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March 9, 2021

Best Video Doorbells in 2021

At a time when technology is gaining ground, home automation is entering our homes by offering various solutions aimed at simplifying and accelerating daily operations. Among these, like the latest generation model, these are the 5 Best Video Doorbells of 2021 in Australia. If you are thinking of buying one, you will find the best models in this comparison.

5 Best Video Doorbells in Australia to Buy in 2021

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2: Best Video Doorbell for Autonomy

The ring is one of the most valuable brands in the world of connected doorbells or rather video intercoms. The American brand is once again doing things well with this new model. It provides here 2 protective covers. Depending on your style and the exterior of your home, you will have the choice between silver and black.

The Doorbell 2 runs on battery power and arrives almost ready to use since it is already about 40% charged. However, we advise you to charge it for about ten hours before installing it. Subsequently, the brand provides autonomy for one year. Moreover, to hang it the complete kit and provides. No need to wonder which screwdriver to use.

In terms of pure design, nothing very innovative. It has a pretty rectangular shape with a large central button. On the top, we find the wide-angle camera which films at 160 ° in 1080p. It is also possible to film at night since the night vision is present. Concealed on the sides, the microphone and the speakers are hidden by small grilles.

No problem to do this, the Doorbell 2 is of course resistant to bad weather and temperatures ranging from -20 to 48 degrees. Before hanging it anywhere, you will have to pay attention to the range of your internet box.

The doorbell works on Wi-Fi. The signal must be given. A well-done app allows you to install your device easily and faster. Subsequently, it will also allow you to manage your settings such as the activation of presence detection or even to associate your video doorbell to an already existing network if necessary.

Doorbell 2 is practical and the intercom is responsive. It is triggered as soon as a person presses the button. A small blue light surrounds the circle and a notification is sent directly to the owner on his smartphone. By opening the application, you can immediately see who is standing in front of the door. Regarding motion detection, it also sends a notification whenever a 30-second video sequence is recorded.

Regarding the quality of the image, this one is good. All the settings are pretty well mastered in day mode. In night mode, on the other hand, we end up with a saturated image and a big loss of details. However, it will be possible to recognize any individual who comes to the door.

Finally, for the audio, the microphone offers very good quality. The sound is clean and the vocals are always clear and recognizable. The speakers meanwhile offer a restored sound, clean and powerful and allow the interlocutor to fully understand.

2. Netatmo Smart Doorbell


We continue the list with the Netatmo Smart doorbell as its functions and features are truly impeccable. The materials that are used are resistant and of very good quality. The push-button does not leave nasty fingerprints. Besides, this doorbell is IP44 certified. This means that it can easily withstand dust and splashing water. It can also withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to 40 degrees.

Before discussing the video and audio part, it is important to remember that this doorbell incorporates a camera. It is subject to the same far as an outdoor surveillance camera. It is therefore forbidden to film the public road or even the house of your neighbour.

Like others, it will be important to check your Wi-Fi signal before hooking it up. It does not in fact have an Ethernet port. No need to make a new hole in your wall. It will be possible to connect it to the power supply of your old doorbell. You will have understood the video doorbell is under constant electrical voltage and does not work with a battery.

The available application is simple and intuitive. Thanks to it you will be able to adjust the doorbell settings but also access the recorded videos. They are all saved on the micro SD card supplied with the doorbell. You will also be able to see live what is happening in front of your door.

Regarding the image quality of the camera, we end up with images in full HD 1080p. Of days no worries. The images are detailed and the details of the image are pretty well under control. At night, the infrared mode offers images that lack a bit of sharpness but still make it possible to recognize an individual 1.50 meters from the door.

Finally, concerning the audio quality, the microphone is sensitive and detects voices very well. On the other hand, these can be a little nasal and it will therefore be important to make your interlocutor articulate. The speakers meanwhile have a sound volume more than sufficient to be heard and understood. The voices are also well restored.

3. Arlo Audio Doorbell

Arlo is an icon when it comes to home accessories as this a device also comes with exceptional finishes and design that are amazing. Its rounded edges give it a super cute futuristic and modern air. The doorbell is weather-resistant and temperature resistant from -20 to 45 degrees.

As with Ring, it will be essential to check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal since Arlo offers a wireless doorbell as well. On the other hand, to connect the Arlo Audio to the internet, you will need to use the Arlo Smart Hub connection gateway.

Sold separately, it is essential for the operation of the video doorbell. The connection will be made simply through the application of the brand. The connected doorbell operates on batteries. You can wire it to another doorbell if necessary.

The battery compartment is at the back of the device and the change is very easy. The application is intuitive and allows multiple settings. They also allow you to chat with the interlocutor who is at the door or to receive notifications when someone uses the video doorbell.

Finally, concerning the audio quality, the microphone is good but could be improved a little. In some situations, it will have a little trouble picking up quiet sounds. The interlocutor will have to speak clearly and see clearly to be heard. The speakers are very good. The voice timbres are faithfully restored. The maximum volume is a bit tight but still reasonable.

4. Ring Door View Cam

Another smart video camera by the Ring brand is in the list. The design looks a lot like the Doorbell pro. It consists of 2 parts. The first is located outside the door and has a camera and a button as a doorbell. On the back are a cylinder and a small electronic cable that can be inserted into the hole of an old doorbell. This one is a little bulkier because it accommodates the battery of the device.

It will take a maximum autonomy of 6 months. Once the device is in place, you will simply have to connect it to your Wi-Fi via the application. Besides, the step by step for installation is very well done and will only take a few moments. Otherwise, the app allows you to see what's going on live or watch old recordings.

As on the other model of this top, you can also speak to your interlocutor from your smartphone but also manage all the other settings. Regarding the image quality, the recording is done in full HD 1080p. During the day, there is a little electronic noise in the image.

However, the whole thing is very readable and makes it very easy to recognize what is in front of the door. At night, the infrared mode offers a less detailed image but remains more than correct compared to the competition.

Finally, concerning the audio quality, the single speakers are not very powerful and make the voices a little muffled. Good articulation is necessary to make yourself understood. The microphone does not do much better by showing the background noises well. You will have to be very close to the device to make yourself understood correctly.

5. Arlo Video Doorbell: Best-Smart Doorbell for Camera Quality

We finish the article top video doorbells of 2021 with Arlo as we have already seen his little sister a little earlier, we go quite quickly on the presentation. We simply remember that the Doorbell video films in square format and 1536 p definition with a 180-degree field of view. An infrared mode is also present and offers a clear image to recognize anyone.

It will be necessary to be satisfied with a power supply in the sector for its operation. However, it re-connects to Wi-Fi easily and quickly. The brand's app allows you to easily set up and control your device and receive notifications when needed.

Finally, concerning the audio quality, the speakers are exceptional and the best on the market today. Everything that is said is perfectly audible and we recognize the voices very well. As for the microphone, it picks up all noises very well.

It will therefore be necessary to get closer to the device to be understood. However, the conversation is still intelligible despite the somewhat muffled voices. We finish by specifying that the device embeds a surprising and audible alarm at 1 m. Something to startle but not to flee.

Final Verdict

That’s all we got you in the list of 5 Best Video Doorbell in Australia that you should buy in 2021. So what do you think of these connected smart video doorbells models? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the comments. Moreover, you can visit our site Paylessdeal for more home security appliances, and security accessories.


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