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March 24, 2020

Best Resistance Bands for Glutes in 2020 You Can Buy in Australia

Do you want to shape your legs and looking to build a desirable booty? Then it’s essential to look for the best resistance bands for glutes. Such handy tools are underneath the radar – but can transform your body and the lifts significantly as compared to heavyweights and barbells. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate them as there is nothing that can build your butt muscles like resistance band for glutes.

Resistance bands are the easiest piece of gym gear to carry. They are small, light and quick to put into your bags for an intense, fiery session. They are important for a really deep booting exercise but can also allow you to hit the next stage on your big lifts if you use them for mobility and activation.

Do you still need those long-looped bands that require double folding and much more space? Let’s have a look at resistance bands for legs and glutes that are excellent alternatives and made of high quality.

1: Coobonus Resistance Bands

These bands for glutes are of the highest quality. They are a spacious knitted style that truly challenges your booty and makes your trigger the fibers and grow in size. This type of band is perfect for those who can use it to exercise and muscle pain. Coobonus, each with the increasing resistance, are also available in a pack of three.

The exercises with resistance bands for glutes enable you to begin with a light and to step up as you get bigger which must be your emphasis on improving strength & size for quite a while. Since three in one packaging, it’s a one-time purchase, you shouldn’t buy bands for a while.

However, if you don’t want to buy these three together, you will have an option to select just one band but it’s recommended to get your hands on all three as it’s better value for money.

Besides, these bands come in a variety of colours that look vibrant and appealing in the gym and come in a waterproof bag that you can carry for your workout. It also provides a 1-year warranty, so you can expect booty-producing training from this company for at least a year.

2: WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

These WODFitter resistance bands, available as a single band or as a package, are ideal to stretch the muscles before and after the exercise, as well as to provide extra resistance to enable you to nail the unassisted pull-up. Made from high-quality, sturdy rubber, these bands will surely carry themselves, and then some. No matter how much resistance band glute workout you do during a day, they'll not crack, snap or get deformed.

They are great for men and women and for those striving to master the ultimate squat. The WODFitter band is like your own personal spotter and training partner. Use the resistance bands to further test power-lifting sessions or to enable you to pull them up in less time. The collection comprises five different weights from 10 to 35 lbs to 65 to 175 lbs and a number of incremental weights. The bands are built to work together so that with any workout you can regress and step forward.

3: Fit Simplify Resistance Hip Band

Such bands are also high performing glute and leg resistance bands. They come in a pack of three with increasing difficulty. And interestingly, one can pick them up in a choice of numerous colours – Blue, Purple, and Green.

Fit simplify resistance bands even have a secure bag that makes packing and carrying you around the gym simple and convenient. These bands often tend to be high-quality and hence long-lasting and durable enough. According to sources, it can also be used for a number of purposes, such as full-body exercise, but let’s admit that it has become one of the strongest resistance bands for glutes at Amazon in Australia.

Unfortunately, this band can only be bought in a pack of three. There are also be more affordable options available if you only search for a single band over a complete set.

4: Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

Letsfit resistance loop band is holding its position on number four on our list. This Letsfit resistance loop band gives you 5 rubber bands which you can lay as far as you want. You will be able to put them in the gym with ease in a compact bag too. Although not as durable or solid as fabric resistance bands for glutes mentioned above – but they are still made of trustworthy materials.

They are, therefore, available at a much lower price, which may be more suitable for certain people. Although they may not be as difficult as a women textile alternative, but still giving resistance and may make it easier for some to lay. Importantly, you can find the right choice for you in a variety of colours. One thing which isn’t liked by a lot of people about this rubber resistance band is that during training or workout they will pinch and bunch up occasionally. This, however, doesn’t concern you but before you buy, it’s worth thinking about it.

5: Serious Steel Fitness Resistance Bands

You have a package of four strong pull-up support bands (or you can select a resistance if you prefer) to help you not only sound and relax your muscles but also get you to take care of perfecting your pull-ups and dips, which can take a lot of energy.

Serious steel fitness band make the perfect set of bands for continuous training with four voltage levels available. It's also made of 100% silicone, so it's 99.9% free of soluble proteins, and you won't break up in a nasty rash when you're trying to burst into a sweat.

They offer excellent powerlifting opportunities and muscle strengthening and development movements, but they can also be used to execute countless workouts, usually with a beard or a collection of stumps. Your purchase also includes a free Pull-up and Band Starter guide that will enable you to quickly become a pull-up king. The ideal selection of bands that are designed to withstand extreme and difficult training if you need both resistance and assistance.

The Bottom Line

The listed above resistance bands are the best resistance bands for bigger glutes. We have gone through these bands with a lot of care and all of them can help you build up your booty you always had a dream of. So, what’s the wait? Get your hands on your best and favourite resistance band for glutes and give a new shape to your booty as well as your legs. All these bands are conveniently available on Amazon in Australia and many other well-recognised online platforms for your convenience.


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