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September 3, 2020

Super-expensive Automotive Parts You can Buy Online for Less Price

Let’s admit that vehicles are becoming advanced more and more day by day technologically and very much complex as well. Besides, a number of parts in our cars, trucks and other vehicles have become quite expensive. Although everyone loves advanced technology, but it doesn’t come free – instead of a whopping price tag.

Let us be more accurate with an example – going a little back in our past, if someone lost his/her car keys and need other one, he/she could’ve gotten a spare key or got a copy key against a few dollars. However, everything has changed now, and locking mechanisms and other technologies such as remote car starters have taken the place of keys. Hence, it may leave a solid dent on your wallet if you need a new key cut or remote program.

Let’s dig down and learn about super-expensive car parts that need replacement and how much they can set you back. Perhaps some parts alongside their cost will surprise you. But be noted that every mentioned price tag is just an estimate, and chances are your actual cost could be higher or lower – depends on a part you choose.

Automotive Replacement Batteries

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Without a shadow of a doubt, a Automotive Replacement Batteries is the heart of any electric or hybrid vehicle. It can be super-expensive to replace in any vehicle. Perhaps you will be shocked to find that it can cost a whopping $1000-4000 – depends on your vehicle.

The applies for all-electric and hybrid battery kits, just as the charging batteries that you use in your smartphones, lose their capacity to carry a charge. The battery charging power is slowly reduced over time and needs to be replaced.

A battery guarantee is issued by each manufacturer of hybrid and electric vehicles, which can direct the battery’s life expectancy. Numerous manufacturers provide a warranty of up to 8 years or 100000 miles, whereas quite a few manufacturers offer only 8 years warranty with unlimited miles. So, be sure to check a manual for a particular warranty.

Indeed, we’ve heard that there are a lot of people who use different tricks and tips to prolong the life of the battery – many are non-supported. Routine maintenance is the safest way to drive your hybrid or electric car.

Air Bags

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Air bags are, indeed, one of the most critical protection systems in your car – designed and built to help you avoid an accident. It’s imperative to remove your air bags after an accident or crash before you drive your car again on the road. In addition, many of nowadays’ cars are equipped with air bags on all sides of a driver and passenger. The number of air bags in your car will directly impact an overall cost of this repair – so you will have to replace the parts by paying approx. $1600-2600 and by $2900-4900 – depends on your vehicle.

This is a service that should be performed properly for the health of you and your passengers. Bear in mind that air bags can damage the dashboard as well as windshield and other components during deployment. This estimated price calculation is for the air bags only and not for the other damaged pieces.


[AP keyword="Turbocharger"]

Turbochargers aren’t only available for sports cars across the globe but also for other vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. Turbochargers are also able to provide more torque to the engine to provide power while maintaining fuel. A smaller engine may be mounted in a car with no loss of power using a turbocharger. For instance, a turbocharged V6 rather than a regular V8.

Signs that your turbocharger can malfunction include loss of power, smoking fatigue, and intense whining noise from your cars’ motor. For a new rotary turbocharger, you’ll need to spend approx. $4999 and around $250-700 are needed to get it replaced from a professional mechanic.

To keep your turbocharger in excellent condition, you’re required to check your oil regularly to make sure it’s clean and on the right level. Besides, always use the right viscosity for quality oil – follow the advice of your manufacturer’s manual and make sure the air filter is in good condition. 

Engine Replacement

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The worst ever news for a car owner is typically a blown engine. Based on different surveys, the most common car problem reported to mechanics in Australia are related to engine problems. The blown engine means the car engine has been damaged internally very much badly, and hence, it needs to be replaced entirely or repaired by a professional mechanic.

Depending on the engine model, a replacement of an engine may set you back eye-watering $1500-4200. If your car is an older one, sometimes selling or scraping would be fairer as compared to walking down to the mechanic for repair.

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

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In every sector of our lives as well as our cars, computers have played a vital role. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) in your vehicle is not only responsible to control all the electronics but also gathers information from different sensors and interprets it. Moreover, the Engine Control Unit has a number of functions such as settings of air/fuel, idle speed, and ignition ratio.

In the case of ECU failure, all vehicle functions will be disabled automatically. Symptoms of a failing ECU include the lighting of the engine on and stalling or misfiring of an engine. Hence, your vehicle won’t be started. A new ECU can cost approx. $499-1499, whereas the cost of installing from a specialist may go to $550-1700.

They cause of failure of an ECU unit is water and internal damage. Make sure that your mechanic tests all the error codes or warning signals properly and work on all the situations in which the engine finds its way to get contact with water.

Replacement of Transmission

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It’s a bit worrying that transmission is one of your car’s most critical components because repair or replacement are surprisingly costly. Automatic transmission failures, according to studies, are mostly triggered by fluid problems 9 out of 10 times. Transmission fluid doesn’t have to be adjusted, but it’s common for car owners to forget if they don’t get daily services. You may also wear the transmission in the manual by driving or dumping the clutch by adjusting the hard gear.

Transmission repairs may cost you around $999-1999, and a replacement for the entire system may set you back up to $5000. Unfortunately, due to the extensive work needed to repair a transmission, repairs can sometimes be as costly as replacing it completely.

Brake Pads and Discs

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Perhaps it’s the time to get your car repaired if you apply the brakes, and they take too long to slow down the vehicle if you hear grinding and shrinking when using brakes. The symptoms to change the brakes include warning lights get on, and the car pulls to one side after braking.

Seek not to brake too fast, and they would last longer. You would also like to avoid inserting grooves or cracks with the brake disc operation. If you have to swap them, try to simultaneously replace both sides of the pads and the discs, so they are balanced.

Car Cylinder

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A damaged cylinder is a sign of persistent disrespect and ignorance of previous warning signals, such as many errors. But you will never end up with a cylinder malfunction if you get daily services. Programmable servicing should make sure you don’t get a mechanic bill for fixing a cylinder at a gigantic $9000 or higher.

The Alternator

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When you see an inside dashboard dimming lights or a flat battery, it’s time to change the alternator. Many electric factors, such as the air conditioner, may influence the reliability of your alternator. Unfortunately, in addition to substituting your alternator by a manufacturer, there is nothing much you can do.

The Water Pump

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The water pump, without a doubt, is another super-expensive part of a car but can be done better if the coolant is changed. It might well be time to repair your water pump if you find fluid leaking around the water tank, your car failing to start, or your car overheating. Normally, this car portion is replaced with the timing belt.

How to Take Good Care of Your Car?

Taking good care of your car on a daily basis is quite easy and cheap as well. There are a lot of things that you can do on your own and don’t need a mechanic. Be mindful that it’s your garage where from a proper care of your car starts. A couple of things you can do at your home with ease are as follow:

  • Checking Electric Faults

If an engine light turns on, then it means your car needs a mechanic, but buying an OBD2 scanner and using it can help you get a lot of information. It’s always so easy that you only get a little dirty in the engine bay and change a sensor, which just takes a little effort and sets you back less than $100.

  • Checking Tyre Pressure

You’re required to check your car tyres on a daily basis and make sure the air pressure is good enough. It can easily be done at a wide number of service stations that are available across the country with ease. Look for your car manual to check your car’s recommended pressure.

  • Checking Lights

You can easily find spare lights or bulbs at any nearest automotive store, but it’s impossible to drive with broken lights and be noted that it may lead to a fine. Light on your dashboard will illuminate which light is out. There are a number of cars where it’s quite hard to reach headlights without removing a bumper. In this situation, you better ride to a mechanic.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned here this single page related to car parts is solely for informational and entertainment purposes. So, it should not be used as professional advice from an expert or mechanic. We recommend every user to consult with an experienced mechanic if you’re facing a problem in any part of your car or have questions. We absolutely won’t be liable for any damage or loss arises from the dependence on our content in any case.  


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