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While it's tempting to think that all towel bars are the same, there are a variety of elements that influence their effectiveness. Towel bars should be of appropriate length and weight capacity, and they should be made of high-quality materials. It should also be simple to put together and blend in with the rest of your bathroom's design. Continue reading to discover more about some of the most critical aspects to consider when selecting the finest Bath Towel Bars in Australia.

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Bath Towel Bars Size

Bath towel bars come in a range of lengths, but the most popular are 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches. Towel bars with a diameter of 18 to 24 inches are best suited for tiny areas and typical 40-square-foot bathrooms. Because bath towels are 27 to 30 inches broad, a single towel can fit on a towel bar of this size when folded in half lengthwise.

A 30-inch towel bar will comfortably hold an unfolded towel in bathrooms 45 square feet or bigger when space isn't an issue. When folded lengthwise, it's also long enough to fit two towels side by side.

Double and multi-bar designs can handle more towels while using the same amount of area.

Bath Towel Bars Types

When it comes to choosing Bath Towel Bars Online in Australia, there are several unique types and styles to choose from with different installation requirements.

  • Wall-mounted

Towel bars that are placed on the wall are quite simple to install. They usually necessitate the use of an electric drill, and anchors may be required if wall studs aren't available.

  • Freestanding

Freestanding towel bars do not need to be installed, although they may need to be assembled. They just sit on the ground, making them an excellent alternative for bigger bathrooms with plenty of floor space.

  • Adhesive

Adhesive towel bars easily attach to the bathroom wall and do not require installation. They often have an adhesive strip that adheres to walls or tile, similar to other kinds of paper towel holders. They're a good option for tenants because they don't cause lasting harm to the walls.

  • Over-the-door

Over-the-door towel bars are likewise non-installable and will not damage walls. Because they can be hung over the bathroom or shower door, they are an excellent space-saving option. Towel warmers, which can be freestanding or wall-mounted, require access to an electrical outlet. In general, seek for towel bars that come with all of the required mounting hardware as well as detailed installation instructions.

Weight Capacity

Towel bars generally do not have a large weight rating because most of them are made to handle only one or two towels. Towel bars are separate from grab bars, which are used as a safety precaution in the bathroom to avoid slips and falls. While grab bars can hold up to 500 pounds, regular towel bars are not nearly as strong and should not be utilised for support. Towel bars that are anchored to the wall or wall studs have a larger weight capability over the adhesive version.


While some of the most inexpensive towel bars are made of plastic, the vast majority of items on the market are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is ideal for bathrooms because it is rustproof and corrosion resistant, even in humid settings. It will not deteriorate when exposed to dampness and requires little upkeep. However, the precise cleaning methods will vary depending on the kind of finish.

How Much Do They Cost?

Due to the different types, styles, and designs, you'll surely find a huge variation in Bath Towel Prices in Australia - but on average, they range from AUD 25 to 99. Paylessdeal has covered you no matter what sort of material you're searching for at a cheap price. On this page, we provide a wide range of bath towel bars at varying costs from a number of retailers. It finally allows you to choose one of your favourite bath towel bars, compare prices and get your hands on one without spending a fortune.