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Three common types of bathroom heaters are used in bathrooms – wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and portable heaters. Understanding each model’s variations and advantages can assist you to get the right model that works perfectly for your bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Heaters:

Wall-mounted heaters balance safety and efficiency quite well. This type of heater is normally installed within a foot or two of the floors, so the room can be heated very fast. The heat changes quite faster as compared to the ceiling-heater because the heat of wall-mounted heater starts closer to you. And when it starts rising, the temperature of the room increases significantly.

In general, wall mounting units are easier as compared to the ceiling mounting units. You know most of what you need to understand to install one of these units if you can locate a stub under sheetrock. You can position these designs far from water sources, thereby reducing the danger of electric shock considerably, because you choose where you can install these models. Since wall-mounted units are located in an area that is readily seen, investing in a model that looks great is more essential. After all, you will look at it most of the times - so if you don't like how it looks, you will be disappointed.

Ceiling-Mounted Heaters:

Ceiling-mounted heaters mount on the ceiling of the bathroom – as the name is to be expected. They can also be divided into two further categories: easy to install and tough to install. Models readily mounted tend to use the air which is already available in the space from the ceiling to heat it. In many situations, they use conventional electric boxes and are quite easy to install even a person who has less electric experience can install it as well.

Portable Heaters

Like Gas Heaters and radiant heaters, Portable electric heaters are readily the most dangerous - but there are so many methods to reduce your danger. Using a GFCI outlet and an ALCI device, your chances of injury or death owing to electrical shock can be reduced considerably. The good thing about portable heaters is that you can usually put them nearest to the room in which you needed them the most. If you are feeling cold, you may place them near your feet while you are ready for the day or you can put it on a counter to heat the entire room if it's cold.

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