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February 19, 2018

Google Pixels 3 Release Date, Price, and Specs Rumours

Google has published their Pixel phones on a high and even they have featured in some of the best Android smartphones lists. Therefore, it is obvious that fans are already loving Google’s phones device. Let’s check what this device is bringing to you.

Google Pixel 3 Release Date:

First, let’s talk about the Google Pixel 3 release date. Just like Google’s previous versions of Pixel came in the month of October, it’s also confirmed that the Pixel 3 will also come in October 2018.  It seems like that the October has become their lucky month.

Although the exact release date is still unknown. But we can guess that it would fall somewhere between October 4 to October 16, according to brand’s previous history. Google Pixel 3 release date in Australia will possibly same, but you may find the device after some days later its availability.

Rumours about Google Pixel 3 Features & Design:

There will probably be 3 different Google Pixel 3 models, codenamed: Crosshatch, Albacore, and Blueline, According to Droid Life.

There have not been any authentic rumours about the phone’s specs, but there are some very likely additions.

For example, this is almost 99% sure that the two mobile phones will be powered by Qualcomm's new and robust Snapdragon 845 smartphone CPU.

The Google Pixel 2 used the older Snapdragon 835 chip, but its latest version is even 25% faster, according to Qualcomm. And hence it indicated that the Pixel 3 by Google could be extremely powerful.

There is also rumours that both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will follow Apple's lead and minimise the bezel’s size on the new models. This is considered as an ordinary plastic or metal that surrounds your device screen.

According to the news, the trend at the premium end is going towards edge-to-edge screens and the Pixel will do well to move in this way.

And if the Google Pixel devices really want to compare with Samsung and Apple at the premium end, it is crucial that the new devices show real development.

It is also 99% confirmed that the next phone by Google will borrow Apple's Face ID feature, which debuted on 2017’s Apple iPhone X.

We could also expect other new features such as wireless charging and under-screen fingerprint scanner. And it is expected that you will get Pixel 3 with water-resistance capabilities.

And another guaranteed news is related to the Google’s Pixel 3 latest Android version, which will be included in the phone. And this is not very surprising as Google is very much can develop and use the latest version of world’s most famous operating system.

This is expected to unleash the new Android 9.0 software in June this year, although we don't know what features it will hold. However, it is confirmed that the Pixel devices are always selected as the debut platform for Google's latest software.

Rumours about Google Pixel 3 prices:

The original Google Pixel prices started at $549, while its bigger version, Google Pixel XL, cost round about $769. The Google Pixel 2 prices start at $649, while the Pixel 2 XL costing an even high price tag of $849.

Although we can’t say much about Pixel 3’s cost, we can give you an educated guess about the price of this great upcoming flagship smartphone. As Google has confirmed that the price will be affordable for this phone device, so you can guess that Google Pixel 3 price will be under $700. Google Pixel 3 XL version most probably will cost you more.

Google Pixel 3 prices in Australia as well in other parts of Europe are expected to be on the higher side, as far as the history is concerned. Because smartphone prices have been increasing over the last year in particular, according to an industry expert.  We can expect Google Pixel 3 prices in Australia would be around AU$999 to AU$1199.


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