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February 26, 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the most important games that have completely swept the nation within a day of being released. Not only it is the most-downloaded game in its first month of release, but also broke records such as fastest to earn $100 million. And to date, it has been downloaded almost 800 million times and has grossed almost $2 billion in revenue. The Pokemon Go comes with mixed augmented reality with the real world. It helps you become your own Pokemon trainer, and travel around the real world in search of Pokemon. As the case may be you already play it, or perhaps you deny to get sucked into the game that everyone is playing. But, it is highly surprising to see why people are afraid to admit they play it whereas it encourages people, promotes exercise, and brings people together which are some of the reasons highlighted below.

Pokemon Go Lets You Connect with New People

It is the most important reason you should start playing Pokemon Go as it lets you meet new people especially when you are in a city with a bunch of people playing this game all over the place. You can easily go with a group of friends that also use Pokemon Go and head to some park or any public area. Most interestingly, plenty of Facebook groups have already been devoted to certain cities or areas, Just join your local groups, start chatting with people, plan times to meet up to catch Pokemon together and of course make new friends.

Pokemon Go Brings People to a Single Platform

We have never seen a mobile app which brings people together so much, but Pokemon does. It sounds silly, but it’s reality. Pokemon Go gen 3 is one of the biggest events offer over 130 new Pokemon and people put their differences aside and focus on one thing “catching Pokemon”. For example, we find ourselves wandering in a park along with about 125 strangers searching for Pokemon. Just as important, we all are also talking each other. As one travel writer recently observed, Pokemon Go is more than a fantastic conversation starter.

Pokemon Go Helps You Explore New Areas

In order to play a game, you have to move around as Pokemon shows up in different areas, you are absolutely sure to find new places. Pokestops in this game generally are linked to real life structures e.g. landmarks, monuments, churches and more. Pokemon Go raid battles are the most exciting addition which not only helps you find legendaries but also helps you discover a number of new places and shortcuts to take in your city to get from place to place just by playing the game for only 2 days. It can be hard though, but thanks to Pokemon go raid map which helps you plan your route to hit the right Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Helps You Get More Exercise

Without a doubt, motivating yourself for exercise is challenging if you don’t enjoy it. Unlike other games such as Candy Crush and Clash of Titans, where you sit around in bed all day playing it, Pokemon Go comes with an extensive range of events such as Pokemon Go dragon scale, King’s Rock, Metal Coat and Sun Stone which make you get out and walk around so you will get more exercise hence the name “Pokemon Go”.  Far cry from other events, Pokemon Go Niantic is an excellent event in this game which lets you walk around up until your phone vibrates which indicates a Pokemon has appeared. After that, you tap on the Pokemon that switches your screen to a catching interface, then you can flick a Pokeball in order to catch it. Moreover, different Pokemon appear in different places, there are currently 2km, 5km, and 5km so you have to travel place to place to find a new Pokemon broadly.


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