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September 26, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4 Review – Biggest LTPO AMOLED Screen, 16GB ROM, and Apple S4 Chipset

Apple Watch Series 4 was announced back on September 12 alongside Apple’s most appealing and gorgeous smartphones “iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR” during Apple’s annual iPhone event. This fourth-generation Apple Watch canes with the wearable’s square-faced, simple form factor but improves how loads of info can be squeezed on that small display as well as watch’s health- following capabilities.

The most attractive and mouth-watering feature of new Apple Watch is an LTPO AMOLED screen which is now over 30% bigger reducing bezels around and max out a wearable’s slightly larger case size. The other highlights of Apple Watch Series 4 in Australia include 1.78-inches LTPO AMOLED screen, WatchOS 5.0 OS, Apple S4 Chipset, 16GB of onboard memory, PowerVR GPU and around 18 hours battery life with mixed usage.

Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date:

The official Apple Watch Series 4 release date in Australia and other regions was September 21, 2018, which means now users across Australia can get one onto their wrists. The Apple Watch landed on shores same day as an iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max whereas iPhone XR is a little late and will arrive on shelves before October is out.

Apple Watch Series 4 Price

A predecessor “Apple Watch Series 3” started at $329 for a GPS-only version which skipped cellular connectivity and $399 for always-connecter version. The Apple Watch Series 4 Price in Australia starts from £399 for 40mm GPS-only version whereas 400mm GPS + Cellular version set users back around £499.

Most important of all, you’ll need to spend extra £30 if you’re looking for a larger 44mm Apple Watch Series 4. Wait! You will also have an option to go for a steel case variant which goes for a whopping £699. Isn’t it jaw-dropping?

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 44 x 38 x 10.7 mm
  • Weight: 36.7 grams
  • Build: Aluminum Frame – All-Ceramic/Sapphire Crystal Back
  • SIM: Electronic SIM Card
  • Display Type: LTPO AMOLED 1.78-inches Screen (60.0% screen-to-body ratio)
  • Display Resolution: 448 x 368 Pixels (326PPI Density)
  • Multi-Touch: Yes
  • Operating System: WatchOS 5
  • Chipset: Apple S4
  • CPU: Dual-core
  • GPU: PowerVR
  • ROM: 16GB (Expandable No Further)
  • Bluetooth: 5.0 A2DP LE
  • WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro, Heart Rate (2nd-gen) Barometer
  • Battery: Standby Up to 18 Hours
  • Colours: Silver, Gold and Space Gray

Apple Watch Series 4 Design and Display

The latest design of Watch 4 with the biggest screen and small bezels might not sound like a huge difference between Watch 3 and Watch 4. The display has rounded corners offering to a more edge-to-edge experience. The biggest screen means more room for displaying Watch Faces which are customized on a home screen. Moreover, everyday work such as selecting an icon from the Grid View app launcher is made easier due to extra pixels.

Though Pixel Density hasn’t changed extremely – 44mm has a pixel density of 34iPPI due to 1.7-inches screen with a maximum resolution of 368 x 448 pixels whereas 42mm Watch 3 offers 312 x 390 pixels resolution due to 1.5-inches screen – slightly less sharp at 332PPI.

There is a big change in Watch Series 4 which is Thinner compared to Watch 3 – measuring a mere 10.7mm while Watch 3 is 11.4mm Thick. Again, that wouldn’t sound good, isn’t it? Well, a new 44mm version of Watch 4 feels significantly less heavy on a wrist as compared to Watch 3.

In spite of that, both sizes of Watch 4 are a little bulky weighing 30.1 grams and 36.7 grams without a strap respectively. Most interestingly, GPS-only and GPS + Cellular both models have the same weight.

Apple Watch Series 4 Performance

The Apple Watch 4 is powered by all new 64-bit, a dual-core S4 processor which is faster 2 times as compared to Chipset used in Apple Watch 3. This statement, without a doubt, indicates that everything about UI feels as fast, smooth and silky as one could hope for. Well, if you’re Ok with a speed of Apple Watch3, you no longer need to switch on Apple Watch 4 from a performance standpoint.

The overall Apple Watch 4 performance improvements are a lot more peripheral as Watch 4’s speakers had a 50% boost for clear and loud sound as well as also now supports Bluetooth 5 Standard with a longer range and better power efficiency as compared to Bluetooth 4.2. 

Many experts went hands-on and said that Touchscreen buttons for space and backspace in a Telegram app aren’t working smoothly. Experts further added, it’s a bug restricted to a Telegram app instead of something symptomatic of a wider flaw and you’d be amazed if it’s not fixed sharply by Apple via software update sooner.

Apple Watch Series 4 – WatchOS 5

Software-wise, Apple included a feature in Apple Watch 4 with an ability to inform you if your heart-rate drops quite low alongside Atrial Fibrillation detection. Well, it’s only offered in the United States for now and as a low heart-rate detection has been added as a part of WatchOS 5 – it’s not a Watch 4 exclusive. If you’re a Watch 3 owner, you’ll get that when your Watch gets updated to Apple Watch’s new operating system.

Making a long story short, Apple Watch Series 4 comes up with several health features with an exception of all detection – either you aren’t available in Australia or you’re also on Apple Watch 3. Let’s finish this off by saying there’s nothing worth being excited about what’s in a WatchOS 5.

Well, it’s deniable that one feature which is exclusive to Watch 4 owners in WatchOS 5 is “Watch Faces” that can be customized. For example, Watch Faces enable users to add around eight complications whereas Watch 3 only allows up to five. Perhaps it sounds good in a grand scheme of thing but the problem with Apple Watches is that anything is hidden additional away as compared to home screen very speedily get forgotten about.

Apple Watch Series 4 Battery

As far as the battery life of Apple Watch Series 4 is concerned, there’s no any drastic change. Apple has claimed that Watch 4 lasts around 18 hours which sounds similar to Watch 3. Three-quarters of a single day will easily get you easily home to a charge before needing to reach for a power-saving mode which will fire up a time when elbowed and nothing else.

Based on several online sources, sleeping for 7 hours and leaving Watch 4 on overnight – you’ll see it drop around 21%. Thus you will be needing to stick it on a charger a little faster if you’re going to get an entire day. However, if you’re running short on battery, there’s a magnetic charging cable which juices up Watch 4’s battery in a jiffy.

Apple Watch Series 4 Pros

  • Marvelous and gorgeous design
  • Biggest and exquisite screen
  • Plentiful health features
  • Exceptional performance
  • Superb app support

Apple Watch Series 4 Cons

  • No 3rd party watch faces
  • Significantly more expensive
  • Small battery life
  • No always-on display option

Final Words

The Apple watch Series 4 indeed has ground-breaking features such as the biggest screen, exceptional processor, crystal-clear sound and oodles health features making it stand out from a crowd. It’s a little expensive for a budget-conscious buyer, though, as compared to Apple Watch 3 but it does do lots of things to justify that additional outlay, to be honest.


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