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February 14, 2018

APPLE IPAD 2017 9.7 INCH – Features Specification and Prices

The latest iPad belongs to the fifth generation of the lineup and Apple has not brought any incremental changes to the design and interface of the iPad. Gone is the day when we used to see different variables of the tablets. Now iPad is divided on the basis of the screen size and the iPad accessories for all the tablets remain the same. The latest iPad 9.7 is making headlines all over the world due to its cool design and intuitive features.

Ipad 9.7: Design and Display

Apple does not introduce any major changes in the apple iPad from the past few years and the dimension of the new tablet is same as the Ipad Air 2. The apple logo can be seen on the back of the iPad and the rear camera just sits on the top left corner. The screen has large bezels and the physical button is also present on the front. Apart from this, the power button is also present on the top of the tablet and the volume rocker on the right side. You will also find the lightning port for faster charging and the powerful speakers for pure entertainment.

The new iPad is also blessed with a brighter screen and you will get the maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The tablet offers wide color display and due to this, the iPad is recommending for people in the designers and fashion industry personnel.

Ipad 9.7: Battery Life

Previously, Ipad Air 2 was the Apple device with the higher battery life but Ipad 9.7 has surpassed it with a bigger 8,610 mAh battery. The battery will last for more than a week if you use it for some hours daily in the Wi-Fi mode. The battery will drain faster if you use LTE connectivity.

Ipad 9.7: Warranty

The standard limited warranty of Ipad is 90 days of support. Apart from this, you will also get one year of hardware warranty. If you wish to extend the warranty, then you can purchase AppleCare+ from the apple store and you will get the one-year additional warranty and accidental coverage as well. Ipad is a great affordable device for viewing your favorite movies and TV shows.

Ipad 9.7: Performance

With the powerful A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM, the device performs faster and you can easily run all the latest applications in the device without any issue. All these powerful components paired with iOS 10 helps the device to run smoothly constantly.  The device comes with two internal storage variants of 32GB and 128GB and the old 16GB model is snubbed by the company.

The multitasking gestures in the new Ipad make it very easy to navigate through the applications and perform simple tasks in the device. Apart from this, split view and Slide view helps you to complete work on two different applications at the same time.

Ipad 9.7: Camera

You will find 8 MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera on the device. Both cameras do not have any type of shutter lag and offer a lot of detail in the images.


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