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October 4, 2019

Best Laptop Brands in Australia

Are you looking for the Best Laptops Brand in Australia or want to compare the prices of the laptops of different brands in Australia? Then there is a piece of good news for you; you are in the right place. Technology is getting better every day, and many brands have started making laptops and their accessories. Almost a decade ago, there were only a few brands that made some of the well-known laptop models, but there are now many brands that are manufacturing most beautiful laptops with advanced features and technology.

Fortunately, due to high competition among the brands, the prices are affordable, and it is not now expensive to purchase laptops. Today’s Laptops have efficient processors, faster memories, sharper storage, and could give you significantly better efficiency to efficiently complete regular tasks.

Even the newest laptops made by major brands such as Dell XPS or Alien ware M15 barely use electrical power and can run for a long time, even on battery power, in the event of a power outage. However, with lots of options, it's a tough job to choose one of the best brands laptops. That's why we researched and evaluated a list of the best laptop brands based on our various frames, such as overall brand value, innovations, built laptop quality and service, sales which made it easy for you.

1.DELL Laptops

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Dell is a U.S. multinational specialising in computer and laptops technologies that allow many countries, different communities, customers, to use the techniques to their advantage. If you're looking for a perfect brand of laptops that offers the best combination of incredible performance and quality after-sales services, Dell is the priority. Dell is a renowned brand that designs laptops for the masses. If you're looking for the best brand worth the money you spend, definitely choose Dell. Dell offers different models of laptops such as XPS, Alienware (for high-end players),Precision, Inspiron, Latitude (for business users),Chromebook. You can shop for any Dell Laptop in Australia at a reasonable price. That’s why Dell laptops are the no 1 in our list of top laptop brands in Australia.

2.HP Hewlett-Packard Laptops

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HP, also known as "Hewlett-Packard", is an American company and in the case of laptops, it is one of the most recognised and prized laptop brands. HP offers the laptop a balanced combination of functionality and style, ranking first among consumers. HP laptops are primarily aimed at a wide range of consumers, such as home users, desktop users and students. That's why HP is in the top tier. HP offers complete models such as Spectre, Envy, Elitebook, Probook, Zbook, Notebook, Pavilion, Chromebook. You can select the HP brand without any problems. You can shop any HP laptops in Australia at a low price is ranked at the second number in our list.

3.Apple MacBook

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Among the best laptop manufacturers capable of innovating and changing the market, Apple is the first. Their research and development are remarkable and ahead of its time. Their products have virtually revolutionised many industries. Apple laptops are renowned for their construction class and have easy-to-use features. However, some of their recent design changes are known for their harsh criticism, but they are better for users who are looking for an easy-to-use and reliable daily driver. Just avoid that the apple laptop brand for games is not focused on it. While for the price these Apple MacBook are expensive to purchase but for the Apple lovers, these laptops will be useful to buy as they rank on number three in our list.

4.Lenovo Laptops

[AP keyword="Lenovo Laptops"]

Lenovo laptop manufacturing company stands at number four in our list of best laptop brands. Lenovo is a Chinese computer manufacturing company. Lenovo's original name was Legend Holdings. In 2004, they changed their name to Lenovo. In 2005, they acquired IBM's former Personal Computer division, a company that invented the computer industry in 1981. Today, they are renowned for the quality of their components and equipment. Longer than others, Lenovo laptop designs tend to be Dark or Grey and Nondescript. They may lack style segment, but come with the sturdy build quality. Lenovo offers a wide range of laptop models such as ThinkPad (for business users),Yoga, Legion (for high-end players),Flex and IdeaPad. Companies, which require durable and robust laptops, look first and foremost like the Lenovo brand. You can shop for Lenovo Laptops in Australia at a low price range.

5.Alienware Laptops

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Alienware, which is a subsidiary part of Dell for hardware, comes at number five position. Known for its high-end desktops and gaming laptops, the Alienware brand is just as reliable as Dell for laptops and this line is specially designed for gamers. The whole design of their products resembles the look of an alien. The worst part is that they don't have a deal of less than $1,000, which is the budget of most players. If the game is your primary job and you want a laptop for that, Alienware is the best brand. For the gamers in Australia, you can shop any Alienware laptops in Australia at a low price range.

6.Razer Laptops

[AP keyword="Razer Laptops"]

Razer is an American company specialising in computer hardware and best known for ultraportable gaming laptops ranks at number six in best brand laptop list. Razer Inc. is one of those companies that has a deep imprint in the latest technologies, such as the most recent gaming equipment, wearable technologies and others. Most designs of their laptops are a clone of MacBook Pro models thin and lightweight, however, robust enough to compete with all popular gaming laptops. If you want something out of the box, Razer's laptop makes sense.

7.Samsung Laptops

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Samsung has gained an excellent reputation in recent years for its technological innovations and consumer electronics. Samsung also manufactures laptops for almost all types of users, including gamers. It makes laptops at a different price. Whether you have a tight budget or you have enough money, you can get the one that meets your needs. Samsung lies on the number seven because they are more famous due to their smartphones rather than the laptops. Samsung generally calls its range of laptops "Notebook", and some of its known series are Notebook 9, Notebook 7, Notebook 5, Notebook Flash and Notebook Odyssey (designed for games).

8.Asus Laptops

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ASUS is well known for its high-quality components and is the leading laptop brand in terms of price. Its laptops are available at various prices ranges for the low-end laptops to the high-end laptops. Their designs are reliable and quite simple while being a king of performance. You can purchase any of the ASUS laptops in Australia at a reasonable price. There is no doubt in the quality of these laptops, but as many people are not yet familiar about the ASUS laptops, that’s why they are placed at number eight position.

9.Microsoft Laptops

[AP keyword="Microsoft Laptops"]

Microsoft is a new competitor on this list of the best laptop brands and, with its latest Surface Book and Surface Pro ranges, has already garnered much attention from users. Most models are elegant in design and allow touchscreens to support ready-to-use Windows 10. Their laptops are reliable and work as advertised. If you want a high-end design with a powerful system, it's worth investing in Microsoft laptops. In Australia, they are now getting famous, and we hope they will take over the top position for the laptops best brand, it has a solid reputation and excellent service which made it on the ninth spot in our list.

10.MSI Laptops

[AP keyword="MSI Laptops"]

MSI is well known for its high-quality motherboards and dedicated graphics cards, but they have now started making laptops. While this is not the right choice for people on a very tight budget, their products have high-quality components that make sense to invest in. Most of their laptops are available between $1,000 and $1,500 and are the most reliable for mediocre and high environments. -end-users. Game users and the most demanding users can use MSI. The price of these laptops is slightly higher, which may be not comfortable for the users to purchase. Moreover, in the list of best laptop brands, MSI Laptop stands on the tenth position.

11.LG Laptops

[AP keyword="LG Laptops"]

LG is a multinational electronics company based in South Korea, known for its wide variety of consumer electronics, such as refrigerator, television, monitors, projectors, mobiles, etc. LG has just taken a step forward and has launched its first line of laptops to attract the attention of the laptop market. LG Gram is the only series of LG laptops to be successful and to remain recognised as one of the best ultra-books to offer great battery life. LG has nothing left to offer here, but what they have is the best. Perhaps in the future, they will launch other series to gain market share of laptops. Many people don’t even know that LG also manufactures laptops due to less in popularity these laptops are placed last in our list.


Here is the list of the best brands of laptops in Australia that can be considered top-selling brands. In the end, everything is just looking for the highest-rated laptop brands, because they are reliable and always gain in quality. All the laptops, as mentioned above, come with their specifications and feature this list is not based upon the value of these laptops. All the brands, as mentioned earlier, are listed according to their popularity, demand and selling in Australia.


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