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March 10, 2020

Best Gaming Chairs of 2020 Available in Australian Market

The Australian market is loaded with a handsome number of best gaming chairs in 2020 for utmost comfort without having to spend a lot. The gaming chairs become an essential part, especially if you have a habit of spending numerous hours on chairs while playing games.

So, consider investing in one of the best gaming chairs is a bold move. Although it’s not as important to PC games as having an excellent graphics card in your machine but having an exquisite gaming chair means it can last for the years to come, and most importantly, it helps saving your back from future problems.

Though stylish chairs grab your attention – but the best gives your back support as well as helps maintaining your posture when you sit for plentiful hours playing or working. So, it’s recommended to do your body a favour and look only for the best only. Perhaps, choices are infinite, but getting your hands on the right one is more than worth the effort.

We have compiled a list of the best gaming chairs you can buy in 2020 in Australia, and we’re very much hopeful you’ll definitely find something that suits you perfectly. So, let’s have a look!

1: Secretlab Titan 2020


  • 18.7-22.4” Seat Height
  • 19.7” Seat Depth
  • 20.5” Seat Width
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 290 lbs.
  • Other Features include Lumbar Support, Neck Pillow, Adjustable Armrests and more

Secretlab Titan 2020 is our first and foremost choice when it comes to the top gaming chairs in 2020.

They are the latest and coolest gaming chairs that arrived in the Australian markets recently. Secretlab is one of the well-recognised and highly admirable brands thanks to its latest creation, durable and easier height adjustment, armrests, and more.

Besides, Secretlab Titan 2020 has a cooling gel-lined memory foam neck pillow that actually keeps gamers cool. It’s also the largest gaming chair from Secretlab with tall support – ideal for large gamers or anyone who needs a bigger seat to sit comfortably.

2: Noblechairs ICON


  • 18-22” Seat Height
  • 19.3” Seat Depth
  • 20.3” Seat Width
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Other Features include Adjustable Armrests, Lumbar Pillow, Neck Pillow & more

Nowadays, gaming chairs look the same in terms of the overall design, such as bucket seats and flared headrest.

But Noblechairs ICON takes your comfort to the next level with real leather and a more sophisticated look. Calling Noblechairs ICON as one of the greatest gaming chairs of 2020 wouldn’t be wrong – thanks to its premium Napa leather, which is extra soft.

Noblechairs took the inherent softness of Napa leather to the next level, treating it while applying dyes that will make it luminous, so it doesn't even fade in the brightest rooms with sunlight.

Add the large back of the chair, and it's the closest to the executive chair, which is made for gaming.

3: Arozzi Verona Junior


  • Seat Type is Racing
  • 165 Degrees Recline
  • 40 lbs. Weight
  • Maximum Load Capacity is 130 lbs.
  • Available Colours include Red, White, Blue, and Black

Arozzi Verona Junior gaming chair has got you covered if you’re a kid or shorter as compared to an average human.

It’s one of the best gaming chairs for style and made for people who are only 5 feet 2” tall. This means that you can depend on the size of the chair and eventually touch the floor with your feet without reaching up to your keyboard.

You can curl into a bigger chair, but sitting with your body twisted for a long time will stress your joints, particularly your back.

In the long term, it's not healthy. A smaller chair allows shorter people to properly support the lower back, which helps keep the spine neutral.

4: GTRacing Pro Gaming Chair


  • 17-20” Seat Height
  • 22.8” Seat Depth
  • 16” Seat Width
  • Maximum Load Capacity is 330 lbs.
  • Other Features include Neck Pillow, Lumbar Pillow, Adjustable Armrests and more

GTRacing Pro gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs in the market today with gnarly prices. However, an affordable GTRacing Gaming chair option is available as well that can help you fulfill all your gaming dreams without spending a fortune.

Aside from its overall look, it has extra-soft cushions, whereas the pads of this chair offer firm support. Hence, you’ll feel extra comfortable without making your wallet cry. More interestingly, it has lumbar support, head pillow, and comfort adjustability between the armrests. 

5: Nitro Concepts S300


  • 18-24” Height Adjustability
  • 22” Seat Depth
  • 20” Seat Width
  • Maximum Load Capacity is 297 lbs.
  • Other Features Include 3D Armrests, Comfortable Cold Foam Upholstery, Lumbar Pillow and more

This Nitro Concepts S300 is not only priced very well but also comfortable when it comes to long gaming sessions.

Moreover, Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chairs are affordable gaming chairs on the list that don’t break your bank but manage look and feel with their gorgeous design and excellent cushions.

Although S300 chairs aren’t as adjustable as others on this list, but can be considered to buy – thanks to their supportive and comfortable armrest and back. Besides, S300 chairs don’t come with lumbar cushions, but foam back support keeps users spine happy, and perforated seat cover prevents getting it warm in the summer season.

6: Secretlab Omega 2020


  • 18.1-21.9” Seat Height
  • 19.3” Seat Depth
  • 14” Seat Width
  • Maximum Load Capacity is 240 lbs.
  • Other Features Include Neck Pillow, Lumbar Pillow, Adjustable Armrests & more

Secretlab Omega 2020 is one of the perfectly made best gaming chairs in market. The company has used some of the best materials from casters to the base, seat back, lift mechanism as well as armrests.

In addition, Secretlab Omega 2020 has been recently upgraded to include quality metal in the armrest system, which means that it’s silky smooth, easy to change, and even longer life and the ridiculously long-lasting PU Leather 2.0.

The chair is distinguished by a high-quality cold-curated foam that provides assistance that first was a little firm, but after long periods of play became comfortable.

The velour memory foam lumbar and head pillows have helped the Omega stand out from a crowd.

7: Respawn 200


  • 18.75-22.25” Seat Height
  • 20” Seat Depth
  • 17.5” Seat Width
  • Maximum Load Capacity is 275 lbs.
  • Other Features Include 2D Armrests, Neck Pillow, Lumbar Support and more

Respawn 200 is not only the best budget mesh gaming chair for Aussies but also one of the best gaming chairs in 2020 with a plethora of features to entice. Normally, racing chairs are made of leather, but Respawn 200 helps to keep your back cool even during long gaming sessions.

The mesh here is fully supportable and a little like a hammock, although it may sound strange when sitting on the net. This durable game chair also provides adjustable lumbar support and can be positioned in an angle to match your body shape.

Best of all, it doesn’t set users back more than $200, and that is what it actually makes more affordable as compared to the most gaming chairs on par with other mesh-backed office chairs.

What to Look for Before Buying Gaming Chairs?

There are different factors to consider when it comes to buying the best gaming chairs in 2020.

Make sure you look for the specific level of support, comfort for every model as well as ability to adjust the height, reclines, and armrests. For next-level comfort, consider buying a chair with detachable cushions.

Moreover, you need to figure out what kind of gaming genre or discipline a gaming chair has been designed for.

For instance, most of the gaming chairs in Australia are designed with flight simulation or racing in mind. Besides, there are a plethora of all-round or general gaming chairs available to choose from.


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