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November 30, 2018

Dell XPS 13 2019 – So Many Expected Features, Specs and Much More

Whether you accept or deny, Dell not only in Australia but worldwide has been one of many best laptops for the past couple of years and XPS 13 2018 is an excellent example. Featuring an 8th-gen Intel Kaby Lake processor, 4K touchscreen and abundance of ports, making it perfect and standing out from a competition. But what about Dell XPS 13 2019 in Australia? Well, we are expecting it to be loaded with Whisky Lake processor with much more fully-baked specifications.

According to several reports, current Dell XPS 13 has problems and our expectations are the next one need to remedy. Frankly speaking, we’re short on words on what does it bring along but based on several online sources, here is everything we know and expect to see inside XPS 13 2019.

Price and Release Date

To be honest, Dell XPS 13 2018 specifically blew our mind away with eye-catching design and highly effective parts. Even so, we’re expecting that it’s a time to look into a longer-term and create a kind of special and groundbreaking Dell XPS 13 for 2019. The official date Dell XPS 13 2019 release in Australia isn’t decided but it’s most likely to be landed somewhere in the first quarter of 2019.

A predecessor Dell XPS 13 2018 landed around 8 months back in January of 2018 which means Dell will comply with an identical launch for Dell XPS 13 2019. If we go a little bit back in 2016, Dell XPS 13 2016 arrived in October 2016 with Seventh-Era Intel Core Processor and while taking about 2017, nothing modified but a CPU inside.

The Dell XPS 13 2019 Price in Australia is also something which is yet to be revealed. However, Dell XPS 13 2018 set users back around AU$2199 and we won’t count on 2019 repetition to value any much less.

Similar to XPS 2017 with 128GB of onboard memory and 4GB of RAM, Dell is expected to reintroduce a budget-friendly machine once again. It’s just our educated guess as nothing is final yet.

Expected Features of Dell XPS 13 2019

Are you expecting something to see in upcoming Dell’s beast? Well, Dell XPS 13 2018 is a dazzling machine around and it’s too hard to find so many errors. However, there is always a room for more improvements that is why we are expecting a bunch of things from Dell to insert inside XPS 13 2019.

Punchier Processor

Without a shadow of a doubt, Dell always used high-end and super-fast processor every time when any machine launches and XPS 13 2018 is no exception. But that doesn’t really mean we cannot get our hands on better and faster CPU performance in next year’s model.

Intel not so long back launched Whiskey Lake Mobile Platform and unfortunately, our hard-earned money is in being behind XPS 13. After launching Whiskey Lake, Intel has promised their audience to double-digit performance improvements as compared to Kaby Lake Processor. Though we’ll have to wait a couple of months more to see if every statement is accurate. We are expecting Dell XPS 13 2019 to be loaded with Whiskey Lake Processor if Intel can supply them.

A Better Webcam

Don’t be so hurry as we don’t really mean a webcam of Dell XPS 13 2018 is horrible on paper. Having a maximum resolution of 720p for perfect videos and images. Alas! It’s not as quality-oriented as other competitors are offering such as HP Spectre X360 and Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

The camera quality is not everything – though – as the next iteration of XPS 13 should have a better location for a webcam. Because of the InfinityEdge screen with no bezels, we are now ready to overlook its bizarre location. Let’s be straight if Lenovo Yoga 920 can have a better placement of a webcam, then why Dell XPS 13 2019 not?

A Budget-Friendly/Entry-Level Model

As compared to other top-tier brands, Dell normally doesn’t break banks or leave a dent on a wallet but we will be lying if we said that we didn’t want to see a cheaper Core i3 variant which would get a refund. Nowadays where every laptop manufacturer offering up to 32GB of RAM, it’s too hard to recommend 4GB of RAM which is in a base Dell XPS 2017. However, it’s a great option for those who are running out of a budget and don’t really need super-fast performance. It’s most likely that Dell would launch a budget-friendly variant of XPS 13 2019 for less than AU$1100.


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