The Bathroom Sink Taps have followed the evolution of the bathroom and more particularly the appearance of bathroom furniture, basins, pedestal basin. Today, the bathroom sink taps in Australia are available in all styles, from the black faucet for industrial and contemporary interiors to the white faucet, gold faucet or chrome sink faucet for designer atmospheres. It can also be installed on the floor with pedestal sinks, recessed on the wall as a sink mixer or as a mixer tap with spouts of varying lengths to be placed traditionally on sinks or a countertop.

Price and Availability

Are you looking for the right bathroom taps for your sink? It is not an easy task, because you can find any shape and size imaginable. When choosing the perfect sink taps, think about comfort first. Is there much space between the sink and the wall or not? What is the total area? All of these are important in choosing the right product. In addition, you can search for different types of bathroom sink taps at a reasonable price range and can buy them online. Bathroom Sink Taps price in Australia starts from 50 AUD. Here above we have enlisted in various stores from where you can easily purchase any of the latest washroom faucets.


Modern washbasin mixers or Bathroom Sink Taps are sure to become standard in bathrooms. They can be used easily and adapt to almost any decorating style. The desired water temperature can be easily adjusted using the lever. It is no longer necessary to turn the taps for a long time to obtain the ideal temperature. Most models are distinguished by a chrome finish, which brings much shine to your bathroom.  Among them are usually brass taps, a material that has proven itself in the field of sanitary installations for several years. The unique properties of brass, which is bactericidal, allow lasting elimination of microbes. In addition, this material is very resistant to corrosion.

When a tap is intended for a countertop basin, the height of the mixer body and the length of its spout must be taken into account for ease of use. Discover a wide range of washbasin taps made up of a wide choice of chrome, gold, nickel, black and white finishes.

In addition to the water inlet hoses which are designed for the installation of washbasins, you will find at latest mixers to be installed or concealed. Thus, it is possible to mount a valve separately. This option will allow you to obtain an original installation, but also to save space in your sink. The assembly and installation of your faucet require only a small number of components and is thus simplified. However, do not forget to check before your purchase that the chosen mixer is compatible with your current installation. You will have the choice between two models, for accumulator and water heater.

Faucets are an essential element in the design of your bathroom. Next to the slim and elegant models, there are cascading and whimsical faucets. These can generate light when in use. At, we offer many taps with colour variations, modified according to the water temperature. Shades of blue or red appearance when the water is cold or hot. Beyond its aesthetic effect, this system also protects against burns. Fans of classic style will be tempted by two-handle faucets, featuring a traditional design.

Available in a multitude of shapes and finishes, bathroom faucets are constantly the object of stylistic and material research, by offering models with increasingly advanced functions: among these, water-saving, fundamental for economic, environmental and social sustainability, or chronotherapy for psycho-physical well-being and good feelings.

In the bathroom, the washbasin faucet occupies a special place: depending on the type of installation, the design of the model, its composition, the finish and the structure, the faucet contributes to the final rendering of a project—bathroom furnishings. After you have designed the bathroom and chosen the sanitary ware to install, it is vital to choose the right basin taps for the configuration of the space and the style of furnishing.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink Taps

The indispensable and central element in a bathroom, the sink tap is used several times a day. It must therefore be robust, easy to handle by all members of the household and in harmony with the decoration of the room.

The mixer

The mixer has two handles: one for hot water (red tablet),the other for cold water (blue tablet). The temperature depends on the more or less large opening of one and the other. It is the least expensive model but the least conducive to saving water.

The mixer, composed of a single lever, it allows regulating the temperature of the water and its flow. It is manipulated with one hand - generally from left to right and from bottom to top - which makes it very practical and more economical than the mixer. The models are often equipped with an anti-scalding system (temperature limiter),ideal if the bathroom is used by children or the elderly. It can also be fitted with a flow-limiting aerator.

The electronic mixer

The electronic mixer activates the water supply without manual intervention, entirely bypassing your hands in front of a sensor. This mechanism makes it possible to control its water consumption (temperature defined in advance) and to save money. Another advantage: the absence of a handle which makes cleaning easier.

The mixer with push button

The push-button mixer has a button that replaces the control lever: press it to turn on the water. Very easy to use; it is particularly suitable for children and people with grip difficulties (osteoarthritis, etc.). There are different versions, with or without time delay (the water turns off after a few seconds),with possible temperature adjustment. Initially intended for public places (restaurants, service stations, etc.),this technology, which saves water, is available in different models with a neat aesthetic, for domestic use.