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September 2, 2020

Best Water Bottles for the Gym of 2020

The Gym water bottle in Australia can take many forms. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, in various materials such as plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. Depending on the sports activity you practice, you will need certain specific characteristics. In any case, you will find the best Gym bottle you need to take with.

There is a wide range of versatile and multi-activity water bottles available, and they are easy to use and clean, resistant, and durable. With a capacity adapted to the needs of athletes, they are among the best of the moment.

Following this selection, you will find a description of bottles more dedicated explicitly to the gym or sports. You will find various water bottles devoted to team sports such as football. But also shakers and cans for bodybuilding and fitness. If you are a fan of running, you will find a selection of foldable and flexible water bottles for Gym and training.

The Grsta sports bottle 1L:

[AP keyword="Grsta sports bottle"]

The Grsta sports bottle cap is an ecological bottle in plastic, guaranteed without Bpa and also without toxic products. The hard plastic body, polypropylene cover and silicone sealing ring are thus both food grade. Grsta sports bottle cap is 100% waterproof, and the ergonomic lid opens with one click and with one hand to drink quickly and easily during your sports activities.

The Grsta water bottle does not retain a plastic smell and, therefore, does not give the water an unpleasant taste. It is available in a wide range of very stylish colors (11 colors to choose from) and sizes (600, 800,1000, or 1200ml). Its unique concave design will also adapt perfectly to your hands. Easy to use and to hold, it is equipped with a small strap to put it on your wrist to facilitate its transport.

The Grsta sports bottle cap is fitted with a filter in the upper part. You can thus infuse tea (even in bulk without sachet) and fruit directly in the bottle and drink without the opening becoming blocked. The large screw opening allows easy access for cleaning and therefore enables the insertion of any size of ice cubes.

A perfect water bottle for everyday use for children and adults alike. They will accompany you to all your activities: Walking, running, yoga, gym, dancing, cycling. It can also make a nice gift for members of your family or friends.

Ion8 Tritan sports bottle

[AP keyword="Ion8 Tritan sports bottle"]

The Ion 8 BPA-free sports water bottle is made of Tritan plastic, phthalate-free and non-toxic. Safe for health and also odorless, it is 100% waterproof. Its high flow spout allows rapid hydration during sport. The one-click sports cap opens with one touch and with one hand, even on the go, and protects the mouthpiece from dust and dirt.

The liquid flows quickly, without having to squeeze the bottle, without “gurgling” and without sucking. The large screw opening allows for easy filling and cleaning, as does add ice cubes. Not insulated, it will enable the use of liquids from -10 to 96 °. Available from 350ml to 1l and in several modern and attractive colors, the Ion 8 water bottle is also single for children, with themed printed decorations (bees, ladybug, monkeys, etc.)

The Nalgene 500ml wide mouth bottle:

[AP keyword="Nalgene water bottle"]

The American brand Nalgene, born in 1949, was originally a container manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. The goal of their products was to outlaw chemical interactions between the liquid and the container. With its unique know-how, Nalgene now offers the general public Bpa- free, phthalate-free gourds, inexpensive, and completely healthy for the consumer.

They do not retain taste and odors and are very easy to maintain. They can be used over a wide temperature range (from -40 ° to + 100 °) Very famous among campers and Australian hikers, and they are resistant, light and reliable bottles. The screw cap and gasket are molded in one piece, with no risk of leakage or loss. The range of inexpensive sports water bottles from Nalgene includes many colors and capacities, in large (63mm) or small opening (38mm).

The Nike Hyperfuel ergonomic bottle:

[AP keyword="Nike Hyperfuel ergonomic bottle"]

The Nike Hyperfuel water bottle is arguably one of the best bottles to take to the gym. Practical and stylish, it is perfect for all types of sports activities, such as gym, fitness, cycling, football, or running.

Its ergonomic shape and its non-slip rubber inserts allow a perfect grip. Robust and practical, it has, above all, a modern and sporty style, and a lovely design. It will enable you to drink quickly, even on the move, without having to put the bottle in your mouth, and without putting any aside!

The Nike Hyperfuel sports water bottle offers exceptional performance. Without unscrewing the cap, it allows you to drink quickly, either by squeezing the bottle or by suction. The principle is brilliant! No waste of time, no more cork to pull with your teeth, press the bottle to drink water.

It is a hygienic water bottle, perfect for group sports such as football, for example. Without contact between the mouth and the bottle, we can lend the bottle between players without risk. The anti-leakage system is correctly sealed. Nothing comes out until you squeeze the bottle. Even upside down in a bag, it does not leak.

Another technical advantage, the Nike Hyperfuel water bottle has an ergonomic shape, specially designed for an optimal grip. Where you take it in hand, it has a delightful non-slip rubber coating.

The Omorc stainless steel 1L insulated bottle:

[AP keyword="Omorc stainless steel 1L insulated bottle"]

If you are looking for an isothermal stainless steel bottle for your sports outings, capable of maintaining your drinks at the right temperature, here is an excellent model. The Omorc isothermal sports water bottle has a double-wall vacuum insulation system. It thus offers exceptional thermal performance. Cold drinks stay cool for up to 24 hours, and hot liquids stay cold for over 14 hours!

It is made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel and offers high impact resistance, perfect for your outdoor recreation. Entirely waterproof, it can be shaken in all directions without losing a drop. No more water bottles leaking in the bag! And thanks to its insulation system, no condensation worries, the Omorc sports bottle always stays very dry.

The sports cap allows you to take your cold drinks during your sports or hiking sessions. Very practical and pleasant to use, it will enable you to drink quickly and easily, without having to tilt the bottle, thanks to the integrated straw. You get used to it very quickly, the flow is excellent, and once this type of bottle is used, you cannot do without it!

Finally, last advantage and not the least: stainless steel is very easy to maintain. No residual odor, a simple rinse with hot water is enough to switch from one liquid to another.


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