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March 8, 2021

A Complete Air Conditioners Buying Guide 2021

The temperature has been started rising in Australia and this is now the time to resolve all air conditioning woes because sweaty nights and sweltering days can make you feel discomfortable. The latest technology-enriched DC Inverter Air Conditioners in Australia has become an important appliance for homes – thanks to its affordability and an awesome solution to heating problems.

Although an air conditioner is a right solution to stay away from sweaty nights and summer days but the question is how to buy the right one according to your needs and what are the things to consider? Let’s go through all the steps and factors you need to consider in this complete Air Conditioners Buying Guide 2021.

Ask Some Questions to Yourself

First and foremost, it’s quite mandatory to answer a bunch of questions before searching for the best air conditioner. Ask yourself which type of unit is perfect for your home and how much this unit will set you back extra monthly or annually? Moreover, your room size matters too and the capacity of the air conditioner according to it. Most importantly, a well-recognised brand should be in your consideration too.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

When it comes to finding the Best Air Conditioners in Australia, you’ll need to evaluate and calculate the space of your room for the awesome fit. The location where you will install the air conditioner is important too so you have to decide where the inner and outdoor unit will be placed. It’s important to be sure that you keep the outdoor unit away from the plants to get the maximum cooling from the inner unit.

Also, the location and specific environment of your home both are the variables with air conditioners. For instance, if you live in a high-humidity area, then it’s recommended to go for a unit that comprises air-cleaning and humidifier features.

  • Calculate Space for Air Conditioner

Look for a room where you want to install an air conditioner. Measure its dimensions, crannies and corners accurately. For instance, if you are looking to buy an air conditioner for your living room or bedroom, be sure it’s well-isolated and also note that it has smaller spaces such as open closets that are attached to the room. These smaller spaces should be taken into consideration when you calculate the overall space of a room you want to be cooled. 

  • Environment and Location of Home

There are different factors that are directly connected to your air conditioner externally. You must be aware of your environment to see whether you live in a house under direct sunlight or whether it’s surrounded by shady trees. Whether you have a house in the mountains or a dry desert, the air conditioners you finally choose for your room play a decisive role in all the factors.

  • Cost

Obviously, the cost of an air conditioner is considered the most important factor when it comes to buying online. The Air Conditioners Prices in Australia that range between AU$599-1599 are a reasonable way of determining whether you can afford to buy the unit you decide on. However, there are a number of other factors to consider. Perhaps you will choose a non-inverter AC because it’s available at the lowest rates but you need to think about your monthly savings in electricity usage too. 

  • Warranty

Services, as well as compressor warranties, are as important as your choice of model or brand. There are a wide range of well-recognised and highly-admirable brands in Australia, offering services alongside compressor warranty for more than one year. So, be sure you choose one wisely with the maximum warranty.

What Else to Consider?

Perhaps you take a look at the features but don’t have enough knowledge. Well, there are multiple features you might not know when it comes to buying air conditioners online. Here is a list of some mandatory tips to help you out.

  • Filters & Coil

It’s quite important to consider the material of both coil and filters for heating and cooling ratio. There are different brands in Australia, promising both pure copper and electrostatic filters that ensure the air conditioners are durable.

  • Energy Efficiency

The SEER rating of a unit helps you calculate the overall efficiency of the air conditioner. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it refers both to the cooling as well as heating of the air conditioner.

  • BTU’s

Familiar with BTU? The abbreviation of BTU is “British Thermal Units/hour.” The air conditioner is measured in BTU by cooling and heating capacity. When looking for the different models, you should consider both cooling and heating BTU’s. Multiply the square footage for your space by 10 and add 4000 to the size of your room. You will have the BTU figure estimated you need to make your room cool enough.

  • After-Sale Services

Air conditioners, very much like other home appliances, come with mechanical and electric complications, which means often maintenance is required by trained experts. Therefore, always find out about after-sales services and any extra cost you can suffer as a result of your purchase of a 1 or 1.5-ton inverter air conditioner in Australia.

Finishing this off by saying that, if you keep all the mentioned above points in mind while buying, we guarantee that you would definitely end up buying with an air conditioner which doesn’t only satisfy you but also keeps you set for the years to come.  


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