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September 7, 2018

Apple iPhone Xs Max - Full Specification, price, review

Several rumors are heating up around and suggesting that Apple is about to launch its three new iPhones on September 12, 2018, named iPhone XS Plus, XS Max and Apple Phone XS in Australia. Two OLED models are known as iPhone XS housing 5.8-inches and iPhone XS Plus boasting 6.5-inches, whereas iPhone XS Max featuring a gorgeous 6.1-inches – a lower-cost model.

The three iPhones will house an edge-to-edge with the same nearly non-existent bezels and will be backed by a TrueDepth Camera system – supporting Face ID. How does it sound? That means 2018 will indeed mark the official end of Home Button and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in Apple’s flagship iPhone lineup.

Updated: Apple’s 6.5-inches iPhone model will reportedly be known as iPhone XS Max.

Apple iPhone XS Release Date

The Apple iPhone XS release date in Australia will likely happen before September is out. However, Wednesday, September 12 is when Apple is dignified to announce an iPhone XS at its “Special Event” for 2018 and most important of all, there will be a live stream of this launch event.

Steve Jobs says,

“Apple will officially announce its latest crop of iPhones, Apple Watch Series 4, and likely a few other surprises on September 12”.

Following Apple’s release patterns from previous years, we should expect handset pre-orders on September 14 if 12th of September as a release date turns out to be true.

Apple iPhone XS Price

Apple analyst “Ming-Chi Kuo” believes Apple will use an aggressive pricing strategy for its 2018 iPhone lineup. The iPhone XS Price in Australia is expected 1579 AUD – succeed to an iPhone X 64GB price tag, without a doubt.

The other variant “iPhone XS Plus” will go for a whopping AU$1714 which sounds similar to Samsung’s most recently released powerful smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which sets users back around AU$1799.

As of now, we’re relying on numerous rumors and based on a most recent report, an affordable LCD 6.1-inches iPhone variant “iPhone XS Max” may slip to October. The iPhone XS Max Price in Australia is expected to be around AU$1079. Be noted, we’ve only put our educated guess based on plentiful online sources. Further information will be added as soon as we hear more.

Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan says,

“The iPhone pricing is likely higher than embedded in consensus. Although investor expectations are for some moderation in pricing for 2019 models, we expect Apple to continue to price the iPhones for value, which should drive upside to consensus estimates”.

Apple iPhone XS Display Size

The iPhone XS is going to be a monster smartphone with a colossal and huge 5.8-inches screen which means you should be ready to use your iPhone with both hands again. Don’t be scared, it won’t be quite big as Honor is now launching 7.12-inches tallest Honor 8X Max in October or November. With iPhone X, Apple shaved away the unneeded bezel at the top and bottom, therefore, the screen size is a little bit ambiguous especially if you’re moving from iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inches) – it’s not a full inch bigger. Chances are iPhone XS will be backed by the same size as Apple iPhone X – except that it will be slightly thicker.

Apple iPhone XS Specifications

Apple iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS Plus alongside iPhone XS are expected to have A12 Chipset – a natural upgrade on A11 Bionic Chipset – that appeared in last year’s iPhone models. Based on what we’ve heard from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple iPhone XI might support faster mobile data speeds and house a dual-SIM card slot with an impressive 4GB of RAM.

The Dual-SIM card slot? Yes! You read that correctly. That Dual-SIM claim is backed by lines of code which means iPhone users would be able to benefit from 2 SIMs in one iPhone (Hooray!).  The analyst has also claimed that Apple will doubtlessly and exclusively use Intel modems for its upcoming 2018 models in spite of, splitting the order between Qualcomm and Intel.

We didn’t find any words in terms of RAM but it’s safe to expect an upgrade here – from 3GB in last year’s iPhone to 4GB in iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Based on a history of Apple, it leaves one model behind – so we expect 3GB of RAM on an affordable iPhone.

Moving on, Apple may add to the existing onboard memory sizes – giving us a new 512GB, 256GB and 64GB option as usual for iPhone XS. That sounds biggest as compared to the most laptop solid-state hard drives. Perhaps, iPhone XS Max may stop short of that with 64GB and 256GB options.

Apple iPhone XS Camera

We are running short on information in terms of a camera as no major rumors regarding the main rear and the front cameras have spread yet. Nevertheless 6.1-inches iPhone model will have a single rear camera i.e. current iPhone 8 – based on KGI Securities.

As mentioned above, TrueDepth Technology will almost certainly be continued by Apple to be used on its FaceTime camera for Face ID and other features. A rumor stated the next iPhone won’t add the Tech to the iPhones’ rear cameras – despite earlier speculation from KGI Securities suggested that the next iPhones would house TrueDepth 3D rear cameras.

Apple iPhone XS Battery

According to Information from KGI Securities which was first reported on MacRumours, iPhone XS, XS Max and XS Plus will house more powerful batteries. The iPhone XS alongside iPhone XS Plus will go with new L-shaped battery design which has already been used in iPhone X last year. However, 6.1-inches budget-friendly model will likely have a rectangular battery for keeping its cost down.

The 5.8-inches (iPhone XS) is expected to have a 2900-3000mAh battery and 6.5-inches (iPhone XS Plus) will bear a 3300-3400mAh battery. The cheaper 6.1-inches (iPhone XS Max) will have a 2800mAh battery. That sounds a little disappointing, isn’t it? Even Oppo Find X comes with 3730mAh battery and Oppo F9 Pro houses 3500mAh battery. Apple could have worked on a battery segment as far as iPhone’s higher rates are concerned.

Note: All information on this page is updated on the base of latest rumours, leaks and suggestions and available information from various online sources. A full hands-on review will be shared with valid and authentic details once iPhone XS goes on sale in Australia.


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