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April 13, 2018

Google’s Fuchsia OS Review

Chrome OS and Android both are Google’s well-known software ventures without a doubt. But Google is now working on a whole new operating system which is currently capable of running on its high-end Pixelbook.  The third operating system is called Fuchsia and when it was first discovered in early October 2017, it only popped up as a single command line.

According to Google Fuchsia rumors which are circulating around, it looks entirely different as compared to any other mobile OS we’ve seen including Android. There are plenty of other mystery surroundings about this operating system as well. We don’t know what it’s for – is it going to replace Android or it’s just an experiment by Google?

We have gone through everything we know in detail such as release date, rumors as well as Google Fuchsia news.

Release Date

Google Fuchsia release date has rumored dozens of times since August 2016 and only turn out untrue. However, keep checking back as we plan to update this page over time with the latest, rumors, reports, information and confirmation.

What is Google Fuchsia?

Google Fuchsia does not base on Linux making it a little different from Android and Chrome OS. It is based on a new Google-developed Kernel called Magenta instead. Magenta is designed for modern personal computers and modern phones which means it’s not surprising to see one-day Fuchsia appear on our smartphones. Most importantly, Google has decided to add Apple’s programming language, Swift to Fuchsia OS – despite we don’t know why is it so.

Further down the line, Google Fuchsia has the ability to run not only on tablets and desktop computers but on smartphones as well and scalability likely to be an essential occupant of its design. It was May 2017 when Fuchsia gained a user interface and a bunch of developers working on the projects bothered that it was not just a dumping ground but rather a real project. It ultimately shows that Google has larger things planned for it.

What is Fuchsia For?

We have not heard what Fuchsia is built for just yet. Based on rumors around, it could be in development by Google as an ultimate replacement for Android. Ars Technica has reported that Android was built as an operating system for digital cameras a long time ago even before the iPhone was released. Later, Android was repurposed for phones, but Google is still stuck to commitments it made with Android many years ago.

Google faced lots of challenges with Android such as Google struggled to get updates rolled all over the whole ecosystem of devices.

Is Google Fuchsia designed for smartphones? Yes! But transitioning from the massive Android ecosystem to Fuchsia would be the most difficult thing for Google. If it could have been done, the move could be great for smartphone world in general. The Flutter SDK (scripting language of Google to power different of the company's own programs i.e. Adwords) produced code for Apps for both Android and iOS helping developers to build Apps in Flutter to work across all smartphone operating systems.

Final Words

Since Fuchsia is early in development, we have not found anything special. Some rumors are suggesting that it’s likely we would come to know about the operating system at Google I/O. But it’s a bit more likely it will be a while longer before we hear anything official. We have an eye on this and as soon as we hear anything new, we will update this page. In the meantime, if there’s anything we forgot to mention above, let us know in the comments section below.


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