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November 27, 2019

New iPhone 12 release date, price & specs

2020 seems to be a turning point for iPhone users – thanks to a plethora of iPhone 2020 leaks and rumours, suggesting that Apple is working hard to release iPhones in 2020 with quite a few upgrades like a serious amount of RAM and unique design.

Obviously, Apple iPhone 2020 Australia needs to be landed with significant changes – especially with a unique and eye-catching design. What will actually Apple bring for its audience? Is Apple going to offer us an impressive new iPhone in 2020?

Based on a report shared by a trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple iPhone 12 will be supported by 5G connectivity, and it’ll be sold at higher prices. There are hundreds of iPhone 12 rumours and leaks – suggesting new cameras, 5G support, a supercharged screen, and a new design. If every rumour is to be believed, Apple iPhone 2020 or iPhone 12 will be a big upgrade everyone is hoping for.

iPhone 12 Release Date

As you might think, an official iPhone 12 release date Australia isn’t yet rumoured as we are all certain that Apple wouldn’t release it before September 2020. The company has a habit of launching iPhones metronomically.

It’s not deniable that iPhone 12 will be released in September 2020 but most probably in the second week. So, we can put an educated guess that it will be released officially in between 8th September to 15th September if it hit shelves a couple of days later.

iPhone 12 Price

Details about iPhone 12 Price Australia are pretty blurred, and it’s not unlikely. Well, Apple’s upcoming iPhone would stay widely in line with current devices, i.e., a standard iPhone 11 that starts at AU$1199, iPhone 11 Pro, which set users back AU$1749 and iPhone 11 Pro Max that goes for a whopping AU$1899.

An iPhone with 5G support will set back a lot if a report from Ming-Chi Kuo turns out to be true. Based on reports, iPhone 12 will have a 10% bigger size motherboard to help dissipate the heat, which is generated by 5G connectivity. That may cost users approx. 35% more, Kuo says.

Many 5G-enabled smartphones are priced higher as compared to non-5G models. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G set users back AU$1899 over Galaxy S10+ and newly released Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G capes out at AU$2099, which is indeed more as compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (1999).

iPhone 12 Rumours and Leaks

We have compiled all rumours, leaks, and suggestions of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 2020 we know about so far.

  • An online source, “Nikkei Asian,” has claimed in its review that Apple is currently in talks with mobilisation suppliers to launch three different iPhones alongside 5G connectivity. If it’s to be believed, Apple will come up with three iPhones named iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max-like 2019.
  • A well-known source in China claimed Apple is going to use 120Hz Screen Technology in iPhone 12, which is the same refresh rate Apple is using in its iPad Pro models. Though 90Hz has become quite popular with both Google and OnePlus adopting them – 120Hz refresh rate is with only ROG Phone II and Razor 2 smartphone.
  • Many renders produced by Ben Geskin – showing that iPhone 12 will come up with no notch, and Face ID will be integrated into a bezel, right above the display. Not only this, but it’ll have squarer edges and much more like iPhone 4. Ben Geskin further added that iPhone 12 will have a display size of 6.7-inches with TrueDepth camera system and Face ID, positioned in a top bezel. Isn’t it sound pretty impressive?
  • A trusted analyst of Apple “Ming-Chi Kuo” suggested that iPhone 12 will be equipped with a new metal frame, and Apple will use 2/2.5D glass on back and front. This suggestion matches with Ben Geskin, who claimed the same in its tweet.
  • Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that iPhone 12 will Feature All-new Design with many other changes like camera upgrades, 5G support, and more.
  • Bloomberg, on the other hand, reported that Apple would integrate a fingerprint scanner into the display – something sounds like what Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a couple of days back. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working to develop an on-screen fingerprint scanner that works very much like Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and others.

iPhone 12 Design

Apple appears to launch iPhone 12 with huge changes in terms of design and display – including saying goodbye to a notch. The upcoming iPhone won’t house any notch, and a front-facing camera is likely to be embedded into the screen.

If it happens, the iPhone 12 will be the most expensive smartphone of 2020, indeed. Another rumour suggests Apple is currently working to develop Face ID that will also play a vital role in changing iPhone’s design. Supposedly, Apple is trying out numerous combinations like minimizing the front-facing camera to fit it into the top bezel.

Perhaps we will get more than removal of a notch, with Ming-Chi Kuo says, iPhone 12 is expected to house metal frame like iPhone 4’s frame, and it wouldn’t be curved as much as current iPhone models. To cut it short, the iPhone 12’s overall design is most likely to be different significantly to current devices.

One thing that was present in the previous leaks was a smart connector (like iPads). This has been removed in the latest version, but people who know it say Apple maintains it as an option for future "no port" iPhones. Also, the revised dimensions of the iPhone 12 5.4" show that the phone will be smaller than expected. It should be pretty close to the size of the new iPhone SE (which has a 4.7-inch screen but with a 16: 9 aspect ratio and previous bezels).

The iPhone 12 Pro series will get a new hero colour, navy blue, to replace the 11th generation midnight green. The glass on the back will still have a matte finish as it does a great job of fending off fingerprints.

The screens of the iPhone 12 line will be completely renewed. All four models will have narrower notched OLED displays, and the Pro series will even get a 120Hz refresh rate (ProMotion, something iPad professionals have been offering for a while).

iPhone 12 Display

As mentioned above, 2020 iPhones will have a refresh rate of 120Hz – significantly up from 60Hz on currently available iPhone 11 models. Perhaps, it’ll have a bigger display than previous models, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is said to be loaded with a 6.7-inches display, whereas iPhone 12 Pro will have a 5.45-inches screen. The standard iPhone 12, however, will flaunt a 6.1-inches display with OLED display technology.

According to rumours, this time, all iPhone 12 models will have OLED screens - only Pro devices currently have this technology. Some analysts expect Apple to introduce displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz on Pro models. Currently, all Apple phones have 60 Hz displays. This, by the way, is a good move if the company has a goal in distinguishing ordinary models from Pro models.

  • Touch ID in Display

Chances are Apple will bring back Touch ID in an excellent way in its upcoming iPhone 2020, according to reports shared by Barclays analysts. Not so long back, Ming-Chi Kuo said that it’s Apple iPhone 12 may house Touch ID and Face ID both.

iPhone 12 Cameras

Currently, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are equipped with a triple camera configuration, and it’s the first time Apple used that number of cameras in its iPhones. We are expecting that to be continued for 2020 versions.

However, rumours have suggested that the 2020 iPhone will have a new lens – a ToF (time-of-flight). This addition camera lens is capable of judging distances more accurately, and it helps to create impressive bokeh effects on portrait shots. It also indicates that iPhone 12 will be able to support augmented reality applications.

Apple relies on a periscope-style lens which should provide longer zoom than the previous iPhones, on the basis of a patent filing. By using a prism to reflect light, Apple seems to attempt to fit five-lens and three-lens arrays into a smaller space.

Sony began to cram its next flagship IMX686 image sensor into the iPhone 12. It is capable of capturing 64MPs, but thanks to the Quad Bayer pixel binning, the sensor also has the ability to deliver optimised 16MP images. It's to be noted that Sony has already manufactured its 12MP sensors in all three iPhone 11 models.

The number of cameras is expected to remain unchanged, but they are likely to receive a megapixel increase. This means that the regular iPhone 12 will stay with two cameras, while the Pro will have three.

Also, Apple is continually working on its image processing software, which is why we will also see some improvements in photography and video. The technology uses an artificial ray of light and tracks its reflection back to the lens - thus creating a three-dimensional map of the area.

From the LIDAR sensor, the iPhone will receive two significant advantages: firstly, an improved photo, since the iPhone will be able to separate the background from the foreground with greater accuracy. Things like portrait modes will get a lot better.

The second is AR, virtual reality. The possibility of an accurate three-dimensional map of the area will make the augmented reality experience more realistic and exciting. So we should expect that Apple will continue to work in this virtual direction shortly.

iPhone 12 5G Connectivity & Battery

One of the big changes might take place in the form of 5G connectivity – hence, you would be able to enjoy super-fast downloads. Ming-Chi Kuo says, 2020 models will have 5G support and will also be supported by 5-nanometer A14 Bionic chipset. And it’s also said that iPhone 12 will have a longer battery life, which is impressive as iPhone’s battery life is currently excellent in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

Aside from all mentioned above rumours and leaks, we are expecting iPhone 12 to be bigger with mind-boggling features like an impressive amount of battery, significant RAM, all-new design, everything on-screen like a fingerprint scanner and front camera, higher display refresh rate and a lower price (seems unlikely). What do you expect, and what are your thoughts? Drop your comment below and let us know!


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