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May 17, 2018

All you need to know about the iPad Mini 5 (iPad Pro Mini)

Apple iPad Mini 5 Release Date

According to various tech resources, iPad Mini 5 release date is still a mystery. Few online sites were suggesting March release. But it was wrong, and hence we will have to wait until September or October for any update from the manufacturer.

Apple iPad Mini 5 release date in Australia is still unknown, but we will update the blog as soon as we found any update.

Most of the people believe that the leading brand did not want to over flood the market with its gadgets and this is the reason why they have planned to hold off new iPad pro mini device. Similarly, IT organizations always like to release a new product during the Holiday Season when the public is more inclined to buy gadgets.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Price

Although we haven’t heard much, the iPad Mini 5 will most probably cost you around $399 (£379) for a 32GB version, similar to the Apple Mini 4. As far as Apple iPad Mini Price in Australia is concerned, it will be approx. AU$550.

IPad Mini 5/iPad Pro Mini Specs (Expected)

Following is the detailed iPad Mini 5 specs and features.

  • 7.9-Inch Retina IPS Display w/ 3D Touch
  • 1536x2048 Pixels resolution
  • 12MP Primary (back) Camera
  • 5MP Secondary (Front) Camera
  • Apple iOS 11 OS
  • A10X Processor Chip
  • 16GB/32GB/64GB
  • Up to 4GB RAM
  • 5124mAh Battery
  • Special Features: 3D Touch, pressure-sensitive technology, fingerprint sensor
  • Available Colors: Black, Gold, White

IPad Mini 5 Design

It is expected that the new iPad Mini 5 (iPad Pro Mini) will hold slimmer design as compared to the 6.1mm thick iPad Mini 4. According to some rumours, the manufacturer could even slim it down to just 5mm thick, but still, we have to wait for it.

You may also experience water and dust resistance feature, provided that Apple made the Apple iPhone 7, but it is still a less productive feature on a tablet device, so we can neglect it at this stage.

The fingerprint scanner will not active on the screen. All in all, the new iPad Mini 5 will most probably copy the same iPad Mini 4 design features.

IPad Mini 5 Display

This thing is almost 99% sure that the new iPad Mini 5 will offer a 7.9-inch large screen. It is also safe to say that the upcoming tablet device will provide 1536x2048 resolution, even the bigger and newer iPad Pro 9.7 has that resolution and that the iPad Mini 4 display is relatively sharper.

Few specs might change though, with True Tone, for instance, will be included. This automatically controls the display’s color temperature according to the ambient light nature. This feature has already been seen on the iPad Pro 9.7. It is also rumoured to include a 3D Touch.

IPad Mini 5 Camera

The iPad Mini 4 featured 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP secondary camera, but the brand has moved on to a 12 Megapixels primary shooter and a 5MP secondary camera with the iPad Pro 9.7 device, and hence the chances are great that the iPad Mini 5 (iPad pro Mini) will match that, or even exceed it.

There are also some rumours saying that the device will include a second lens on the back, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, but with cameras being not much important to tabs we don’t expect that.

It will bring amazing image quality and autofocus lens. It is most likely that the iPad Mini 5 to be better with the ultra-advanced technology.

IPad Mini 5 Processor

Apple’s iPad Mini-Series is not very famous for its state of the art processor chipset, so while the iPad Pro 2 is rumored to come with the solid A10X chip, the iPad Pro Mini may include a little older chip, such as the iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion or the A9X from the iPad Pro 9.7 tablet.

IPad Mini 5 Memory and OS

Just like we saw in the previous iPad versions, iPad Mini 5 is expected to include not more than 4GB of RAM. You will also get 16GB to 32GB of internal storage to store all kinds of files.

When it comes to the operating system, we are assuming that the device will include minimum iOS 10, but as we will have to wait until the second half of the year it could run iOS 11 out of the box.

IPad Mini 5 Battery

We are still unsure about its battery size. The iPad Mini 4 was loaded with 5124mAh battery power and hence we can assume the Apple will stick with something identical. Although knowing the fact of its slimmer size, the size of the battery can be sacrificed.

IPad Mini 5 Special Features

It is most likely that you will experience a range of new features on the upcoming iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro Mini.

For instance, you will avail additional speakers for much better sound quality, similar to the Pro Series, and a Smart Connector for connecting a keyboard. It is rumoured that the tablet will work with the Apple Pencil, for giving extra convenience to digital artists.


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