, everything isn't lost to Instagram stars and stars as the rear viewfinder doubles, making your own experience even better, given that rear cameras are almost always better than the selfie shooter.

You can also make a dual viewfinder using the second screen on either side of your device. This allows you to view a preview when someone picks up with the Mate X and adds to the pricey powerhouse a playful party trick.

Huawei could have been so close-knocked on camera data for many reasons. The camera could contain future-oriented technology, which the company would like to announce with its upcoming smartphone Huawei P30 Pro, which is anticipated at the end of March.

Alternatively, given the potential space limitations, the Mate X may not have a best-in-class camera whereas another option is for Huawei to have not revealed the details in terms of imaging that thing and not to commit before it is ready to bring it to the market. Naturally, this is all conjecture, and Huawei will sooner than later shine a light on things with any chance.

Battery and Others

Huawei wanted to talk about power because the Mate X has a massive battery- two batteries combined for a total of 4 500mAh which are actually in place. The Samsung Galaxy Fold packages more juice, but the Mate X has a larger screen when it is both phone and tablet, so the hunger for energy is probably greater.

In addition to surpassing the charging 40W in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei's 55W Supercharge technology that debuts at the Mate X can also power the Mate X up to 85% from 0% in just 30 minutes.

Powered by a Kirin 980 processor and the 5G Modem of Balong 5000, it doesn't load just fast, it also takes' 5Gs,' just three seconds to download 1GB movie.

While we won't see those speeds when the phone drops in the middle of this year, given that networks are unlikely to support zippy download rates, numbers like this are comfortable for us, since the incredibly expensive Mate X is well-proven from the perspective of data transmission.

There is a whopping 512GB of onboard memory and support for Nano-Memory - Huawei's proprietary storage card which goes up to 256GB.

How Does It Work?

The Mate X runs a custom version of Android, and the interface always becomes more flexible in milliseconds to help you orient your tablet or phone. According to some sources, their experience with the UI was very smooth, particularly as the phone is a way out of retail.

EMUI, the custom Huawei skin that sits on top of Android is probably the heart of the experience, and there have been some brand new functions, specifically about multitasking split-screen, with the OS oriented really well for larger, near-fourth tablet displays. Mr. Richard Yu, CEO Huawei said that the tablet would be perfectly appropriate for editing document by the mouse and keyboard and could even suggest an experience like an EMUI desktop.


Huawei is famous for the price undercutting of Samsung, Apple, and other leading smartphone makers. But Huawei Mate X Price in Australia is expected to go higher even more than Samsung Galaxy Fold, which costs about AU$2299-2399.

The inside of the technology is obviously expensive and 5G does mean it's expensive. Huawei must convince all of us that its software is as good as or better than that of Samsung, which tries to facilitate multitasking in the tablet mode.

We would also like to find out about the durability of the bendable screen. How's that hanging up? Is it easy to scratch the plastic cover? Even with a case, two external screens seem susceptible to danger.

Huawei Mate X Release Date

The official Huawei Mate X Release Date in Australia is not yet available. The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched somewhere in March or April. Huawei may want to compete sooner rather than later in 2019 with this first true folded phone. We are as keen to find out if you can buy it from reputable dealers in Australia.

In some ways, the Huawei Mate X seems almost too good to be true. It has a wider 8-inch screen closer to tablets of today and falls closer to the current flagship smartphones with two outer screens.

We will have more about the first Huawei foldable in the next few days because at MWC 2019 there will be a lot of other information.


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