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Banpresto Australia

Banpresto Australia is a toy figurine and production company which was founded in 1977 in Japan. Closely related to Bandai since 2005, it offers many products including the anime Dragon Ball Z and many more! BANPRESTO is a Japanese manufacturer of collectible figures & Toys which offers wide ranges adapted from the different manga. Its productions are renowned for their very good value for money.

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Many people like animated movies and cartoon rather than focusing on other movies, this Banpresto Australia is a brand developed for such Anime lovers. Banpresto delivers the best toy figures that are appreciated by the world. Banpresto is known for its superb Toy sculptures and figures as they are the best source to bring smiles at Kids face.

Imagine your superhero character sleeps with your kid and he/she plays with his best Superhero character such as Dragon Ball Z or Naruto. The brand core and origin is in Japan while it is known worldwide and offers their products on the international level in all over the globe.

Banpresto – Brand Overview

Founded as Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. in 1977, at the time of the change of the name of Koala Command Technology Co., Ltd., SEGA was deeply involved and many games were released by SEGA. The relationship with SEGA has since deteriorated and the release of "WEC Le Mans 24" sold by Konami in 1986. Amuse was looking for ways to get out of the musical instrument industry, even if it faced a deficit of more than 1.5 billion yen in total. Bandai is now in a form that does not sink into the drawing, and the entire koala is in the form of winning instructions, it is now called Bumprest Co., Ltd.

Then, the coolest strength in Bandai's copyright became a debt by the product crane game was introduced immediately free of charge, such as koalas such as the original game of the command era no longer exclusively use the copyright, because there was a game development, Sell only.

Consumers, on the other hand, have launched a compatibility hero series and are taking advantage of their strengths in many copyrights. As a result, "Super Robot Wars" was later planned, and it gained a certain reputation as a game maker. However, development is often outsourced, which strengthens the publisher's side.

In 2006, Bandai, the parent company of the game parts division, announced that Namco was integrated into Namco Bandai (in fact, after BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment), and that the company was tendered by a wholly-owned subsidiary of BANDAI NAMCO HOLDINGS. In April 2008, the company transferred its business to BANDAI NAMCO once a month at the same time as the merger, becoming one of the company's label, Bumprest (waste stop in 2014). At the same time, the console game responsible for the development of The Bumprest software, by the way, the best lottery with plastic and games, may have some time left, after the merger with Studio, it was also possible, he said, was virtually the same as before the merger.

The highest lottery in charge of the Lotto division was "Bandai Spirit transferred its business to S" in the form of the integration of the new company from the Bandai Hobby division and collectors collection from April 1, 2018.

From April 1, 2019, BANDAI SPIRIT S merge with (new) Bumprest to inherit the business, and the name of the Bumprest pula survive as the size of the Division brand. Bumprest as a company set a new era in history.

Your favourite heroes made with a master's hand

Are you also a fan of the sculptures of the firm Banpresto? Are you looking for your favourite hero? The one who made you live so many emotions through his adventures? Without a doubt, the expert hands of the sculptors of Banpresto did them honour: immortalized in postures and finely worked expressions, your hero will not fail to surprise you.

Buy Banpresto Products Online

Looking through at our catalogue of Banpresto Products online, you will be pleasantly surprised by the great variety and also by the obvious quality of the sculptures and Toys statues produced by the Japanese company. Even up-to-date, the manga universes Dragon Ball and One Piece or Fate are still the true sources of inspiration for the imagination of the creators of the big brand. Discover and Buy Banpresto Products Online at best and affordable price at our online store and get the best Toy for your children.