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March 2, 2021

Tips for Buying a Smartphone for a College Going Child

The beginning of the college year is inseparable for students from the new inventory. In addition to notebooks, textbooks, or writing instruments, smart devices are also required. One of the main ones is the smartphone, which has become an important tool for communicating with parents or classmates, planning time, and developing responsibility.

Choosing a college going Student’s Smartphone is not easy especially when you are going to purchase it for your children. There are many things to consider while buying a Student’s Smartphone in Australia. Here below we have mentioned some of the best tips to find the best smartphone for college students.

1. Where to Start Phone Searches?

Before searching for the first phone, it should be assessed whether the child is ready to have his / her own personal phone and will be able to store it and use it responsibly. The next thing you need to decide is how much you are willing to invest in your child’s first phone. Children and teenagers up to 14 years, often do they lose or break their devices, so the most expensive and latest phone models are not worth buying.

2. Shape and Design

It is important to pay attention to the screen and design of the smartphone: the mobile should be comfortable to hold in your hand. It is best to collect the phone "live" with your child so that they can "try out" the device in the palm of their hand and try it out for themselves. The design and shape of the smartphone are to be classy and easy to hold.

3. Screen Protectors

For phone protection, it is advisable to purchase a smartphone phone case that will become a fun style detail. At the same time protect the smartphone from scratches or bumps. Kids tend to use a lot of different apps, play different games on the phone, take pictures and videos more often, so the phone's larger internal memory (from 64 GB) will come in handy.

4. Operating System

We recommend that you also pay attention to your phone's operating system. It is best to choose the same operating system that is used on the parent phones - this will make it easier and simpler to pair the devices with each other. Android and iOS are the two most common and famous OS in the smartphone if being a parent you have an Android smartphone it is better to give your child the same OS-based smartphone.

5. Price

Price is always the major concern while purchasing any smartphone or gadgets, there is a wide range of android smartphones available in the market. An affordable choice for iOS users would be the affordable iPhone SE model, which features a compact design, smooth operation, and a good camera. For those looking for an Android model, it is worth choosing the reliable Samsung Galaxy A series. The bright and colorful Galaxy A21s, A51, and A71 take great pictures and stand out with their durable batteries. Simpler Lite flagship models, such as the Xiaomi MI 10 Lite, would also be great for kids.

6. Which Applications to Save?

After choosing a phone, it is very important to prepare the device properly and discuss with the child the rules and restrictions for using the phone that you will install. It is recommended to talk in advance about what applications may be on your phone and which ones should not be downloaded, how to behave online, and how much time you can spend browsing.

The student will find secure communication apps, maps, public transport routes, weather, e-mail. email, notes, music, trusted browsers (like Google Chrome),and science gadgets. Class Timetable application will be useful for time planning, Photo math for mathematics learning, and Duo lingo for foreign language lessons. There are other essential education applications available on the Google Play Store. Apart from that, always ask the teachers for the recommended applications and always be in touch with the faculty and school staff.

7. Security is Paramount

To keep your child safe on the phone, create and add a child to your shared family account. This will help you develop healthy phone habits. In the Android ecosystem, the Google Family Link application does this, and in Apple, the Family Sharing feature. In the first case, you will need to save the said application on both your own and the child's phones and register in it. You can then conveniently limit smart use or block apps right from your phone.

iPhone users will need to create a separate Apple ID account for their child to set digital rules. This is very simple - go to the Settings section, click on your name and select Set Up Family Sharing. Then select "Add Family Member"> "Create a Child Account." This will connect all family members into one common network.

8. Monitoring

At the same time, these measures will help to ensure that the child's telephone data is protected and will allow him or her to see his or her whereabouts and to feel as secure as he or she is about his or her safety. However, if you decide that the child is still too small for the phone, you can try an intermediate option - a children's smartwatch, such as the popular model "Dodge".

With it, you can make calls, answer and receive text and voice messages, or send a voice message yourself. It also has its own GPS sensor that allows parents to always see where the watch-bearing offspring is at the moment.

9. Screen Size

Screen size is another major factor that plays an essential role in the purchasing of a student’s smartphone. Large-screen smartphones are often a good choice especially when you are in a learning phase. Having a large screen smartphone will eventually help you out to read the docs file or PDF files easily without putting stress on your eyes.



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