Do you dream of well-being and relaxation area in your bathroom? So opt for a whirlpool bath, a corner bathtub or a freestanding bathtub, find a wide choice of products, shapes, styles and different colours for a guaranteed moment of relaxation. Almost every type of Bathtubs in Australia is available online and at the local market.  Please take advantage of new products at the best price and come and discover our different ranges of bathtubs. The spa bath allows you to relax and enjoy a moment of well-being thanks to its massage nozzles.

Price and Availability

The bathtub has long been the flagship element of the bathroom. The shower replaced it, but it is coming back more and more thanks to its many advantages such as its practicality, but also the moments of relaxation it offers. Bathtubs price in Australia depends upon the size of the tub. Usually, bathtubs price ranges from 100 to 500 AUD. To combine with your bathtub, discover our wide range of bath mixer taps, as well as our many accessories, in particular bathtub screens.


To find the right bathtub for your needs, it is essential to take into account the use you plan to make of it. For family use, you have the choice between an ergonomic bathtub and a two-in-one bathtub model. The latter has the particularity of being transformable. So a two-in-one bathtub can easily switch from a children's bath to an adult shower. Conversely, if you want to invest in your relaxation and well-being, turn to a designer and spacious bathtub from the whirlpool bathtub range. Comfortable and equipped, the spa bath is available in several dimensions and allows you to create a cozy atmosphere.

For a successful decoration, the freestanding bathtub is ideal and gives you a trendy effect in your bathroom or master bedroom. Finally, the corner bathtub is perfect for saving space in your bathroom, so that you can also have a shower. To finalise your project, you can also search for bathtub faucets, hand showers, hoses and shower bar but also bath screens, bath aprons, tub feet and tub drains. Don't forget to accessorise your bathtub with shower curtains, bath mats, bath seats.

Timeless and functional, standard bathtubs blend in perfectly with any decor. They can be installed in the middle of the bathroom or against the wall. On the other hand, if you are faced with a lack of space, opt for a corner bathtub. Asymmetrical or triangle, this bathtub model takes up little space to install but remains spacious and comfortable in use. As for the freestanding bathtub, it is the best choice to bring style and create an original decor. Our selection of baths offers a wide choice of models, sizes and functions. For convenience, various accessories are available to you: bath screen, bathtub apron, bath cladding, etc. offers you a selection of bathtub with many models (asymmetrical, straight, corner or island),many colours and finishes of aprons, many dimensions that will adapt to different bathrooms and ensure you a quality and price.

Straight bathroom tubs are the most classic and timeless, you can choose between different models and shapes, with more specific straight bathrooms designed for people with disabilities and adhere to all applicable standards. For those who want to create a corner bathroom in their bathroom, the corner bathroom meets this demand, and its advantage is that it is ideal for small bathrooms. The asymmetric bathroom gives a modern design to your bathroom and saves space.

Types of bathtubs

The bathroom tub is the centerpiece of the wellness area of the house. After an eventful day, the comfortable warmth of a long shower allows you to regain your inner balance and gives you a wonderful sense of harmony. In addition, the elegant bathroom also performs stylistic functions, and because of its design it greatly affects the atmosphere of the room.

Each bathroom tub is different, and not all bathrooms are suitable for the composition of any room. In addition, your wishes play an important role in choosing the model that best suits you. Whether it's displayed in the form of a classic rectangular work, whether it offers a bathroom-angled space or a stylish hexagonal model, here's a model that satisfies everyone and your’s bathroom desires. Dreams.

Rectangular bathtubs

Rectangular vessels are common classics, perhaps for good reason, the most commonly used version. Available in different sizes, these versatile models are ideal for both large and small bathrooms. Among the other rectangular tubs, you will find.

Hexagonal bathtubs

Due to its stunning aesthetics, the hexagonal bathrooms immediately attract attention. It looks like a small boat and is therefore ideal for a bath. Due to its individual pressures, the hexagonal stand-alone bathrooms are designed to steal offers from other large-sized bathroom components.

Oval bathtubs

Oval shapes symbolize harmony and safety. Oval-shaped bathrooms give the bathroom a sensual atmosphere and create unmistakable aesthetics. Depending on your space, you will have a bathroom with soft curves of different sizes. For most options, the central drainage system also guarantees you the pleasure of sharing a bathroom for two.

Circular bathtubs

Organic shapes are inspired by nature and contribute unusually to the harmony of the bathroom. That's why round bathrooms are so luxurious and become an elegant central piece in any bathroom. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, round bathrooms also provide delicious comfort. You can alone or together get a complete break there.

Corner Baths

The hands-on corner bathroom allows you to use the available space optimally and intelligently. It is particularly attractive to combine opposite shapes: the angular exterior and the oval interior. Depending on your space, these stylish corner bathrooms will have different side sizes to fit perfectly into your bathroom.