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September 2, 2019

Top 8 HP Laptops Australia with Mind-Boggling HP Laptop Price and Features

Are you scouting for the best HP laptop? Well, it’s not an easy task, especially when it comes to the business sector. The HP is holding a strong position in the Australian market with a wide number of laptops – even more than we care to count with hundreds of unbelievable features and customization options. The state-of-the-art and entirely baked features don’t mean that you have to leave a dent in your wallet. Instead, HP Laptop Price is significantly cheap as compared to Samsung, Dell, and Apple’s MacBooks and a person who is running short on a budget can comfortably afford one.

To get your hands on a multitude HP laptop, we have come up with quite a few Best HP Laptops in Australia you can buy with immediate effects without compromising on your money and features you need, of course. So, without wasting even a second further, let’s keep going!

HP Spectre Series LaptopsThe company's primary attraction, without a doubt, is HP Spectre laptops that are equipped with up-to-the-mark features and specifications to grab the attention of people. The ns, the prices of these rather dull-looking, but these are entirely serviceable laptops that take your enjoyment to the next level.

HP Spectre x360, which, according to its name, can turn its screen until it is flushing with the back of the laptop, has been the standout of the past couple of years. These 2-in-1 laptops/devices are quite common nowadays, so you don't have to pay the highest price to get one, but the Spectrum X360 certainly goes extra miles. The HP Spectre Laptops Prices Australia typically start from AU$1399-1899 – depends on a model you choose.

The HP Spectre x360 is packed with top specs, and you can obtain a model with a special graphics card if you want to make some photography or video editing. Also, the HP Spectre x360 is supplied with an out-of-box stylus, so you can write and type on that screen from day one without forking more money into the accessory.

HP Pavilion Series Laptops

The Pavilion Series can be an excellent option if you're conscious about cutting-edge design or amazing extras and wish a decent Laptop. A collection of user-friendly laptops, these are intended primarily for everyday use. As for HP Laptops Prices Australia for its Pavilion series, they are starting at approximately 1300 AUD to 1699 AUD. The Pavilion series includes Intel Core i3 to i7 processor designs, with some graphics cards.

In terms of size, the range is right in the center, and the majority of the Pavilion series consists of 14-inch and 15-inch such as HP Pavilion 15.6" Laptop. Well, you have to look elsewhere if you are looking for anything more substantial or smaller. While the Pavilion lacks the design sensitivities and the slimmer profiles of the premium design

HP Envy Series Laptops

The Envy series of HP Laptops Australia isn’t as marvelous as HP Spectre series. As the name implies, HP Envy series laptops are meant to turn heads. However, they do not have the same cache as the line-up of the Spectre. The Envy line is flawlessly made with an edge tilt to its back, which makes it easy to define. The Envy laptops feel premium, and you can expect aluminum and magnesium chassis in this range.

The displays are mainly 1080p, but HP offers optional 4k displays in this field as well. Some also have the touch-screen which is ideal for people who prefer prodding on the screen instead of on the keyboard. The range begins at about AU$1119 and reaches AU$2300 while the top end is expensive - but the smaller end has space for a decently affordable entry.

HP Chromebook Series

Most Chromebooks are quite famous and familiar, and this is undoubtedly true of HP's portfolio. If you've looked at earlier Chromebooks, you'll understand what you will get right: slow processors, a little amount of storage and incredibly fast startup time.

Be mindful that you have an option to buy upgrader models with slightly more impressive specs, with the beginning of HP Chromebooks at around AU$400 or more. Some, like HP Chromebook X2, break AU$800-900 obstacle with the Intel Core M3-7Y30 Processor. However, if you go for something significant, we would suggest buying Google PixelBook over HP Chromebook.

HP EliteBook Series Laptops

Need a business-oriented laptop without spending extra bucks? It would be best if you consider buying HP EliteBook Laptops. The EliteBook is designed in a slim and slender package which slips right into your case and is very much the corporative Spectre range. The range is split into two separate kinds of laptops - 2-in-1 laptops that can be converted to big tablets and traditional laptops like others.

The HP EliteBook series comes with a plethora of clean characteristics for business customers, such as a Sure View Privacy Screen which means it can be switched on and off at will and make it difficult for someone outside to read and eliminate those annoying side-peekers. Quite a few models are also loaded with fingerprint readers - making it difficult for everyone to access your laptop even if it's not password protected.

HP ProBook Series Laptops

If you wish to have an HP laptop, but your company will not open the boxes enough to make EliteBook available, you might find ProBook right for you. The ProBook line remains a capable and reliable laptop line-up even though it lacks the elevated rate of polishing in premium company laptops. The ProBook line consists of traditional laptops, i.e., HP ProBook 430 and convertible systems, just as with EliteBook. A detachable model, the HP Pro x2, is also coming into the mix and has a removable screen with an apes panel layout as the name implies.

The ProBook series laptops set users back in between the range of AU$999-1499, and very much like EliteBook, you will get dedicated privacy features too. Thanks to their many physical ports, they are also extremely practical, so that you can plug all of your peripherals into them without worrying about space.

HP Stream Series Laptops

The HP Stream range is equal to Windows if the Chromebook is described as a budget-efficient, low-powered laptop which is based on the cloud and runs on the Android Chrome OS. HP Stream models are available for students, or those looking for a simple social media device, streaming, and note-taking, at an affair price of approximately AU$300-399 and with the entry-level processor. Do you think they are powerhouses? No! They aren't.

The HP Stream models are running on Windows 10 OS – but don’t offer a massive onboard memory like Chrome-based devices. You will most probably get 32GB of built-in memory, which doesn’t sound sufficient to store loads and loads of data. You will then be needing a microSD card to expand it further. Moreover, HP Stream devices come in 11-inches and 14-inches sizes and are designed for those who cannot let go of Windows.

HP Omen Series Laptops

HP's gaming Laptop line-up is the rather sinisterly called Omen series. These models have a well-supported and unbelievable black and Red design, as you may expect. Of course, with the GeForce chip of NVIDIA, the Omen series includes a basic element into dedication graphic cards for severe gamers. The range is between the GTX 1050 and the GTX 1080, depending on your budget. For instance, HP Omen 15t Gaming Laptop comes with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics, and as for HP Omen Laptops Prices Australia, one should expect to pay in between AU$1584-1899.

These models are angular and coarse devices like the majority of laptops you're going to try to put into a backpack, but gamers will love their solid feel and mechanical keyboards.

And here is where the story ends – Make sure you visit that page most often as we will have this list updated as newer models hit shelves across Australia. Meanwhile, if we have forgotten to mention an HP laptop that needs appreciation, do let us know down in a comment section!


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