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Some barcode scanners are designed to perform in a particular work environment, whereas others can be used anywhere conveniently. Therefore, it’s important to know the different types of barcode scanners alongside their features to make your purchase hassle-free and smart.

Types of Barcode Scanners

  • In-Counter Scanners
  • Presentation Scanners
  • Fixed Scanners
  • Ring Scanners
  • Rugged Scanners
  • Handheld/Corded Scanners
  • Cordless Scanners

Features to Look at Before Buying

  • Wireless Connection

Undoubtedly, wireless is one of the most important features you should never overlook when it comes to buying Barcode Scanners Online in Australia. This heavily depends on how you gather and enter data into your accounting software. Does your company gather information in real-time and employ an inventory system based on the cloud? If you do, you'll need a wireless internet connection. You can choose between two possibilities via Wi-Fi or a broadband mobile connection.

  • Wired Connection

Do you have a wired scanner for data collection? Or maybe you are using an inventory system locally installed? In this case, wired connections are quite significant. You need to check that your scanners are compatible with your PCs.

  • Portability

Portability is an important feature in choosing the Best Barcode Scanners Online. Take into account how the scanner works in the surroundings. You may wish to have a scanner that is sturdy, water-resistant, portable, and able to be utilised in hot conditions. The scanner may not require portable or severe environments if employed in the retail sector.

  • GPS

If you have products moved to different storage sites, a barcode scanner with GPS capability is helpful. When you scan, the GPS will locate the item and record the nearest store location. For instance, the scanner detects the site and inserts it in your inventory system when you scan industrial equipment in a warehouse.

  • Display

There is no display or touch screen on all barcode scanners. It is crucial to establish whether you require a screen and consider the intricacy of the display when selecting a scanner. Screens can provide transaction feedback to your staff. This informs your staff if the things they scan have faults or not.

Barcode Scanners Prices

Barcode scanners are usually more expensive, as on average, Barcode Scanners Prices in Australia range from AU$99 to AU$399 whereas some renowned brands cost as high as AU$599. To help you find your desired barcode scanner for your needs, Paylessdeal brings a huge assortment of Australian stores and brands together with Amazon, offering barcode scanners at various prices. So, it enables Aussies to go through a wide range of details, choose a favourite barcode scanner, compare the prices and turn online shopping into fun.