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Bidets are specially developed to clean and wash the genitals and your behind after using the toilet. Many people prefer a bidet more than the use of toilet paper in bathrooms. The bidet is a clean bowl of oblong shape which is used as part of the toilet private parts. Mainly used in European countries, it allows complementary and daily personal hygiene precaution. You can purchase any of the latest Bidets and bidets parts in Australia online from Paylessdeal.com.au.

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Price and Availability

Current bidet models are generally made of materials like porcelain, ceramic and white enamel. They are fitted with a mixer tap which allows the water jet to be directed in the desired direction. Just sit facing or back to the tap, like on a toilet, to use the bidet. Note, however, that it is easier to sit in front of the faucet to control the water temperature. Here above we have enlisted a wide range of latest bathroom bidets and its spares parts. You can find your favourite type of diet and can compare its price from different stores. Bidets price in Australia starts from 20 AUD.

The modern counterpart of the bidet is undoubtedly the Japanese toilet. More and more popular, this type of toilet works on the same principle as the bidet since it allows a similar use for personal hygiene. Today, the bidet has become a piece of equipment in high demand by households, especially in Australia. If previously, the Australians were not at all bidet enthusiasts, we now see a turnaround. Manufacturers and professionals in the field of sanitary installation have succeeded in innovating so that the bidet regains its former fame.

Advantages of Bidets

Almost disappeared, the bidet nevertheless has some advantages which still justify its presence in our bathrooms. Cleaner than toilets, it is also more economical in water than a bathtub. After going to the bathroom, it is particularly useful to supplement the use of toilet paper. It can also be used to wash other parts of the body (feet, hair) or even your pet.

The bidet has always been associated with toilets. Initially, the bidet is intended for intimate hygiene. This explains its location in the bathroom. Today, the bidet is still used for this purpose. Moreover, the Japanese toilets also called this concept mostly inspired levant toilets by combining the two services in one and by adding several innovations.

However, this is not the only use of the bidet. It also helps to clean the feet, hair or even a pet. Some people even prefer to bathe their newborns in the bidet. The goal is quite simply to show that the bidet is an essential element of the bathroom.

Note that more than 90% of households were equipped with bidets several decades earlier. Toilet papers have taken over. However, cleaning is incomparable in terms of hygiene. Maybe it's time to get back to our old ways.

The different types of bidets

Today, bidets have been reinvented, and a wide range can be found on the market for all tastes.

Floor Standing Bidets

The floor-standing bidet is the most classic model. It is fixed directly to the ground as we have always known it. Very strong and stable, it offers enough comfort for the user. Its only downside is that it takes up quite a bit of space in the bathroom.

Wall Hung

The wall-hung bidet is installed on the wall but does not have a foot like its predecessor. It is the most expensive range on the market with a price ranging between 100 AUD and 300 AUD. It is enormously appreciated for its modern design. Besides, it takes up less space in the bathroom. Its installation is also straightforward and is done very quickly. The drainage system is connected directly to the wastewater network.

Free Standing Bidets

The free-standing bidet can be folded out and requires no fixing to the floor or the wall. It arises quite merely, in plastic material and can be moved according to your need. It's practically a folding chair, except it's not just for sitting. It should be noted that it has no water inlet. It is not surprising if its price is around 50 AUD at most.

Removable Bidet

The removable bidet is placed on the toilet bowl. It is the cheapest bidet available with a price ranging from 20 AUD to 50 AUD. As the name suggests, it can be moved, and you can even store it. Like the free-standing bidet, it has no water inlet.

Rectangular Bidet

The classic model inspires the retractable bidet except that it is mobile. It generally has a wheel to facilitate the movement of the elderly as well as PMR. But there are also swivel models. Its flexible hoses particularly distinguish it.

Electric Bidet

The electric bidet is intended exclusively for intimate toilets, and the user can benefit from the hot water jet. Very discreet and hygienic, it also helps to fight against constipation as well as hemorrhoids.

With the many models on the market, the bidet comes out of its silence. It is no longer the outdated equipment that we have known before. It is once again in our bathrooms, bringing innovation both aesthetically and functionally.

The wall-hung bidet never ceases to seduce with quality materials seen before. If ceramic has always been the most widely used material, porcelain enamel and stainless steel have been added to give more design to the new generation of bidets. In addition to their aesthetic aspects, these materials are also very hygienic.

Finally, the bidet will once again be able to revolutionise the world of sanitary ware by eliminating the use of toilet papers which are very polluting for our environment. At the same time, it saves water, because we must not ignore that the manufacture of toilet paper consumes much water.