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March 4, 2021

5 Best PC Speakers in Australia to Buy in 2021

These 5 Best PC Speakers in Australia in 2021 are the best options to opt for if you desire to have a quality gaming experience and enjoying musical parties at home as these Speakers offers High Bass and Clean Sound that pleases the ears.

Daily Life without music and sound is incomplete, and playing games or watching movies without a quality sound system might get you bored. That is where the Speakers play a vital role, which why we bring you the 5 Best PC Speakers of 2021 in Australia.

Today we are going to talk about Speakers for your Personal Computers. The speakers in the computer are one of the fundamental components because they can give you emotions that with degraded sound you could never have, during your gaming experience, your favourite movie or music.

But, the sound of the personal computer is quite limited to our ears, for which several external speakers do the job. Here, today we bring you the list of Best PC Speakers to Buy in 2021 and enjoy the loud music with quality sound and high bass.

We are sure after reading about these Top 5 PC Speakers of 2021 in Australia, you will found the perfect match for a PC speaker for you and you will be happy to enjoy the sound of your new sound system and new PC speakers.

5 PC Speakers of 2021

1. Logitech Z906: Rugged PC Speaker for Gamers

Logitech is one of the leaders in the world of computer accessories. PC speakers are no exception, with this PC speaker model, the brand offers you, complete speakers, in terms of connectivity. However, the positioning is less well thought out than on the previous models and that's a bit of a shame.

The control box said goodbye to its LCD screen to make way for orange LED lights. Some areas are difficult to spot from a distance, but these discreet colours allow the PC speaker to slide into any room and not be too conspicuous. The big missing from this model is the HDMI port.

This is not a drama but it means that it will be impossible to connect the PC speaker to television for example. Regarding the audio quality, Logitech decides to be 28 cm for 1 of 10.8 cm. However, the loss of power of the deepest bass is still felt and even more dragging.

This will be the only big complaint about these PC speakers. The rest of the sound is clean and consistent. If the feeling of increased space is present, the quality of reproduction remains limited. However, you will be able to increase the volume during a party or a movie without a problem thanks to the 4 very effective points of this model.

So don't panic, the Z906 remains a more than complete and efficient 5.1 kit. No big bad surprises are to be expected and it will delight the majority of people.

2. Edifier Luna Eclipse: Best quality PC speaker

With this model, Edifier offers us modern and very beautiful speakers. Whether red or black, they will make the eyes shine with their aestheticism. No exterior buttons at first glance but simply the Bluetooth logo betraying the perfect paint. However, several touch controls or not are present.

Bluetooth is automatically activated on startup. The connection is also quick and simple. Whether for the volume or to change the song, just slide your fingers on the device at the symbol that concerns it. For the other commands, simple combinations are set up with the 3 previous ones. And besides, the touch reacts quickly.

There are a mini-jack input and a speaker cable output that connects the 2 PC speakers. A rather fragile and rudimentary remote control allows the tensioning and the management of the volume. A cleaning cloth is also provided in the box. Each of the speakers is equipped with a second speaker.

On the back, 2 passive radiators are hiding one and the other in the extrusion of the device. They are beautiful but they also work well. We notice the highs are clear, non-aggressive and occupy centre stage. The bases when they are not preponderant but remain well defined.

The behaviour of the membranes is qualitative. They are responsive and above all, they offer a very clean sound quality. It doesn't matter if it's a game, movie or music, you can easily spot the tracks.

The only downside is that once the maximum level is reached, the distortion is heard. Finally, stereophony is impressive. Sufficiently far apart. The 2 speakers provide more than effective sound specialization and an impressive phantom centre. You could almost get the impression that a third centre PC speaker is present.

3. Logitech G560: RGB PC Gaming Speaker

This model consists of two speakers supported by a beautiful subwoofer. The small speakers are eye-catching with their beautiful rounded design. 2 small non-slip pads are located on the underside. The workmanship and finishes are neat. Regarding the box, it is classic.

No risk-taking on aesthetics. No remote control or applications are available to control the devices, only a few buttons are present to manage the settings. On the other hand, you will have the possibility of installing software to configure in detail the sound rendering but also the light of the speaker.

When it comes to audio quality, this model has very good performance. It will suffice to well temper the ardour of the subwoofer. Without adjustment, the box hits very hard. It would be a shame because the lower midrange would become absent. The rest of the sound spectrum is homogeneous and precise.

The voices are clear and well audible. The sound is sharp and punchy without becoming aggressive. The metallic aspect could be a little less pronounced so that the turn is perfect. You will have to think about directing the speakers.

The modes are correct but could have been a little more worked it's a shame. Finally, the distortion is rather well managed and overall remains very calm. And try a device in Bluetooth, no big latency is to report. Whether for a movie or a game, latency is not a problem.

4. Bose Companion 20: Multimedia Speaker

Here again, we find ourselves facing one of the mastodons of the musical world. This model is dressed in the pure and efficient style of Bose. Mixing a black grey coating accompanied by a grid has the sand and the whole is sober and efficient. Without a subwoofer, you will have to do with the kilo of each speaker.

A wired remote control accompanies the device to allow conventional manipulation, however, it is very useful for daily use. If Bose is the sound expert, it is not for the connectors. This is also its big weak point. A single mini-jack input responds to the call. For the rest, the wind of the absence of USB responds around the speakers.

When it comes to the audio quality of the Companion 20, there isn't much to complain about. To succeed in integrating the quality of this level in an enclosure that’s not bigger than a novel is genius. The sound rendering could however be a little reinforced in the graphs.

The mediums are well kept which is rare enough to be specified. Because of the template, we could say that the basics are uninteresting and yet they are present and perfectly mastered. Basically, the sound is precise and crisp. The width of the scene and the positioning of the sources are correct.

5. Thonet & Vander Kugel: Bluetooth Speaker System


The list of Best PC Speakers of 2021 ends with the Thonet & Vander Kugel brand. And the first thing that can be said is that this model is far from compact. Each speaker features a thick, solid wood finish. No big details or modern design, but everything is sober and efficient.

The construction is based on a beautiful wooden frame. On the other hand, the non-slip pads are present but we still wonder about the effectiveness. The right speaker is equipped with all the connections. This is clever and allows you to avoid looking at which speaker such or such entry and place. Moreover, the connection is quite complete and the Bluetooth thus answers the call.

Buttons allow you to control the volume, start pairing or choose the source. The whole thing is accompanied by a well thought out and complete remote control.

When it comes to audio quality, the model offers very good sound performance. The whole is homogeneous and precise without the acidity. Note all the same that the front grille loses some precision in the treble. If Bluetooth is turned on, you will notice no sound difference. The bass when they are present. They offer the side that we expect and offer a nice impact on percussions and bass double basses.

The stereophony is wide and the soundstage remains very readable. Concretely, this model delivers very good power and allows without problem to balance sound in an entire room. The distortion is still very low even with Bluetooth. Moreover, the latency with these remains very correct. No problem watching a movie or playing a game.


Music is a source of relaxing the mind and getting entertained, so choosing the proper sound system is essential. That is why we bring you the Best PC Speakers of 2021 that you can connect to your Personal Computers and enjoy watching movies, playing games, and listening to quality music.

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