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March 12, 2019

Fitbit Versa Lite - Smartwatch Better than Apple Watch

In addition to jogging, cycling or swimming, the Fitbit Versa can also record weightlifting, interval or completely free workouts. It also measures the pulse and heart rate. The 1.34-inch display is easy to recognize even when the sun is shining and displays the most important information. All in all, this isn’t a simple watch it is something extraordinary. Fitbit Versa Lite in Australia is now available for the users you can purchase it from the below-mentioned stores.

System and Features

Fitbit isn’t a smartwatch it’s a complete package for you. It also supports music. You can listen to music by connecting Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. However, there is a small limitation. You can only copy the music in MP3 format from the computer to the Versa or transfer playlists from the music streaming service Deezer via the app if you have a paid premium account. To control music playback during training, you must hold down the button on the left to exit the tracking screen. Well, it’s okay if you are on a trip and don’t want to use your cellphone or if your mobile is running on a low battery this is the best option. Let’s take the complete Fitbit Versa lite Review and check what more it can do.

As with Ionic, this model also has a number of training programs built in, as well as measuring how well and long you sleep. In addition, you have a "personal trainer" who can show you exercises right from your arm, which is a completely fun feature. There is also support for payment via the clock. One of the things we enjoy very well with Fitbit is their app. When you enter the app, the dashboard is the first to meet you. Here you get a quick overview of the number of steps you have gone from day to day, the number of floors you have taken for you, how many calories you have burned and not least how well you have slept.

You can tap on the different categories to see more in detail how to sleep at night. For example, you can choose to retrieve the slice from other users so you can compare your own sleep to the slice that uses the app. The app gives you a lot of useful information if you want to track your drink and food it also tells you that. At the same time, this app is designed so you can easily add friends and acquaintances using a Fitbit product so that you can challenge each other - and see how many steps every week goes. Fitbit Versa synchronizes automatically and remotely with computers and over 200 of the leading iOS, Android and Windows smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.


  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer
  • Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
  • OS Support: IOS and Android 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Memory: keeps the record of 30 days
  • Water resistant: Yes
  • Health care: Yes

Screen and Battery

The Versa also has a good screen, although it is smaller and has lower brightness than its big brother. Still, it is clear and nice to read, even in sunlight. Another Good thing is its amazing battery. If you want to see the notifications just swipe your finger from top to bottom. To see the day's activities, you can swipe from the bottom up. You can find the menu by swiping from right to left. In addition, you have three buttons that are out of the box to start measurements during exercise, set the alarm, or enable music playback and alerts.

One feature that every Smartphone should have is it should be waterproof and that's Versa. Versa has made this smartwatch a waterproof so that you can easily wear it in every situation on a rainy day or on a sunny day.

Display and Design

The Versa, the lightest metal smartwatch, has an extremely thin anodized aluminum case. It fits perfectly for small or large wrists. Its rounded square dial features a color touch screen with a brightness of up to 1,000 lenses. It can, therefore, be worn in the pool or in the rain. Tracking the lengths, calories burned and the duration of your swim sessions.

It comes with 5 different models of 2 bracelet sizes (S for wrists 140 to 180 mm and L 180 to 220 mm in circumference). The Fitbit Versa is available in black with a black aluminum case, in gray with a silver aluminum case, or in peach with a rose gold aluminum case.

Price and Availability

Fitbit Versa Lite price in Australia ranges from 226 to 280 AUD. This is one of the finest smartwatches to purchase. It almost has the same amazing features as an expensive smartwatch as Apple watches has. The price of this watch is relatively cheaper than Apple watches.

As far as the availability of Fitbit Versa Lite in Australia is concerned, this amazing cheap Smartwatch will be available on the 15th of March 2019. You can preorder this watch from the below-mentioned stores.


As we have seen many of the smartwatches that were launched in the recent decade. No doubt there are some of the outclass watches out there but this Fitbit Versa lite watch is something extraordinary it contains the same features as an expensive smartwatch has. The price of this smartwatch his lesser than the other smartwatches having the same specs and features.


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