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March 5, 2019

New iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

After Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 launch in August, the next major launch of the phone this year will be an iPhone 11 in Australia. As it is all set to be launched in September (a week away),all rumours have jolted into high gear – promising a decent amount of latest and coolest features and updates. One of the most important iPhone 11 rumours, so far, is centre around rear-mounted triple cameras alongside biggest batteries with reverse wireless charging. With all the available information, here is what Apple iPhone 11 will be bringing to entice the audience.

iPhone 11 Release Date

Every year, Apple launches its latest and freshest iPhones in September and interestingly iPhone 11 this year is no different. Last year, Apple announced iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS on September 12, 2018, and if Apple follows a similar pattern in 2019, iPhone 11 release date in Australia will be in between 10 to 12 September 2019.

Based on a report from other sources, it’ll launch on September 10, and will be available to pre-order on September 13. It will, however, officially hit stores later on September 20th.

iPhone 11 Price

Apple usually doesn’t drop the price for its new iPhones. The company launched both iPhone XS and iPhone X at AU$1579, and without a huge change in terms of design or functionality, a hike in price doesn’t seem likely.

According to the rumours, however, iPhone 11 Price in Australia will be around AU$1472 for 128GB variant, AU$1620 for 256GB variant and AU$1767 for 512GB variant.

Apple didn’t announce anything officially, so far – but expectations based on these rumblings are quite enough to meet with a generous helping of scepticism.

iPhone 11 – iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Here is where things get interesting as Apple won’t announce only a single iPhone in September. Apple typically launches two version of its flagship device and rumours have suggested that we might see Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

If it turns out to be accurate, it will follow on from previous uses of Plus and iPhone 11 Pro Max to indicate the biggest feature-packed iPhones. Well, we aren’t sure how much a Pro model will be different from a regular iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Design

What will iPhone 11 look like? The front, based on rumours, will be quite similar but the most significant change will be on its rear – a hefty triple-lens camera in a square design. In the most and suggestions, we see at the moment, with triple camera system being used on iPhone 11 whereas 11 Max and 11R still getting a considerable square bump but with a dual-camera configuration.

rumours New iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

There are so many smartphones with a quad-camera setup that offers a huge improvement and while Apple’s iPhones are more than enough to take bright and shine images, extra capability like a wide-angle lens would be something extra, indeed.

Elsewhere, we have heard that new iPhone 11 will come in four sensational colour options to choose from – Black, White, Dark Green, and Gold. Another rumour has suggested that the upcoming iPhone will get a smaller mute button.

iPhone 11 Display

A source “Smart Money” is currently saying that things wouldn’t be changed really in terms of display. It’s expected to sport a 5.8-inches with small bezels around. Some other reports, on the other hand, indicated that iPhone 11 would come with a large display. We think 5.8-inches display will remain as it’ll be cheaper for Apple to produce as compared to making an entirely a new size of the display.

The iPhone 11 Leaks are circulating suggesting that Apple will stick with an OLED display for its iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro whereas iPhone 11R (not yet confirmed) will come with LCD screen. Though some sources added that we would see some improvement in iPhone 11R with LCD.

iPhone 11 Camera

As mentioned above, the iPhone 11 camera looks quite likely to pack a larger – triple camera, positioned in a square box. iPhone the only hardware upgrade we are going to see in the iPhone 11 this year. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that one of these triple sensors will be almost invisible and as far as selfie camera is concerned, it’ll boost from 7MP to 12MP.

Some sources have claimed that only iPhone 11 Pro/Max will only have three rear cameras, but we are expecting the same number of cameras on both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The triple camera setup will consist of 12MP lenses – a zoom lens, a wide-angle lens and one for taking standard photos. It has also been said that the 3rd lens wouldn’t have an optical image stabilisation which seems to be an excellent move and hence the flash will be more useful and brighter, of course.

New iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

Besides, iPhone 11 is rumoured to be loaded with the new 12MP sensors, which will offer improved photography with triple cameras working in coordination in an RGB mode. Out of these three sensors, one is said to provide a 120-degree field-of-view.

As for the front-facing camera, it’s said to be a 10MP sensor (upgraded from 7MP). Some sources, however, suggested that it’ll have a 14MP camera which seems unlikely. As camera technology is shrinking down more and more day by day – but Apple iPhone 11 seems to have a notch on the front to sport a selfie snapper.

iPhone 11 – Battery and Features

The battery department cannot be ignored whenever it comes to talk about any upcoming smartphone. It has been seen that Apple users are asking for a little more juice every year and good news for all the users is that iPhone 11 will be backed by a hefty battery to last you throughout the day with ease.

Multiple times, we have heard that it won’t get USB-C (a replacement of Lightning) – therefore expecting a change from Lightning would be wrong – even though it might offer improved speed with which Apple iPhone could charge.

How much mAh battery will it have? Well, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that iPhone 11 will be powered by 25% bigger battery as compared to currently available iPhone XS.

This feature is already packed with Huawei and Samsung smartphones and has been well marketed as a selling point - therefore, Apple would want to bring it too. The iPhone 11 Max may not be upgraded as much, but 15% is still a big step forward in comparison to the current iPhone XS Max, and without the phone thickened by possible display technology upgrades. That said, we have heard elsewhere that the iPhone 11 is going to have 3,969mAh battery. The same source suggests, however, that charging will remain slow to 5W.

New iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

The other features include improved Face ID for iPhone 11 range – enabling it to work from wider angles. Digging down inside, Apple always introduces the latest chipset with new iPhone launches – so, A13 Chipset is being touted for the upcoming iPhone 11. As far as the onboard memory is concerned, it’s expected to arrive in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities.

One rumour on iPhone 11 is that it’ll be compatible with Apple Pencil, but that is something we have heard a plethora of times already, and we are not going to be drawn into believing such a thing in 2019 – especially not with a size of 5.8-inches display.

The most exciting news, overall, is that Apple is experimenting with the latest technology that will enable users to use the iPhone’s screen underwater.


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