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Here is an unusual piece of jewellery that can be extremely delicate and refined. You may have the image of the busty and voluptuous belly dancers wearing rather exuberant Belly Chains in Australia, but there is hip jewellery that is much more understated and just as feminine. Discover with us a selection of silver waist chains, and treat yourself to an original jewel that will comfort you in your sensuality!

Waist Chain: A Jewel to Highlight your Pretty Hips

A belly Chain that highlights the female body, which arouses sensuality and voluptuousness, which can also be worn to accessorize in the most beautiful way a beach outfit, a bikini, or lace underwear, the waist chain, also called belly chain or hip chain is an unusual jewel, which can be of exquisite finesse and refinement!

The Jewel of Belly Dancers

Just like the very sexy connotation of this jewel! It must be said that anyone who has observed one of these busty swaying hips will have noticed how the waist chain emphasizes and highlights the curves of the dancer!

Here is perhaps an original jewel-accessory that will help you to spice up your summer outfits like your sexiest underwear! Obviously, daily, all the alluring pomp of oriental hip chains would be a little exaggerated to wear, which is why we have refined them, removed all superfluous artifices to make an almost sober jewel, wearable on the beaches or under a little bare belly top during the summer months!

Simple chain to wear halfway between the navel and the pubis equipped why not with a small charm, a shiny stone to tempt the eye, or a few small silver beads to play on the fancy side, our hip chains are easily worn daily without losing their power. to underline the voluptuousness of this region of the female body!

Waist Chains

Summer is coming soon and with it light clothing and baggy dresses. And what better than a chain at the waist or hips to give your outfit a touch of sophistication? Lightweight costume jewelery in the form of chains has been a fashion trend that has been around for quite some time, and it has achieved this because of its ability to transform a boring suit into a bright and stylish one. Let's dare to use the chains, follow us throughout this material and let's learn the most important tips.

How to use a Waist chain?

The versatility of the chains is unquestionable, however, attention must be paid to several aspects, for example, it must be as simple as possible, and it is ideal with long blouses. Let's review some tips:

For an outing to a nightclub, accessorize your dress boldly with a chain. Ideally, the fabric of the clothes is unicolour, on the contrary, if it is printed or with sequins, try not to use this complement with the outfit. 

For use at the beach or pool, decorative chains have been created, very popular today. They are slim and the touch of glitter will look great on a slim waist. This accessory combines with "boho chic" style swimsuits, usually with discreet details or patterns, solid colours and also made of lace.

For a casual outfit, you can create a great image using skinny jeans and a chain as a belt, the elegant touch will be very favourable. Also, and if the design of the chain allows it, you can use it hanging sideways, adorning the hips in a boyfriend cut jeans, it will look casual and very current.

To go to a party, you can combine a sober blouse with a waist chain, or opt for a model that allows it to be worn resting on both shoulders, like a slave chain, which with its soft fall, adorns the torso and brings movement to the outfit with a sensual air. Avoid leather garments or very flashy chains, the image of a dominatrix is not at all convenient in society. When it comes to these accessories, less is more.

Who do the chains look good on?

Much depends on your sense of style, occasion, and wardrobe. The slave chains are basically juvenile pieces. On the other hand, if you are a contemporary adult woman, you can flaunt a chain preferably on the waist or hips, but if you are the wonderful third age, avoid these accessories, and better style your image with necklaces and bracelets.

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