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January 11, 2021

Best Cat Products You Should Be Selling Now

Pets and specifically cats have special needs and they are always for gaining attention. Taking good care of your pets is very important because your pets are a part of a family which is why we have to carefully select our pet’s products for our cat. There is a wide range of Pet products available online which may be helpful for your pets.  The items offered are carefully selected by professionals in the animal world, to ensure your cat finds the best cat products.

The online stores, which offers more than 10,000 references, is of course made up of a large section dedicated to essential products: cat food, but also it is also made up of sections specific to play, grooming, drugstore, saddlery, cosmetics, clothing, and hygiene for your cat.

Where to buy Cat Products?

Here at, you can buy all the cat equipment in complete safety for your pet which he needs. Among all our cat items, such as cat collar, basket, harness, leash, clothes, toys, litter, cat tree, pest control, cat carrier bag, and cage, cushion, coats, raincoats, clipper, combs, brushes, shampoo, basket, glasses, helmet, sock, Flexi, bowl, cat scratching post, cat flap, and much more.  Ordering your cat accessories is the assurance of buying quality equipment selected by professionals specializing in animal behavior. 

Best Cat Products to Buy in 2021

The arrival of a cat in a house requires some preparation beforehand in order to be able to welcome it in the best conditions. For this, we offer some essential accessories to buy a few days before for the well-being of your future little monster.

  • Cat Bowls
  • Cat Cage
  • Cat litter box
  • Cat Beds
  • Cat Toys
  • The Cat Tree
  • The Cat Brush

1. Cat Bowls

[category id=1519 numProduct=6]

A cat needs two bowls: one for water and one for food. You can also opt for small plates or small bowls already in your cupboards. However, be careful that when the cat eats its whiskers do not touch the edge of the container as felines hate the sensation. They should be washable, whether plastic, steel, or ceramic, and have a wide or non-slip bottom to prevent the cat from knocking them over. The ideal is to acquire a water fountain. Since the cat is not an animal that drinks a lot, a fountain attracts the cat who can then drink up to 40% more than in a standard bowl.

2. Cat Cage

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The cage is the essential element to pick up your cat and bring him home. Above all, it guarantees safety, to prevent your cat from escaping on the way, and visually protect him from external aggressions. Several choices of cages are available to you, but it is advisable to favor a rigid plastic cage that is easy to clean and strong. You can also choose a carrying bag, ideal for short trips.

3. Cat Litter Boxes


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A cat must learn to clean as soon as it arrives in its new home. To do this, you will need to place his litter box in a quiet and ventilated area of the house to guarantee his peace when he goes to do his business. Indeed, if a cat feels stressed (noises, movements) when he goes to his litter box, you can be sure that he will do his needs everywhere except where he is needed.

It is recommended to opt for an open litter box (too bad for the odors) so that the cat can see what is going on around him and run away if he senses danger. If you choose a closed container, the animal will feel, paradoxically, less safe because it will not have visual control over its environment.

4. Cat Beds

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Each animal must have its own place of privacy and rest in the house, a place that belongs to it. It is, therefore, necessary to install a bed before the arrival of the cat. A cushion or a cardboard box can do the trick. The important thing is that the cat knows that, if he goes to his domain, he will not be disturbed. It could be a small wicker cat bed with a soft cushion or a stuffed fabric crate, but also a simple cardboard box.

The important thing is that when arriving home, the cat finds a crate that can represent his bed, a private refuge where he can rest undisturbed. It is possible that he looks at her with suspicion at first, and that he opts for an armchair or a bed after exploring the apartment. Over time, he will learn to appreciate the privilege granted to him, but be aware that cats like to change and choose for themselves the place in the house that best suits their rest.

Acquiring a high enough cat tree will allow him to benefit from an elevated space from which he can observe his environment and ideally be able to look out the window. Some are equipped with very popular beds. If he prefers another place when he arrives, do not hesitate to move his bed. The cat chooses its own haven of peace.

5. Cat Toys

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The cat is a hunter by nature. He, therefore, needs to be able to eat various and varied preys in order to stimulate his natural instinct. At home, he will be content with toys. You can find toys of all colors and shapes in pet stores, but you can also make your own. Simple and economical! From battery mice to punching bags, there are an incredible amount of cat toys in specialty stores.

The feathers or balls suspended to rods and trinkets attached to the elastic which is fixed on the latch of the door are also well appreciated; not to mention the fabric tunnels marketed as children's courses, but very popular with cats.

The important thing is to stimulate the cat with these cat toys to play, and to change the location often to prevent the cat from getting bored. You can separate the toys into several sets that are distributed in turn throughout the week, the new set always replacing the previous one.

It is especially important to have your cat play at least twice a day with a feather duster or a fishing rod in order to allow him a real chase after a mobile toy. This will stimulate him on a daily basis and allow him to keep himself in physical and mental shape.

6. Cat Tree

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The cat tree is essential for cats, and especially cats living in apartments who do not have the opportunity to explore the outside world. This object brings together the three essential elements for the well-being of our little felines: a scratching post, a high bed, and games, even hiding places.

A very important choice, because this is where a large part of the condition of our chairs will depend. The cat often tries to scratch after a nap, when it moves from one area to another. To do this, the scratching post must be positioned so that the cat can easily access it, near the entrance to a room for example.

It must be very stable at its base as well as high, about 80 cm so that the cat can stretch its spine on it. It is also often for these reasons that he struggles on our sofa: it is common to find it positioned near the entrance to the living room!

7. Cat Brush


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A cat requires, like any animal, a minimum of maintenance. The essential toiletry accessory to have at home is the cat brush (or the grooming glove for short-haired cats). Once a week, it is recommended to brush your cat in order to remove dead hair and thus prevent it from swallowing it when it is washing. The brush for cats with long and semi-long hairs, but they are often not appreciated by cats with short hairs because they are too energetic.

The grooming glove, provided with protrusions that gently remove the hair and give the cat the feeling of being stroked and not curled, is more suitable. The important thing will be to take the time to desensitize your cat with the chosen brush. It will be necessary to be patient in order to first accept the object in the most pleasant way possible and to start brushing slowly and very briefly.


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