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Finding dancing shoes and a lot of other types of shoes is now not a hassle, thanks to Bloch in Australia – offering not only dancing shoes but also dance costumes as well as dance fashion accessories. The company was founded back in 1931 in Australia by Jacob Bloch, who emigrated to Australia from Eastern Europe. They started their journey by producing pointe shoes, and later in Sydney in 1392, they decided to manufacture improved pair of shoes.

Since its inception, Bloch has struggled a lot and expanded its product range from dancing shoes to street apparel and accessories that can be found on Bloch Store with ease.

Now, Bloch is a well-recognised and highly-admirable brand with a stunning range of products under multiple categories to choose from. Their headquarter is located in Sydney Australia alongside a European head office in London. As of now, Bloch comprises one flagship-level store and around 13-15 other stores throughout Australia. Outside Australia, the company has its stores in Warsaw, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and in New York City. 

Product Categories


Bloch is manufacturing a plethora of shoes, including jazz shoes, ballet shoes, pointe shoes, ballroom shoes, tap shoes, fashion flats, dance sneakers, and a wide range of activewear, gymnastics, and dance apparel. Their world-leading selection of shoes is available at unmatched rates under Bloch Sale and brining revolutionary technology along with a massive range of shank, vamp, and outsole styles – ideal for all. Some of the best products are as follow:

This low-profile sneaker will get the stylish urban dancer to and from the studio without changing your shoes, by presenting an ultra-light shoe that can be worn for leisure and dance.

The Classic Boost II is a single divided sneaker made on a high arch. It incorporates lightweight materials and features of high performance. Initially developed in jazz and funk styles, the Classic Boost II is now recognised as the classic dance sneaker and is passed on to other dance genres.

The Aleandro is a male Latin balloon shoe made of a single patent leather piece with a 1.5" Cuban heel. The high-quality leather enhances the esthetics of the foot and pointing movement by providing flexibility, comfort, and durability with seams.

The Oxford, with its classical Oxford upper in soft grain leather, is a traditional tap, character, ballroom and stage shoe. The small, large heel and short shank support the arch while retaining flexibility at half level.

The Smith Tap Shoe from Jason Samuels is the first Tap Shoe with a complete design from the case. Jason Samuels Smith has been built with its name, one of the biggest tap dancers in the world. This is robust but versatile and offers an excellent pitch and sound range.

This is the lightweight ballet shoe for elite performance the dance market demanded. The super-soft canvas has a stretch capacity of nearly 360 degrees that gives the sense that a second skin moves and collaborates with the foot and the shoe.

Towels and the ball of the foot with supple leather are covered from conventional ballet flats by the Eclipse. The pre-foot pad has silicone backed straps in place without restricting movement.

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