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November 29, 2018

DJI Phantom 4 Review: Strong Body, Fast Propellers, and Good Connectivity Range

Drone technology had really gone through the phrase advancements and the technology had emerged with the strong overall structure of drones. Drones had become a part and parcel of today’s life, where drones had grown in technology, hardware, design and as well as in terms of speed. Similar is the case with DJI Phantom 4 which contains some of the most amazing features that are packed in this innovative drone. DJI Phantom 4 Australia has a forward and downward vision system which allows this drone to move in all angles pretty easily. This drone also comes with 5350mAh enormous battery which provides the maximum flying time to this drone as compared to most of the other drones that are having a lighter battery then this the DJI Phantom 4.

DJI Phantom 4 Release Date in Australia

DJI Phantom 4 release date Australia was back in the year 2016 and ever since it had been getting a very good response from people who like drones. Soon after the release of this drone, it gave a tough competition to many other drones that were already existing in the market. The Phantom 4 has a remarkably strong market value due to its high performing capabilities and innovative technology.

DJI Phantom 4 Price in Australia

DJI Phantom 4 price Australia is in between the range of 1600-1700 AUD, however, the price of this drone is relatively said to be less than the price of previous models of DJI Phantom models. It is also to b noted that the price of this smartphone is also less than the price of drones of many other brands. In a price range like this done, it provides with some of the most amazing features such as speed, design, and handling.


DJI Phantom 4 specifications include amazing viewing angles at which it takes images and record videos. It also includes;

  • S-Mode 6 m/s
  • S-Mode 4 m/s
  • Tilt angles of 42/35/15
  • 6000 meters of flying range
  • Wind resistant speed of 10 m/s
  • 3-axis
  • Pitch: 90-30
  • Single shoot
  • Burst shoot
  • Auto Exposure
  • Time-lapse
  • HDR Mode
  • 64GB of internal storage capacity
  • MicroSD card
  • 5350mAh battery

Controller and Settings

The controller highlights catch that is mapped to tap usefulness on your cell phone, as the controller's settings of this drone work well in terms of this drone. This implies you can take a photograph by tapping the shade catch on your screen, or by squeezing a catch situated on the controller, which is unquestionably down to earth since you don't have to discharge your hold on the controller.


The publicized battery life of this drone is 28 minutes for each flight. For a first-time ramble client, this most likely sounds short, however, for those overhauling from different models, it truly is very noteworthy. One vital thing to recall however is that even with 20-ish minutes of flight time, you'll generally need to come back with something like 5 minutes’ worth of battery control 'in the tank'. This is simply to guarantee any unexpected conditions, for example, a solid headwind, getting lost, or whatever else.

Flying Modes and Connectivity

There are a few shooting modes to browse on this drone, including the majority of those found on your DSLR – burst mode, time pass, HDR and presentation sectioning. Controls are Auto or Manual, and you can control everything down to applying a custom white equalization. This drone also includes some amazing flying modes depending on you want to fly it high, low altitude or making zig-zag movements. This amazing drone can easily be connected or paired by smartphones such as Apple iPhone X, OPPO Find X, OPPO F9, andXiaomi Mi 8 Youth. 

Drone Lens

When it comes to the lens of this drone, it has a 20mm f/2.8 focal point. This field of view isn't exactly as wide as a GoPro, yet gives a decent harmony making it one of the highest functioning drone lens. It functions admirably enough, however, has genuine constraints. Practically speaking it's somewhat similar to playing Marco Polo. The automaton has a general feeling of where you are, however, can't really observe you or its general surroundings. With the only GPS to depend on, rambles attempted to alter for sudden alter in course or speed, to keep subjects in outline when in short proximity — and obviously, to maintain a strategic distance from hindrances like trees, lampposts, and ski lifts.

Body and Propellers

First off, this drone accompanies another conveying case, a dark Styrofoam bag which seems as though it ought to hold the key codes for an atomic submarine. It's much more minimal and tough than what accompanied in the previous models of this drone, which simply had an idea about its cardboard box.


In our testing, battery life found the middle value of over 25 minutes, which is equivalent or superior to anything similarly measured camera rambles. It went from void to completely charge in 60 minutes. The remote control can be charged in the meantime as the battery and in our testing endured through three full flights without an issue. Aside from now, the rotors have another locking instrument. DJI says it required a more grounded association with shield the rotors from taking off in "sports mode" (more on that later.) The final products are similarly as straightforward and significantly quicker the past gets together technique. The battery is somewhat greater yet generally indistinguishable. It fits properly cozily and separates effortlessly.


The performance of this drone is five times steadier than its antecedent, and in our testing, it conveyed a fantastically smooth film. While drifting it never had an issue holding its correct position to inside an inch or two, even in direct breezes. The additional strength comes kindness of an extra IMU, and twofold the quantity of descending confronting cameras and sonar sensors, which the Apparition utilizes for its visual situating framework. When executing a programmed come back to its home position the specialty constantly arrived inside a couple of crawls of its departure position.


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