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November 29, 2018

Apple iPhone XS Max Review: How iPhone XS Max is better than other Apple iPhones

Apple iPhone had created a great storm with the release of its latest Apple iPhones that have attained a good hype in the market of Australia. But, the matter of fact is, out of recent iPhones releases the most appreciated one is the Apple iPhone XS Max Australia. As it is having some of the most amazing features such as a bigger and better display which is being highly entertained by smartphone lovers. This amazing smartphone has really taken the status of being the topmost smartphone based on the latest and high-end technology. Therefore, the review of XS Max will be enclosing its software notion, as the software of this amazing smartphone is indeed the real element that is driving the attention of people towards this smartphone.

Apple iPhone XS Max Release Date in Australia

Apple iPhone XS Max release date Australia was in this same month (September),however, till some days back this smartphone was up for making the pre-orders. But, as this smartphone had started appearing in the stores all around Australia, many people had started getting this smartphone from the local stores in Australia. Looking towards the hype that this smartphone had created due to the factor of this high demand and high sales, the new XS Max can clearly be seen giving a tough call to other smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9and Samsung Galaxy A9 Star.

Apple iPhone XS Max Price in Australia

iPhone XS MAX price Australia is in between the range of 1700-1799 AUD, however, the price of this smartphone is slightly more than the price of Apple iPhone XS, which cost in between the range of 1300-1380. Therefore the price of XS MAX makes it a bit expensive for an ordinary working person but on the other hand some of the most amazing features that back this high price of this smartphone. The price of this smartphone is immensely high than the price of Apple iPhone X. It is also to be noted that the price of this smartphone by Apple is strongly backed by some of the most amazing features and a huge display with a pretty notch.


Apple iPhone XS MAX specifications include an extremely gigantic 6.5 inches of screen display along with ultra HD+ resolution which makes the display of this smartphone as an amazing one. It also includes;

  • Apple Pay
  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • 3D touch display
  • IOS 12
  • Apple A12 bionic chipset
  • Hexa-core processor
  • Apple GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64/256/512GB of internal storage capacity
  • Dual 12MP+12MP back camera
  • 7MP front camera
  • Dual tone flashlight
  • Stereo speakers
  • Face ID
  • Quick charging
  • Apple iCloud

Pretty and Lean Notch

One thing Apple had really taken care of is the notch style of this iPhone, as it had to be a notch which will enhance the overall look of the phone and not the other way around. If we compare the notch of iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel 3andGoogle Pixel 3 XL, then with any doubt Apple iPhone XS Max beats Google smartphones. The notch of Google Pixel 3 is very broad that it does not seems to be pleasant to the eye, whereas the notch of XS Max is very lean and pretty that it looks pleasant to the eye and also enchases the overall look of the device.   


This smartphone also has a dual 12MP+12MP back camera set up along with a powerful LED flashlight and a front 7MP camera which takes some of the most amazing selfies. The camera of this smartphone also records 4K videos with ultimate video quality, while the images taken by this smartphone have an amazing pixel density along with good overall image quality. A high performing setup of the back camera is said to be an important highlight of the camera of this smartphone. The camera of this smartphone also contains some amazing modes such as the social camera mode, panorama mode, and portrait mode.


When it comes to the display of these smartphones then it has a pretty cool display. As the display of this smartphone is infinity so it does count some additional points to the overall design of this smartphone. XS Max has a 6.5 inches of screen display along with ultra HD+ resolution which makes the display of this smartphone as an amazing one. Whereas, the notch which is present at the top of the display do adds to the count and beauty of the display. Huge 6.5 inches of the screen provides a gigantic display in this smartphone and the display of this smartphone beats the display of previous models of Apple iPhones.

Stereo Speakers

For some of the previous models of Apple iPhones people initially had some concerns about the speaker quality of iPhones, but over the passage of time Apple had really come up with some of the most amazing speakers to be possessed in a smartphone. The XS Max comes with stereo surrounding speakers which not only give a loud sound but also gives a very catchy sound quality.

Face ID

It would not be wrong if we say that the “Face ID” of Apple had really been a driving factor in its sales and popularity. As the face ID in Apple works the best and everybody knows it. The Face ID in XS Max similarly works in the best possible way in order to provide a smooth experience to its users.

Quick Charging

XS Max comes with the element of quick charging, which is highly appreciated by the users. The reason why people are appreciating the factor of quick charging in this smartphone as when you have an amazing device like this you would probably want to spend as much time as you desire on this device. So, quick charging means that you would be getting maximum usage time and less charging time.


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