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BattleBull was launched back in 2015 with a simple goal to create customer’s desirable products. They are providing the industry’s leading gaming chairs to those who are passionate about comfort when playing games or using PCs. After their first trade show, BattleBull Australia quickly learned that there was a demand for what they stood for.

After getting a huge success in gaming chairs, BattleBull Store Australia later developed and launched GamerCheif (a value PC component as well as accessories brand that operates in PC Case, Mouse Mat, Cable, Bag, and Seat Cushion Categories.

BattleBull Products

The gorgeously designed BattleBull Combat gaming chair is being manufactured using a soft PU leather, steel, belt elastics, and memory foam cushioning. This BattleBull Combat gaming chair is offering marvellous comfort as well as support, and you can sit in your throne while smashing your adversaries.

When it comes to BattleBull Covert Gaming Chair, it’s made of soft PU Leather, belt elastics, cold-rolled foam cushioning, and steel. It’s offering firmer, premium foam for support and comfort. For a strapless design, there are lumbar cushions and you and sit in your throne while smashing your adversaries.

Very much like two above chairs, it’s also made of soft PU leather as well as steel, belt elastic, and memory foam cushioning. A bigger frame is being offered by the chair for support and comfort.

The company has used soft PU leather, a high rebound moulded foam cushioning, and a steel skeleton to manufacture Arrow gaming chair. This chair offers you incredible comfort and support.

With multiple colour options, a Diversion gaming chair is made of carbon fiber inserts, soft PU leather, a high rebound moulded foam cushioning, and a steel skeleton. Very much like all other chairs, Diversion gaming chair offers excellent support and comfort to take your gaming experience to the next level.

The chair is made of soft PU leather, tri-colours, steel skeleton, and high rebound moulded foam cushioning. The Commander BattleBull Gaming Chair gives incredible comfort. Lie on your throne and destroy your enemies!

Taking a look at Rider gaming chair, it’s utilising Real leather or PU leather (white version) and black version. It also has steel belt elastics and memory foam cushioning. One can enjoy incredible support and comfort and let you sit in your throne and finish your enemies.

The Gamer Chief SPYN Fan provides RGB lighting at a reasonable price. It can be used to transmit more powerful airflow via the proprietary vortex air steam, and the acrylic cylinder frame spreads the lighting to a clean and homogeneous look.

Gamer Chief Sleeved Cables can be used as standard cables and Elite cables. Gamer Chief Elite cables compete with cable bolts that keep each cable in its position for a clean effect.

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