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February 14, 2018

Android 8.0 Oreo – 5 Things to Look Out in the New Android Oreo Phones

Android Oreo is the latest software update released by Google. The new update brings numerous changes under-the-hood and offers improved performance and battery life. Apart from the performance parameters, the update also brings new cosmetic features to the phone. Android Oreo is currently releasing in Nexus and Pixel Phones and the update will roll out to other phones by the end of 2017. The notifications bar and other animations work perfectly in the new update and give a good impression of speed and overall performance. Here are 5 major updates that you will see in Android Oreo.

Android Oreo 8.0 Version - PayLessDeal

Android Oreo: Picture-in-Picture Mode

Oreo’s picture-in-picture mode lets you shrink a video or picture in a small re sizable window that will always be in the front of the screen. For picture-in-picture mode, you need to play the video in full-screen mode. After that, tap the home button and resize the box. The box can be easily moved on the phone’s screen and you can also pause or resume the video from the notification bar. Picture-in-picture mode is available in few applications such as YouTube Red and Chrome. You can easily turn off the picture-in-picture mode from the settings menu.

Android Oreo: Camera Changes

You will only notice few cosmetic changes in the default camera application. The video button animations that switch between camera and video modes have been tweaked. Quick Zoom feature has been introduced in the new update and you can easily zoom with double-tapping the screen. This feature is best for one-handed photos. HDR processing is also faster in Oreo as compared to Android Nougat.

Android Oreo: New Emoji

Android has released new blob-style emoji in Oreo Update. More than 70 new emojis are introduced in the android oreo phones including Dracula, Vomit face and Dracula face.

Android Oreo: Customized Notifications

Notification dots are an amazing addition to the new Android interface. A subtle dot will appear on the application icon when a new notification requires your attention. You can easily check the notification by the long press or simply by opening the application. You can also switch off the notification dots from the settings menu. In the Oreo update, you have specific control over the notifications as well. You can choose to display the notifications on the lock screen, show a dot over the application or make the notification light blink.

Android Oreo: Auto fill

Auto fill feature helps you to get rid of password managers such as Last Pass and Dash lane. Android Oreo automatically enters the credentials in all applications. You can use Autofill option in different applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Line. With this feature, you only need to tap the login button and Oreo will automatically fill all the details. If you feel that auto fill option makes it easier for others to use your credentials, then it can be turned off from the settings menu.

These changes will surely make Android Oreo an instant hit among the masses. Improved Bluetooth audio and efficient battery life are the features that will persuade you to shift to the latest version of Android.


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