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August 7, 2018

Android Pie: Saying Hello to the Future of Android

Android is one of the most powerful and the most dominant smartphone operating system that runs almost 9 out of every 10 phones on the planet Earth. Globally the operating system of android had been gaining a lot of affection due to the reason for its high-performance functions and features. Once again android is all set to surprise the world in the most astonishing way. This upcoming version of Android is so futuristic that it has a highly unique feature of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which would enable most of the most amazing updates in this version.

This new version of Android 9 is called is entitled with the letter “P”, where the P stands for “Pie”. Google has declared that the last, shipping rendition of the freshest Android refresh is accessible for all Pixel telephones today. What's more, not surprisingly, it has reported a name to oblige the over-the-air refresh: "Android 9 Pie." Android 9 Pie's feature highlights are similar ones that are considered to be highly advanced, such as the "Advanced Prosperity" dashboard, another signal based route framework, and other AI-upgraded changes to the user interface (UI). It additionally got numerous unobtrusive upgrades to the general look of the product, including another status bar that is intended to work better with scores.

Google always pick a name of a dessert to go for the latest versions of Android, and the same did happen this time also. Initially, it was rumored that this version might have to go with the following names; Pistachio Ice-Cream, Pop-Tart, or Pumpkin Pie. Which eventually got the name of “Pie”, which is a very short, precise and reminding name. The choice of the name for this version was highly accurate for the fact that the name “Pie” has a good recall value which would ultimately be a name known by every smartphone lover and as well as an android lover. 

People would be able to use this amazing new android version most probably with the new and upcoming Google Pixel 3. Which will be possessing Android 9 Pie to enable some of the most interesting features in an android based smartphone. Not surprisingly, Android 9 Pie is starting things out to Pixel clients and will touch base for other Android smartphones later, most probably after the launch of Pixel. This gives a huge benefit to Google in order to show its high progressive consents with this futuristic new version of Android.  However, there are some other smartphone companies that took part in the beta program of Android 9 P. These smartphone companies included Sony mobile phones, Xiaomimobilephones, Nokia mobile phones, Oppomobilephones, Vivo mobile phones, and OnePlus mobile phones. Therefore, if any of these smartphone companies would be able to release this new android version then that would be a very good and progressive sign.

Primarily there was a state of unconformity over the fact that which smartphone would be coming first with this new version of Android, however even at that time there were some speculations that Google Pixel would be the one. But as some other companies had participated in the beta program which led to some initial speculations. Now it had been ensured that the Android 9 Pie would be releasing with Google Pixel 3. While various other companies might also release their smartphones with this android version soon after the launch of Pixel 3.

Android Pie Outlining

This new version of Android will be providing the users with some of the most good-looking features as it has eliminated the old style of button-bars located at the bottom of the screen with a single capsule which will be giving the same or function as those 3 bars but in a completely marvelous way.  This feature will be providing the most gorgeous display settings in this new android version. The complete disappearance of the back button might cause a bit clingy feeling to some of the smartphone users. But for most of them, it will be an exciting new feature. 

Addition of High Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This new Android version also contains the element of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which further leads to the initiation of a number of features which would run of the very first time with Android 9 Pie. One of a glimpse of the functioning of artificial intelligence can be seen in battery consumption. Where due to artificial intelligence the battery running time will be increased and maximized to the extent of battery ability. Battery consumption was a prime focus of this new version, as now people do not like to put their smartphones on charging for long hours. In fact, people want their phones to be charged quickly, so android took this initiative to save the maximum battery power to get the maximum running time.

More options on Notification Slide

This new version of android bags way more option in the slide of notifications as compared to all previous Android versions. When users will slide down the notification bar they will see more options this time.

The Dark Mode

In this new version of android individuals will also be having a special new mode which is known as the “Dark Mode”. Dark mode had previously been a hit in apps such as Twitter and now the time has come when the android lovers would also have a feature of dark mode settings. Where users will be getting an option from where they can turn on a “dark theme” for their smartphone.

Additional Screenshot Tools

Android 9 Pie also has a new function which enables the instant editing of the screenshots taken. In this feature of the new Android version, users can now take a screenshot and can also edit that screenshot at the same point of time which in previously android versions was not possible.

Lock Down Mode

This new version will also come with the ultimate feature of locking down the device in order to protect private information contained within the device. Android had many concerns regarding the privacy of information and as well as the overall security of Android and came up with the lockdown mode.


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