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March 4, 2021

Complete Smartphone Buying Guide: Multiple Factors to Consider & more

Nowadays, having a smartphone is like a mini super-computer in the pocket. Gone are the days when mobile phones were used only for calling and text messages. Technology is getting advanced more and more day by day and improvements are taking places in smartphones significantly.

So, a plethora of options are available not only in Australia but all over the globe. However, it brings a lot of factors along to consider when choosing the Best Smartphones in Australia. The right option completely depends on your requirements and needs though.

Here, we have summarised a list of factors everyone should consider when buying a new smartphone whether online or in-store. So, let’s have a look at the Complete Smartphone Buying Guide:

Build Quality

The first and foremost factor you should consider before going for a new smartphone is its overall build quality. The market is loaded with countless options and these options are mainly divided into different categories such as Plastic and Metal. As the name suggests, metal build quality leads the chart with extra durability as compared to plastic. Moreover, phones with metal cases provide exceptional protection when dropped accidently. The glass build, unfortunately, can easily shatter the body when it drops.


Smartphones from multiple brands like Huawei, Samsung and others are equipped with the biggest displays. But approx. 6-6.7-inches display range is considered the best for those who love watching HD movies, playing games and doing a lot of work related to photos and videos. Well, it’s quite important to choose at least a Full HD or QHD display over IPS LCD Technology.

It’s important to note that a phone with a greater than 6-inches display increased its weight meaningfully and it becomes quite difficult for a regular user to use. It’s highly recommended to go for a smartphone with a 5.5-inches display if you use your phone only for emailing or surfing social media sites.

Processor & RAM

The processor of a smartphone works like a brain – therefore, it’s the most important factor you should look for when getting your hands on a smartphone. Both processor and RAM play a vital role in operations and speed. The processing capacity of smartphones from one device to another varies with factors such as OS power, UI and Bloatware. Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset is designed for those users who prefer playing graphics-enriched games, doing a lot of work related to editing and of course, multitasking. The MediaTek Chipset as compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon is less powerful and suitable for light use.


Specifications related to camera features such as lens’ Pixel Size, ISO Level and Aperture may play an important role to capture a bright and detailed photo without having to compromise on quality. Well, more pixels are not entirely mean higher quality camera lens. More pixels represent only a larger frame size that appears sharper on a large screen.

The super-expensive smartphones mean exceptional quality photos even in low-light conditions. So, it’s important for photography supporters to think more about spending as budget smartphones aren’t generally good for the camera.

Security Features

So far, smartphones are loaded with both Face Recognition and Fingerprint Scanners and these both sensors are considered the most advanced achievements. These security features don’t only help you lock and unlock your phone but also protect your confidential data from hackers. So, always choose a phone that uses the best security features.


Every smartphone comes with a wide number of pre-installed applications that absolutely take a significant part of the storage of your phone. If you use a phone only for calls, messages and social media, it’s good to go for 32GB of ROM but users who always prefer having multiple apps in the phone should consider buying a phone with 64GB-128GB of onboard memory. Although different brands enable buyers to extend the storage but this is not the case with iPhones.

User Interface

Another important factor overlooked by users is “User Interface” and the operating system version. Be noted that a phone you buy should contain easy to understand user interface with easiness to access all the apps and other things.


Last but by means not least, whether you choose a 5000mAh or 3000mAh battery, it completely depends on how you use it and the time you spend on the phone. For users who play games, and work intensively, there are smartphones with up to 5000mAh batteries that is considered more than enough for mixed activities. However, for more active phone users, a battery size from 3000-4000 is good enough.

Apple Vs Android: Which One is Best?

There are two different well-admired and popular enough operating systems in the market – iOS and Android. It’s undoubtedly true that Apple with its own iOS is producing mesmerizing and durable smartphone without having to compromise on quality. However, Apple Mobile Phones may leave a severe dent in your wallet.

Android OS, on the other hand, is produced by Google and almost all the major brands worldwide comprise this OS such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola and others. It obviously means you’ll have a lot of options to choose your phone from, according to your needs and budget, of course.

What’s More?

There you have it – Well, there are a number of other features that most of the buyers overlook such as wireless support, stereo speakers, Bluetooth support and much more. Oh! Is your chosen phone 5G-enabled? In this modern era of “Technology” having a smartphone with 5G Connectivity is mandatory as enables you to download even heavier files in a matter of minutes. Although it may set you back a bit more but it’s completely worth spending especially for the years to come.


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