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June 14, 2019

Happy Father’s Day 2019

Australia, with a multicultural society, is indeed a well-developed nation - Very much like European countries. Australia has a varied culture and lifestyle reflecting its liberal democratic values and traditions. Australia is a country of a distinctive combination of tradition and influences that have been developed very well. There are much enthusiasm and happiness in Australian people for all social and cultural activities. And Father's Day is a social event with the same excitement and passion that takes place in other areas of the globe. It is its distinctive moment of celebration what is obtrusive about Father’s Day.

Conversely, the first Sunday in September is dedicated to celebrate Father's Day in Australia - however, there are several countries across the globe that celebrate that day on the third Sunday of June i.e. United States. This day people convey thanks for the care and support they have shown to their parents. In honor of their dearest father, children give away various crafts and chocolates or other gifts. Although it is privately held in homes and several clubs but companies are taking initiatives to organize certain people-friendly programs. Family breakfast is a popular characteristic of the celebration and tradition of Father's Day in Australia. Moreover, numerous activities and games are organized too on such day to strengthen the bond between the child and the father.

Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day isn’t a public holiday in Australia. It’s being celebrated on Sunday which is obviously the off day for most of the workers and offices. Like all other countries, Cafes, Shopping Places, Entertainment Venues, and Restaurants are all busy – especially where Sunday trade is permitted.

What Do People Do?

Everyone on Father’s Day loves going to parks and entertainment venues such as zoo and theatre or any other picnic spots. Furthermore, children love gifting handmade or buy cards for their father with love messages. Every child tries to take a special interest in making beautiful cards for their loving dads.

Different chocolates, food baskets, equipment facilitating hobbies, clothing or gift vouchers are quite common in Australia. Australian people like to go out with their families for dinner or prepare their favorite dishes at home and relax and spend a good time with their relatives.

Fathers and kids like to go on adventure trips or on the occasion of Father’s Day. Some magazines and newspapers also publish favorably and inspiring Father's Day tales. Father's Day specials could also be provided during this era by television and radio. Australian people also celebrate Father’s Day to raise funds for charitable purposes. Countless charitable activities – for instance, entertainment or a buy-out of unique donations are undertaken in order to raise funds for reasons i.e. as visually impaired services or prostate cancer research.

Father’s Day Discounts And Deals

The Father’s Day Australia will fall on first Sunday of September to be exact – and if you are still scouting for an amazing gift for your father, it might be worth looking to eBay and Amazon of Australia for inspiration. Aside from the celebration of Father’s Day everywhere, eBay and Amazon Australia give their customers Up to 70% Discount on father's day deal from hundreds of sellers with a special promo code or coupon code. Other Australian retailers or stores that offer Father’s Day gifts include:

  • Edible Blooms
  • RedBalloon
  • David Jones
  • Book Depository
  • Bonds
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Etsy
  • Moonpig

How To Get Discount?

Different stores offer different promo codes or coupon codes to get discount and save your wallet from a serious dent. Right after getting the coupon code, you will be needing to use it during checkout. But be noted that some discount codes ask you to spend at least 20 bucks or 30 bucks whereas some coupons are restricted to be redeemed only when buying from a selected seller.

Almost every year, Father’s Day Deals and Discounts last for more than a day or two – therefore, you will need to be fast before the promotion ends.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for what to give as a gift to your father that will actually make him feel like a king? Well, we have compiled some of the great Father’s Day GiftIdeas that will help you make your father feel proud of you.

  • Gamevice Controller For iPhones

Is your father really a big kid at heart, then Gamevice Controller for iPhone will enable him to get his self indulged into video games which will actually be good for his health. According to the studies, it can improve his memory, improve thinking function and decrease pain and fear about medical processes by striking the sticks from time to time. Gamevice allows your father to play a lot more than 1000 compatible games – whether he's shuttling or waiting at the post office in a lengthy line. Amazing?

  • Custom Made Suit

For the father who goes to the office and has to look the part of it, gift him a custom-made suit which he can design according to his wish. Some retailers in Australia are excellent for those who are afraid of shopping, offer a distinctive experience on their many shops all around Australia, which feature completely stocked bars, poker tables, TVs and more to appreciate the complete man-cave experience, and relaxing with your families and friends.

  • Laptop Backpack

This is an excellent idea for the father on-the-go. The backpack has three shelving compartments — two major one, and a full front pocket — plus tons of extra pockets to carry keyboards, headphones and all other important things that he needs to access with ease during work trips.

  • Cubit by Plott

Cubit by Plott is a useful device, which sent measures to the smartphone and helps your father design the room and give true life. It means your father will no longer need to search his pockets for his pencil. Starting with the laser range measurer, he will obtain space readings that are sent to his smartphone in real time via Bluetooth. Thus, he can nearly design the room for the app — adding furniture, wall hanging, etc.

Looking for gifts that will actually entice your father on that day? Stop looking around any further as is here to help you out. It’s Australia’s leading online platform that offers an extensive number of gifts to Aussies all over Australia to buy with less hassle and at unmatched rates. Whether your father is into photography, gaming, music, computing or something else, everything is available here on this single site. So, what are you waiting for?


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