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November 19, 2018

Gazepad Pro Review

Everyone loves to keep their desk area clean, right? And if you are one of those, start using a Gazepad Pro Wireless Charging Mouse Pad in Australia which is 2-in-1 pad and acts as a mouse pad as well as a wireless charger for all of your Android devices and Apple device, of course. Housing an eye-catching elegant design and takes only a little amount of space on your work desk.

Moreover, Gazepad Pro is backed by a 3 coil wireless charging system which allows users to charge their handsets, iPads and other devices without having to deal with messy cables. It’s made of smooth PU leather, offering strong protection from scratches. What else does it boast? Let’s find out below.

Design and Features

Without beating about the bush and coming straight to the point, Gazepad Pro looks pretty hand-made. The stitching which goes along the edges makes you feel like it’s made by a human instead of an assembly line. The overall body of Gazepad feels sturdy and rigid – it’s a solid flat piece and there is no rolling or flapping around. We think it makes Gazepad Pro a little bit inconvenient to carry around. However, on the flip side, it indeed works great as a mouse tracking surface.

As mentioned above, it’s made of leather which means the surface is really silky and smooth and perfect for gliding a mouse on. Hence, it keeps your palm and arms away from sweat which is only possible with the real leather finish.

The Gazepad Pro is big enough having dimensions of 360mm and 220 mm to accommodate your hand sitting away from the edge. The surface aside for a short while, the underside is made from a different material. It’s pleasant to touch and is very soft but skid-resistant and grippe as compared to the top side.

Moving on, there is a pair of USB Type-C ports – located on both sides of the top right corners. Most probably, the right one works a little better with an angled cable. The manual says, never use both ports simultaneously. Seemingly, both ports are wired in such a way which could cause a fire. 

Hey! There is a small LED near the bottom right corner. That looks a bit unobtrusive and does its status indication job amazingly.

Performance of Charging

The Gazepad Pro, without a doubt, looks great but it set users back around $60 (one can buy after spending $40 on the Indiegogo). After making a quick currency conversion, Gazepad Pro Price in Australia comes to around AU$85.

Let us say with an advertised 3 coil charging arrangement – in case you’re amazed having more coils don’t really increase charging speed – instead of the sweet spot for charging space. And sources who tested Gazepad Pro claim that they had no complaints about it. The manual inside Gazepad Pro recommends at least Quick Charge 2.0 input which lines up well with the unit’s input rating.

The Bottom Line

What are the other features and how does it work? Well, for now, we are short on words on but it’s not deniable that Gazepad Pro is clearly a niche product and its usefulness entirely depends on our usage patterns. The Gazepad Pro is a tiny addition to our work desk which drastically improves our setup and simplifies our daily routine.


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